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Armenia blamed for settlement in Karabakh, Russia

Russia has the capacity in order to prevent an armed confrontation between Yerevan and Baku. On Friday, July 20, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Agency “Novosti-Armenia”.

“In our region there is always a danger of resumption of war, and we must be prepared for developments in this scenario. We all understand that Russia as a superpower has the ability to prevent the resumption of war,” he said.

Pashinyan believes that Moscow will use all possible methods to avoid war. “I can’t believe that Russia does not use its leverage to thwart Azerbaijan’s provocations,” — said the Prime Minister.

“I don’t believe that the President of Azerbaijan [Ilham Aliyev] will go to any actions, provocations without adequate geopolitical conditions. Therefore, we must more earnestly consider our arrangements,” added Pashinyan.

he Also stressed that in relations of Moscow and Yerevan should not be “dark corners”. “We are open and honest policy with Russia, and with EU and NATO. It does not affect relations with other countries,” — said the Prime Minister.

At the end of June the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated that Baku is ready to destroy all military and strategic assets of Armenia on the territory of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. “We want peaceful resolution of the conflict, but we will not accept the occupation of land. The enemy must understand that there is no military and strategic object, which would not have been able to destroy the Azerbaijani army,” he said.

Brussels bummer

“friendly” Russian Federation country of Ukraine is being born a twin sister — Armenia, with the same set of “positive” qualities. Sadly, more recently, Yerevan has been very loyal to Moscow. At least much more than the rest of the independent Caucasian republics. Now, about the further prospects of bilateral cooperation have to think hard. And these thoughts do not promise anything good.

To such sad conclusions of the pushing action of the latter-day leader of Armenia Nikol Pashinian, like a blueprint repeating the steps of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. And, as you know, the friendship we have something did not happen.

most in the actions fresh the Armenian leader is alarming the deliberate reversal of foreign policy entrusted to him by the state in the West. And, apparently, he doesn’t just want to become there own political party, but somehow to integrate the country into clearly hostile towards Russia, the NATO. Or, demonstrating their connection with the military edifice of the “free world”, to try to squeeze out from Moscow special conditions for further cooperation. Whatever it was, but Pashinyan was the only country of the CSTO member attending the NATO summit, held in Brussels from 11 to 13 July.

the Russian audience, the visit was presented as merely a business trip. They say the Prime Minister is young, does not know anyone in the world political establishment, and then almost all the leaders of the West together — you can meet people, hand out business cards. And maybe it is. However, there are two “but”.

“But” first: what is this military Alliance such meetings which can penetrate anyone, even the head of state, and to engage in their activities, unrelated to the activities of NATO? “But,” the second personnel policy noted.

Because whether accidentally, or intentionally, but his office he formed a virtually continuous Russophobia. One of them — who studied in the US, the Deputy Minister of Diaspora of Armenia Babken Ter-Grigoryan, acting as the program coordinator of the “Soros Foundation”. But it’s not so bad. During the so-called “shashlyk Maidan”, which led in addition to power (and it was held, incidentally, under the slogan identical to the Ukrainian 2013-2014), Ter-Grigoryan lit up with the poster directly insult the Russian President. And the new Minister of labour of Armenia’s mane Cantilan actively campaigning for the country’s withdrawal from the Eurasian economic Union. And Minister of culture — Lilit Bakunts — 2016 working in the U.S. peace Corps, which is known to be associated with the CIA.

it Turns out that those who are now in charge of Armenia, the only person declaring the need for long-term and durable ties with Russia, leaving only himself Pashinyan for which this position simply can not be uncomfortable. But any unfriendly towards Russia steps you can blame your surroundings. In the end, Armenia is a democratic country, nobody doubts? And, therefore, Prime Minister decides everything. Thus, in order to unfriendly steps were not, Russia will need to negotiate with the only “dove of peace” — Pashinyan, who will be able to calm down the ardent “Westernizers” in the immediate environment. For a fee, of course. With a sufficiently high probability we can assume that the new Armenian leader based on this logic — that is, on the banal blackmail. Otherwise, how else to perceive the Brussels visit?

