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Worker hit by 80 tons of stones and survived

In the excavator in Kazakhstan collapsed dozens of tons of rock, but he managed to survive. It is reported “Interfax” .

the Incident occurred early on Saturday morning, July 21, in the career of the Vasilkovsky mining and processing plant (GOK). Breed collapsed on the excavator, which at that time was 25-year-old man.

head of the regional Department of emergency situations Alexey Sovetov said that the rescue operation lasted more than 12 hours, as the stones were very heavy, they are dragged by a cable, which was constantly torn. “The difficulty was that [first] went rock mass weighing about 500 tons, and it broke away the rock element weighing about 100 tons,” he said.

According to experts, the car had about 80 tons of stones. Trapped under the rubble the man was conscious, the doctors can get to him, but he caught the leg.

“I want to make a tunnel from the side and from below, but he was hurt. Tried metal heat — it’s hot. Even with turpentine smeared to get. The result is freed first one leg, then the second and pulled to the surface under the applause,” — said Advice.

Relatives of the President of Turkmenistan took all the passengers off the flight and flew instead

Dozens of passengers “Turkmenistan airlines” did not get on your flight because of a close relative of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which forced employees to remove all passengers from the flight and flew on this plane with his family. About it reports “Radio Azatlyk” (local service of “Radio Liberty”).

Sources told the publication that the incident happened about a month ago at the direction of the Turkmenabat — Ashgabat. “A close relative of the President with the whole family on a four day visit to called Koytendag (the city in the East of the country — ed. “the”). When they were going back, due to the fact that a plane did not arrive on time, passengers regular flight was not allowed to fly, instead they sent the entire family of the presidential relative. Passengers did not explain anything”, — the interlocutor told “Radio Azatlyk”.

According to him, because Rodney Berdimuhamedov about 160 people were expecting another aircraft, which was filed the next day.

Armenia blamed for settlement in Karabakh, Russia

Russia has the capacity in order to prevent an armed confrontation between Yerevan and Baku. On Friday, July 20, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Agency “Novosti-Armenia”.

“In our region there is always a danger of resumption of war, and we must be prepared for developments in this scenario. We all understand that Russia as a superpower has the ability to prevent the resumption of war,” he said.

Pashinyan believes that Moscow will use all possible methods to avoid war. “I can’t believe that Russia does not use its leverage to thwart Azerbaijan’s provocations,” — said the Prime Minister.

“I don’t believe that the President of Azerbaijan [Ilham Aliyev] will go to any actions, provocations without adequate geopolitical conditions. Therefore, we must more earnestly consider our arrangements,” added Pashinyan.

he Also stressed that in relations of Moscow and Yerevan should not be “dark corners”. “We are open and honest policy with Russia, and with EU and NATO. It does not affect relations with other countries,” — said the Prime Minister.

At the end of June the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated that Baku is ready to destroy all military and strategic assets of Armenia on the territory of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. “We want peaceful resolution of the conflict, but we will not accept the occupation of land. The enemy must understand that there is no military and strategic object, which would not have been able to destroy the Azerbaijani army,” he said.

The DNR has a death sentence

the Supreme court of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic issued a death sentence. This was reported by “Donetsk news Agency”.

on 18 July took place the trial of members of an armed group which in 2014-2015 are engaged in on the territory of the DNI kidnapping, robbery, extortion and murder. For multiple offenses one person was sentenced to death, eight to life imprisonment, another member of the gang got 13 years in prison.

it is Noted that the convicts had acted under the cover of membership in the public organization “the Cossack Union “the don Cossacks””.

the First in the history of DND death sentence was made in February 2016. The criminal code, which provides for the death penalty, was passed the DNR in August 2014. Operate the execution of the sentence will be by firing squad. Humanization of the Criminal code, the government promised to do at the end of the armed conflict in the Donbass.

Ukraine wanted to mine the sea of Azov

to Prevent the loss of Ukraine from the Russian warships, and to protect the country from potential Russian landing troops will allow laid along the sea of Azov explosive and unbreakable fences. About this on “Hromadske radio”, said the former commander of the Navy Ukraine Vice-Admiral Sergei Haiduk.

According to him, the Ukrainian civil court has not blown up on such obstacles, they should be held in military-controlled lanes in the composition of the caravans. The Admiral also believes that the military should conduct exercises on the Azov sea coast of Ukraine, to learn to resist the landing of the Russian troops.

Earlier, a spokesman for the State border service of Ukraine Colonel Oleg Slobodyan announced that the Ukrainian border guards in the sea of Azov lacks the resources and technology to counter Russia. However, he noted, at the headquarters of the United forces of Ukraine is preparing a uniform response to all possible actions of Russia.