the Citizens trip to Brussels was presented as a phenomenal diplomatic success. In fact, judging by the photos from the event, Pashinyan was able to poluchitsa and with Donald trump, and Emmanuel Macron, and with Angela Merkel and Federica Mogherini and Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, and the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and head of Canada Justin Trudeau, as well as with the leaders of Lithuania, Ukraine, Macedonia, Slovakia, and, of course, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

In this case, “poruchkatsya” is the key word, since as the report on the visit of Armenian media showed exactly numerous photos of handshakes in addition to all the above officials (which is a standard practice Protocol for such events). However, the fact that shaking hands should not have any full meetings or negotiations, with slightly suppressed.

by the Way, as reported by some media to leave to their credit and a photo with trump, Nicola had to wait for the US President and his wife at the main entrance, and when Donald with Melania went out the back to show a good sprint skill to catch up with the American President and to reach out on the go. Trump, being a gentleman, naturally, she shrugged. In the Armenian media, this gesture is presented as a diplomatic breakthrough. In a similar way Pashinyan worked with other leaders of the West. As a result the album handshakes.

Sleight of hand and no fraud! I must say that the reception was handled well though not is the know-how of the Armenian leader, because to him this method was actively used by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

in Fairness, it should be noted that some of the diplomatic component of the visit has already taken place. For example, Nikol Pashinyan gave an interview to Euronews, in which he advised NATO to send to Azerbaijan a “strong message”, and if Baku will try to return to the land of Nagorno-Karabakh, it should be construed as a threat to the entire world of democracy. Naturally, this cautious stance has caused surprise to our NATO partners, as the West has repeatedly stated that the recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and unwillingness to engage in dubious adventures, associated with the question.

However, “diplomacy”, in addition to a few faded after the head of the Armenian office began to ask for money. For the “democratization” of course. Unfortunately, this sad work in Brussels estimated the total at 10 million euros per year, which, of course, will not clear. Moreover, the EU Ambassador to Armenia Peter Switalski did not fail to clarify that the European Union is the main sponsor of Armenia and the program of support of the Caucasian Republic was adopted under the previous Armenian mode. In addition, from the point of view of a diplomat, not very clear motivation in addition, because de jure the policy of Armenia towards the EU does not change. “Unchanged policy of Armenia towards the EU should lead to a change in EU policy towards Armenia?” — surprised Switalski.

this means that additional money will not be. Sadly. Therefore, the current situation entails several solutions to the problem of filling a leaky Armenian budget: try to sell the country as a base of NATO in the South Caucasus; to get money out of Russia, blackmailing her to strengthen ties with the West; to try to strengthen the economy of a sovereign Armenia. I wonder which option you will choose Pashinyan?

“Thief in law was almost in every yard”

“go thieves to prosper!” such a salutation begins every thieves run (a written request from the kingpin to the prisoners). This thesis has always been important for Armenia. Although with the collapse of the USSR the number of criminal authorities per capita was considerably reduced, without the community of thieves the Republic left. Someone, as before, engaged criminal crafts, and someone comes from time to time — “work out issues” and wait out the disgrace. However, judging by recent events, the new government decided to put an end to the prosperity of thieves. In the Republic started a big cleaning. Sources “the” on both sides of the law, or otherwise associated with criminal authorities, on condition of anonymity, described the situation and the balance of power in the criminal world of modern Armenia.

Almost immediately after the change of power in Armenia began raids on the homes of authoritative representatives of the criminal community. Nikol Pashinyan became Prime Minister on may 8, and exactly ten days later the police paid a “courtesy visits” thieves across the country and invited them to discuss it with him. The content of the conversations is not known, but in General terms, the authorities explained that the new Armenia will have to honor the criminal code, not thieves.

in a few days, the local thieves are going to the meeting in one of the hotels of Yerevan. The police disrupted the event, detained gathered for conversation and spread video transaction. However, the faces of participants were blurred, and to understand exactly who was present, was not possible.

theArmenian thieves in law and the authorities to which the police came to search and conversation

Thieves: Samvel Harutyunyan (Manati tha Itself), Rafael Khoyetsyan (AFO), Zhirayr Brutyan (Giraud Shahumyan), Suren Avetisyan (Suro Leninakan), Artem Ghazaryan (Artem Leninakan), Andranik Soghoyan (Zap Leninakan), Armen Manukyan (Sevo), Andranik Harutyunyan (Ando Lame), Alexander Makaryan (Alo), Artem Mikaelyan/Dinant (Artem Goris), Norayr Piloyan (Concho) and Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik in Oshakan).

Criminal authorities: Yervand Voskanyan (EPO Metsamor), Shaliko Manucharyan (Salo), Virab Gasparyan (Viremic), Armen Israelian (Piste), Artem Harutyunyan (Theme Musevski), Banduryan Ara (Ara Nordenski), Artem Harutyunyan (Artem Kanevskiy), Paruyr Aghajanyan (Giraud Musevski), Armen Grigoryan (Yaya), Artur Sedrakyan (TIZ), Radik Mkrtchyan (Prat), Rafael Nazaryan (Rafo Musevski), Henrik Manukyan (Dbus Hendo), Arthur Kazarian (TUI) Utaev Yuri (Yura Kawaski), Masis Grigoryan (Masis), Tigran Avetisyan (Gevorik Proshansky) and Ruben Kostanian (God).

Apparently, discussions and demonstrative actions had the desired effect: 20 June operatives of the Main criminal investigation Department of the Armenian police again walked home almost all the local thieves, including Andranik Sogoyan (Zap Leninakan), Norayr Piloyan (Concho), Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik in Oshakan), Andranik Harutyunyan (Ando Lame), Alexander Makaryan (Alo), and others. This time with searches. The police is re-published video, where thieves have been called names and nicknames and their faces were not hidden. Earlier in Armenia, this was not.

as a result of the raids, some bosses were detained. Someone found the weapon, someone marijuana, someone got on the pill. The two have been charged with reading to the Lame and Alo Shahumyan charged with drug possession.

the Current generation of Armenian thieves in law — a fragment of Yerevan thieves of the last century. The crime writer Levon Soghomonyan in his memoirs described the capital of Armenia, where a “kingpin or crime boss was almost in every yard.” It was in 1930-1940-ies, when the “bitch war” is not so much mowing the ranks of the legalists. And Armenia they affected to a lesser extent, while the southern frontier of the Union, the Republic was on the periphery of that fight.

However, over time the thieves became smaller, and thieves, which was once in plain sight, gradually faded. By the end of the last century and the beginning of zero in the Armenian criminal world were not so many “generals”, including Karlen Tovmasyan (Gig Karlen), Mels Mkrtchyan (Kndo), vardkes Aslanyan (Typo vardkes), Rafiq Khoyetsyan (Hoi), Rafiq Piloyan (McAn), Vazgen Nersisyan (Vsga) and a few more.

thieves Modern world Armenia, its existence owes much to them. Not only that, most of the people living in Armenia thieves was crowned one of them (the most active was Knda — six of the existing thieves took the crown with his participation), they also gave direct heirs. So, kingpin Rafael Khoyetsyan (AFO) — the son of Rafik Gaetana (Hoi), Norayr Piloyan (Concho) is the son of Rafaela Piloyan (McAn).

thieves old school today, no one left alive. Last one left, Wsgo — he was crowned in 1956 when he was 19 years old. He carried the crown through all life and took her with him to the grave on March 1, 2016 in 79 years.

However, one person from the older generation of thieves in Armenia still lives is Vanik Ter-Pogosyan (Vanik). But he spent his Golden years in Russia and the turn of the century had a strong position in the Astrakhan region — he was there your ethnic backbone that solved the problems with the Chechens. Vanik managed to squeeze out the local thief Zviad Chumburidze (Zviad) — he has rasarnava and forced to leave Astrakhan, leaving the region behind. In Armenia Vanik moved a few years ago and retired for health reasons: he is 82 years old and he was almost blind.

Thus, in recent years, in Armenia there was a change of generations of thieves — instead of the old lawyers came relatively young. But today, they no longer have the influence that was their predecessors.

In Russia and other post-Soviet countries thieves are busy roof business, organising the lives of prisoners from outside and inside the prison, to resolve conflicts in the criminal environment, collect and distribute thieves obshchak and monitor compliance with the code of thieves. Armenian thieves, getting there, join in the General outline and act in accordance with the situation.

as for Armenia, here this activity is not observed for a number of reasons. Access to the cash flows they have no business a long time and firmly hold the oligarchs close to the former authorities of the country. In Armenia, low crime rate, and as a consequence the prison population is not large. People who decide to devote their lives to crime, and less. In 2017 in Armenia was 49 murders, or 1.6 murders per 100 thousand population. For comparison, in the US and 4.8 in Europe is 1.5.

All this greatly narrows the niche in which you can act criminal authorities. The thieves simply have nowhere to turn, what to say about those who stand lower in the hierarchy. This is a General rule, from which, however, there are a few exceptions. One of them is Zap.

the Thief in the law Andranik Soghoyan, aka Zap Leninakan, is the most influential thief modern Armenia. In the video the police released the results of the searches. is also mentioned. His house was searched, but what the police didn’t say is that the Smell and they are not detained and have not even seen — Soghoyan for two years abroad.

West had close ties with former chief of police of Armenia Vladimir Gasparyan, in criminal circles it (Sogoyan) is called the state of a thief. The former head of the police was entrusted with ZAPU controlled almost the entire network of importation and distribution of synthetic drugs, and it had a share and was saved. the trouble with the law. It was an established business that had to brake in connection with the parliamentary elections in 2017 — the government should play in the law.

Zap went outside of Armenia and has been seen in Turkey, where his name is exaggerated in connection with the murder of the thief in law Dato Pankisi. In addition, according to some, Zap — a frequent visitor to UAE. However, he Soghoyan tries to have it never noticed before: the authorities of the Czech Republic in his name issued an international warrant for murder and attempted murder in 2014, a Prague court sentenced him to 22 years in prison. In such conditions bad run on any PPC can end with stints in Prague.

the Idea is to slow down business for the sake of saving it failed — took place in Armenia’s “velvet revolution” and who were all, he became a nobody: Vova Gasparyan and almost all those around him dismissed from the police force.

There is another version: that Zap Leninakan was forced to leave Armenia after a dispute with other Armenian thieves Maneti tha Itself, AFO, Concho, Lame, Ando and others. It was rumored that West had agreed “to sew” in prison members of an armed group “Sasna tsrer” (“Sasun brave”), who seized the regiment PPP in Yerevan in the summer of 2016, they say, for it ZAPU presented and even applied the physical force that has always been considered a prelude to raskolennuyu. Then the authorities decided to cover up the Smell, sent him out of the country away from sin.

Then the rumors that the story of “Sasna tsrer” thieves cost him the title, but not confirmed. In reality and beating as such was not, thieves were limited to a small scuffle, and then the scandal has managed to hush up, and Zap as was a thief, and it still is. The point, however, was complicated by strained relations with Yerevan. thief in law Zhirayr Bretana (Giraud), but the conflict soon ended reconciliation — after all, the West took part in the coronation Giraud.

So civilized manners in the underworld environment of Armenia due to the fact that it’s a small country, everything is closely related, and thieves try to solve the disputes of the world, without bringing the matter before the war. Something like that in Russia, perhaps the outcome would have been different — there are other rates, other scales, other interests. But in Armenia everything is easier: if there are no apparent violations of the thieves ‘ code, because of small roughness not bother anyone.

Armenian thieves in law can be divided into two groups. First northerners, mainly from Gyumri (people often use the former name Leninakan), it is their informal leader is Zap. This includes his nephew Artyom Ghazaryan (Artem Leninakan), Suren Avetisyan (Suro Leninakan), as well as the thief in the law Gevorg Melikyan (Gevorik in Oshakan), which is very close to ZAPU.

Of all Armenian thieves in law it is Gevorkian Oshakan is associated with most conflicts. A few years ago he quarreled with the authority Virab Gasparyan (Verbic), and was later beaten two other authorities Arthur Ghazaryan (TUI Marshal) and Levon Ghazaryan (levick Errormessage). But the conflict with Virabian was exhausted and at the end of a brawl with two other authorities the thief “made peace” with his counterpart — said that between Them and Gevorkian even established a warm relationship. The Armenian press wrote that the sides go into the game with the first persons of the Armenian state. As for Errormessage levick, speaking while on the side of the Arborvitae, he was killed in 2015.

In April 2017, according to the official police Bulletin, Gevorik in Oshakan was preparing an attack, but by the end it has not finished.

Today in Oshakan is one of the most influential thieves in Armenia — if someone from outside wants to enter the criminal world from Armenia, are turning mainly to Oshakan, the more that the here and now hard to find.

the Other conditional group of thieves — Yerevan, this includes Rafael Khoyetsyan (AFO), Alexander Makaryan (Alo), Norayr Piloyan (Concho), Samvel Haroutiunian (Manati tha Itself) and others. They are younger (with the exception of Alo, which is already over 50), more of them, and they have no clear leader.

in Spite of such a division, arising from time to time conflicts, these groups are not at war, quite the contrary — one does not refuse, and communicate everything is fine. They are often seen together in different places of Yerevan. Competition for spheres of influence either, at least in the absence of these spheres of influence. In modern Armenia, they almost have nothing to share. Everything is divided without them.

In General, Armenian thieves, being at home, I try with external thieves ‘ world (mostly Russian) do not overlap — there are now too many conflicts, neutrality is more profitable. Keep in touch mainly through two people “sent” to Armenia Merab Kalashov, nephew Shakro and friendly Georgian thief in law, Samadashvili Koba (Koba Rustavi). Last also some time lived in Yerevan.

However, if necessary, Armenian thieves is quite able to enter foreign communication. A clear example is the claim that the thieves showed Sargsyan Artem (Artem Saratov). A native Armenian Vanadzor Saratov settled in Russia and was crowned in Turkey in 2014. He was involved in conflict with another thief-Armenian Ara Muradyan — member of the clan of Ded Hasan and the last godson of Patriarch. In addition, according to “Prime crime”, in Saratov Artem complained ZAPU — say, that even before his coronation did not pay for the loss in backgammon, and therefore can not be a thief in law. For this Armenian thieves have invited Artem Saratov on the conversation, but he for several years avoids meeting. However, it is still waiting.

Although the thieves have no former influence in the Armenian society towards them preserved respect. Still an icon of the Armenian criminal world remains Rafael Bagdasarian, known as SVO RAF, otdyhali Lyubov Uspenskaya. Born in Yerevan, he was a thief and not the Armenian all-Union scale. The crown was at the age of 14 (!!!), 34 years of life spent behind bars and has not receded from the thieves ‘ traditions until his death in 1993.

About the life of Its Rafa even wrote books. In particular, it is known that speaker, being one of the leaders of the criminal world of the Soviet Union, didn’t go into inherent in this environment, and cosmopolitanism have not forgotten their roots. Criminologist Sergei galoian in his book “the SVO RAF” tells how the thief in the law during the war in Karabakh, he helped his compatriots. When the through its people, SVO RAF directly in Moscow organized the whole military operation for weaning Azerbaijanis have weapons which they were transported from Russia. In the end, the “trunks” were the Armenians in Karabakh, and so Its the RAF did many times. In addition, he collected millions in donations, organized humanitarian supplies to the conflict zone, managed through his contacts to circumvent the embargo.

the Authority, Its Rafa was so strong that he even helped his friends, the Azerbaijanis, in particular the right hand Fikret Maharramov.

After the death of the body he was taken to Yerevan. In Rafa’s funeral was attended by over one hundred and fifty thousand people, including hundreds of thieves, who came from all over the world. That day in Yerevan granted even a few thieves from Baku (despite the fact that at that time there was a war in Karabakh).

SVO RAF left, but not a second one appeared — neither the effect nor the recognition. The last really influential Armenian thief in law was born in Yerevan, Armen Harutyunyan (Armen Chubby Kanev), godson of father Hassan, who is with the Patriarch controlled all of the Kuban. At the end of life health Kanevsky has suffered greatly, he first moved to Armenia, and in 2010 he died in Astrakhan from kidney failure.

Brother Armen Kanevsky Artem has not been crowned, in the files of the Armenian police, he is listed as a crime boss. After the above searches for Artem Kanevsky took already the Service of national security of Armenia, he was arrested, the authority is accused of preparing false documents. It Artem: I was the main organizer of the gathering Shakro in Yerevan, it had the responsibility to law enforcement turned a blind eye to what is happening.

After the death of Chubby Armen Kanevsky and of generations of thieves active in Armenia practically has come to naught. It was, however, one exception — in 2015, Armenia hosted the largest gathering of thieves, which came recently convicted of extortion Zachary Kalash (Shakro Young). However, Armenia is likely to have been selected as a platform where you can easily meet and resolve the issues and perhaps clear up one dark business.

it is Known that shortly before the jamborees in Armenia came a Azerbaijanian, born in Baku, and even managed to get Armenian passports — supposedly the document was issued in the village of nor Hachn. This fact is confirmed from two sources “”. Next version different. One source says that the Azerbaijani citizen was involved in the murder of Ilgar Aliyev (2012) is a friend and ally of Ded Hasan, while Armenia was a place where you can sit and where to look for it just will not be. Shakro Young at the last moment decided to move the location of the January meeting from Moscow to Yerevan to personally deal in place.

as far As this version is consistent, hard to judge. But there is one interesting detail: the Department of criminal authorities in the police nor ACNA ran Alik Margaryan is the son — in-law Vova Gasparian, and his godson was the chief of the local police Department. And given that the relationship of the company with thieves authorities went beyond his professional duties, it is easy to assume that without his interest here is not done. It is always useful to have under his control the person who can solve the issue with those whom others fear to even look.

the Issue of financial flows, which are behind the crime in Armenia is almost not worth it: the money goes through the local oligarchs. If the state Shakro Young and Ded Hasan was estimated at about two billion dollars each, while in Armenia such amounts even in dreams can not see. But, apparently, want. Linked to this the recent visit to Armenia, the grandson of his Grandfather Hassan — Irakli Usoyan.

Aslan Usoyan had a son Nodari and the daughter of a Nun. Nodari Usoyan, a businessman, for some time led the Moscow supermarket “Capital”, then he founded several companies involved in catering, trade and business. Wife Inga is also engaged in business. The couple has two sons, Irakli and Asanas. Irakli 32 years, he is a businessman and a couple brother owns OOO “Tranzitservis TEK”. In any criminal Affairs Irakli has not been noticed.

In all likelihood, the visit of the grandson of a famous thief had commercial implications. It is possible that he was waiting at the Yerevan meeting, which was dispersed by the police with money from the Armenian thieves tight, any investment is welcome. At least in the power structures there is no information about any special order of arrival of Irakli. But if he was going to a gathering, then such a possibility he didn’t get. Before he was expelled from Armenia. Officially the cause is not known, but according to sources, away from sin. Times anxious, God forbid the grandson of Hassan something happens.

Armenia — thieves sanatorium, recreation area. Money from the Armenian thieves really small. Each of them has some own small businesses — restaurant, club, hotel any. For real cases, there are other places. Some people try to acquire bonds overseas — Manati tha Itself, for example, traveled to Ukraine, I Alo like some gas business in Kazakhstan. The thief in the law of AFO with the father Hoem when he was still alive, worked in Moscow, controlling group of Snatchers, and then distributed its interests in Ukraine — took control of a small enterprise fuel and energy complex in the East of the country and organized smuggling across the border. However, on the fact they tied the Ukrainian security forces.

But in Armenia the situation is different, everything is under control from above: the same thieves and decide if the wages some cases, it is the little things, when people who can’t or don’t want to resolve the issue through the police and local authorities.

With the thieves ‘ common Fund in the country is also not going smoothly. On areas is collecting from each camera, and gambling do their job — with every win, the part is common. But it is a local activity, the more that will no one deliberately fails to replenish the cash. As a result, the common Fund is like there, but it is so small that anybody does not take into account.

it was in last time, but, it seems, these financial streams will soon run out. Head justice Armenia just a week ago gave a direct order to the chief of the penal service of the Ministry to eradicate the game for money in prisons. It is a signal that the authorities in Armenia do decided to get rid of the thieves ‘ culture. The previous government looked at her through his fingers.

to understand what has changed after the “velvet revolution” in Armenia, it is necessary to know how it was up to her. The former authorities on the system crime did not look like a threat, but rather as a lever, allowing to solve issues where the state has not looked. The existence of this linkage was sanctioned from the very top, until the predecessor Nikol Pashinian, former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and his entourage.

each of the thieves in Armenia was their patron in this retinue, who oversaw issues associated with it, well, after the thief was presented in the criminal world. Lame Ando, who was detained on the results of police raids, was closely associated with the disgraced General Manvel Grigoryan. For example, he tried to harness for the adopted son of the General. In 2014, the guy has been shot very serious people, behind which stood the authority of Peter. This question at the request of General Manvel had to decide what Ando Lame. But I couldn’t.

in addition to the personal ties of individuals crime in Armenia working on the power systematically, the organization of the process has involved the ex-chief of police Vova Gasparyan. He was given carte Blanche at the highest level, which allowed the police chief to arrange everything on your own. Crime was used as in the field when it was necessary to obtain information from the bottom and not light, and during the elections — in many key areas from time to time appeared strange people who are not too fond of journalists, observers, proxies. They made sure there was no prying eyes. In addition, they are on the ground organized explanatory work with citizens, suggesting how to behave and whom to support.

Naturally, the thieves was not engaged themselves, delegating such Affairs assistant, but crime bosses, at least the same TUI Marshal did not hesitate to personally supervise the process.

With the advent of Nikol Pashinian to power this system was not needed — he’s a fanatic of the law and is opposed in principle to such schemes. In this regard, the police have been instructed to get rid of crime in Armenia.

There is another nuance. Thieves is a figure with influence in certain circles, they can, if necessary, to mobilize people. They usually have weapons or access to it. It can play a cruel joke Pashinyan in the short term.

the fact that the rating of the government in addition to slowly but surely will fall. Because people brought him to power in expectation of a better life, and this cannot be done in haste. In addition the team are aware of this and fear that the fall rating may be at risk of revenge from the former authorities.

most of all, they are afraid of something like “Sasna tsrer” and therefore chase those who have weapons. Thus, the raids against thieves in law and history from the same General Manvel Grigoryan, who a month ago withdrew an Arsenal for a small army — links in a chain.

In favor of the political background of the campaign as evidenced by the fact that many local criminal authorities are tied to policies, and no one hides. For example, the head of Yerevan administrative district of Arabkir, a member of the former ruling Republican party Armenia David Krikorian just in may openly said that the criminal authority Armen Israelyan, he’s the Piste — a childhood friend and the native people. The Armenian media accused of Piste that he organized the massacre of the supporters of Nikol Pashinian during protests in Armenia — on April 22, people in masks attacked the demonstrators, beat them, using stun guns.

Another criminal boss Ruben Kostanian (God) is the Trustee and the security guard of the Deputy-oligarch Samvel Alexanyan, who was also in the parliamentary faction of the Republican party.

Another authority Arthur Ghazaryan (TUI Marshal) — the eternal assistant of the former authorities in the election, which on their ancestral lands, in the Yerevan administrative district of Kanaker-Zeytun, supplied the party in power votes, was friends with the generals, and, oddly enough, a few years ago managed to hit kingpin in the face and then live happily ever after (in Russia is punished very harshly).

it is Noteworthy that the Fifth Marshal in your Facebook singing praises the meteorological Bureau head of the Armenian Gagik Surenyan — he admired the wisdom of authority.

However, some are not fortunate enough to find patrons in power. Yes, and quiet, but modest life is not all happy bosses of the criminal world — some travel to distant lands in search of luck. Someone very successful. A vivid example — Arsen Mkrtchyan (Yerevan Arsen) — a thief in law, has deep roots in the Kaluga region. At his coronation, not difficult to guess, was attended by all the same Kndo visited his nephew. Recently Arsen Yerevan released the first “trip” in the Kirov region.

the Other thief-immigrant — Eric Jaghinyan (Eric Tomsk), born in the Armenian Stepanavan. Information about it is not enough — it is associated with the European OPG brothers Lasha and Kakhaber Shushanashvili, just recently it was covered by Spanish police with the support of Interpol and Europol.

But if these thieves are no obvious interests in Armenia, the third and most famous thief-immigrant they do exist: Armen Kazaryan (PZO), the uncle of the murdered Levik Errormessage․ The thief in the law has received recognition in Rostov-on-don in the early 90’s, then moved across the Atlantic and settled on the West coast of the United States. Armen Kazarian connect with Alexander Sargsyan, brother of ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. Local Armenian American media called their friends, wrote that every trip Alexander (Sashik) Sargsyan in the region is certainly accompanied by a visit to ROM.

Armen Kazarian was involved in the largest Armenian ethnic gangs of the USA — Armenian Power, which was engaged in fraud in the sphere of medical services. In addition, gang members in different time were in criminal cases related to racketeering, weapons smuggling, extortion and forgery. In 2013, PHC made a deal with the justice system, was convicted of racketeering and received six years in prison.

the Thief periodically dropping to their historic homeland and liaises with local peers, but still prefers to keep a distance. His last visit occurred in 2015 after the murder of his nephew.

it is Unclear when Armen Kazarian will once again be able without risk to himself to appear in Armenia in General and whether. But it is clear that the new government led by Nikol Pashinyan seriously decided to get rid of crime in the country. Whether it is a principled rejection of politics or, in this case not so important — the result will be. In a compact country where everything is on your palm, if desired, this can be done easily and quickly.

One of the sources “” after the conversation about the prospects of “thieves run” in Armenia, is easier, said this:— You write about the life of thieves, but the thief you left out of the equation.— Who?— we now Have a master thief — Nikol Pashinyan. Now it is all about. As you say, so be it.

There are new details of the murder of the American family Georgian shepherd

Became known new details about the murder of a family from the USA to Georgia, in the Commission of which the accused 19-year-old shepherd Malkhaz Kobauri. This is with reference to the channel “Imedi” reports “Interfax”.

“examination of the body of the deceased Laura Smith testified that she was raped,” — said the source channel. In addition, according to him, Kobori was removed cellphone, which revealed images of women.

“Imedi” also showed the tape of the interrogation of the herdsman, in which he reported details of the murder of US citizens Ryan and Laura Smith and their four sons.

Kobori was arrested on 9 July, and two days later arrested. According to investigators, July 4, shepherd shot from a hunting rifle 44-year-old man and a child, and 43-year-old woman died after falling from a cliff while escaping. It happened in the gorge of Khada in the region Mcheta-Mtianeti region.

The driver of the Audi was killed and over 57 sheep

In the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan as a result of hitting the car killed 57 sheep. Shepherd Adil Guliyev received numerous injuries, he was hospitalized, announced the interior Ministry.

it is Noted that the accident occurred on the 480-kilometer of Baku — Gazakh highway. The driver of the Audi rammed a herd of sheep crossing the road. Behind the wheel of the car was born in the Shamkir district Gabil Huseynov.

the incident is under investigation.

February 2018 reported that Nigeria 36 people were killed during a firefight because of the flocks of sheep. Social media users accused the local authorities in suppressing information about the incident.