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Saakashvili decided to change the power in Georgia

the Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili promised to return home and to end the current government. Saakashvili, a video message posted on the page of the “United national movement” in the Facebook.

“Today, the economic situation in Georgia is catastrophic. The reason is the rampant mafia, headed by [former Prime Minister, the richest man in the country Bidzina] Ivanishvili”, — said the former Georgian President. According to him, the population of the country actually became the hostage of the banking mafia. “Ivanishvili is doing what was done in Russia — with the help of several banks drew every Georgian family to debtors,” he added.

“I say this mafia that we abolish its Board. We will return economic power to the Georgian families, every Georgian and present of Georgian businessmen — representatives of small and medium business”, — said Saakashvili.

he also shared his plans for the salvation of the country. “To cope with real risk can only be economic growth and living standards. I intend to personally pursue this. Against me now charged with the sole purpose that I didn’t even think to return to Georgia. Will not wait. I will arrive to Georgia and will implement all programs with his team. I will not leave the Georgian people in trouble,” he said, adding that he was confident the change of power in Georgia in 2018.

In March, Saakashvili urged supporters of the “United national movement” to actively prepare for the presidential elections in the country, and also outlined a desire to return to power in Georgia.

the Next presidential elections scheduled for October 2018. The current head of state Vladimir Putin has the right to run for a second term.

With the explosion in Yerevan, suffered three Russians

the Three Russians were injured in an explosion in the center of Yerevan. They have got traumas easy and moderate severity, with reference to the Russian Embassy in Armenia reported RIA Novosti.

“we Confirm the information that injured three citizens of Russia. Our staff went to the hospital where the wounded were hospitalized, they have got traumas easy and moderate severity”, — said a source in the diplomatic mission.According to the emergencies Ministry of Armenia, April 2, at 19.44 GMT the signal arrived that in one of the cafes on Northern Avenue in Yerevan was an explosion, there are victims that require emergency assistance.

Among the victims, three citizens of Armenia (children six and eight years old), two Iranian citizens (aged 24 years) and three Russians (children of 15 years). The condition of one of the girls — the citizen of Armenia is estimated as heavy.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident was the explosion of an oxygen cylinder.

Broken in Georgia cableway tourists forced to jump down

At the Georgian ski resort of Gudauri failed cable car, the TV channel “Rustavi 2”.

According to preliminary data, the facility lost power, resulting in the chair started to slide and bump into each other. Because of this tourists were forced to jump from a height into the snow.

the Minister of health of Georgia David Sergienko told reporters on the eight injured, reports “Interfax”. They received medical assistance. “The injury is not very serious, but two tourists from Ukraine and from Sweden. Currently in Gudauri are the ambulances and, apparently, these two tourists we’re moving to Tbilisi,” — said the official.

Georgians are mobilizing to fight against bedbugs

Georgia is mobilized to combat bedbugs marble, the invasion of which in 2017 has caused the country serious problems. It is reported “Interfax”.

In Tbilisi on 8 March was held the international Symposium “Marble bug (Halyomorpha halys) — global challenge, international experience and the best way to solve problems.”

who Participated in it, Americans are told that in the USA, with marble bedbugs are fighting for 12 years. The company Trece Inc came to the conclusion that the defeat of the pest can only be an integrated approach. “One time thought even to deliver biological enemy marble bug, but it so happened that he came and spread”, — said the head of Trece Inc bill lingren.

The CSTO has refused to stand up for Karabakh in case of war

the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) will not provide military support to the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) in the event of armed conflict with participation of the state. This was stated by head of the CSTO joint staff Colonel-General Anatoly Sidorov, reports “Sputnik Armenia”.

Jones said the organization has obligations to Armenia, so in the case of aggression against Yerevan other members of the CSTO will have its military support. On the NKR these obligations do not apply, he said.

Sidorov described the situation in the Karabakh conflict zone tense, but “not so much that Armenia and Azerbaijan took each other’s capital.” In addition, he noted that in Soviet times, the Azerbaijanis and the Armenians “lived in peace and harmony”. This, in his view, shows that, in the current conflict “could be resolved peacefully”.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, speaking at a Congress of the ruling party “New Azerbaijan”, called the political and strategic goal of “return to Yerevan”, which, according to him, is “the historical territory of Azerbaijanis”. Aliyev attributed to the historical Azerbaijani lands of the Erivan khanate (South-West and Central region) of Armenia, Zangezur and Gokca (lake Sevan in the East of Armenia).

“this should be known as our younger generation and the whole world. We, Azerbaijanis must return to this historic land. It is our political and strategic goal to which we should gradually approach”, — Aliyev said.

Ministry of foreign Affairs of Armenia accused Azerbaijan of the President of racism. “The statements of the Azerbaijani President, the state appeared on the political map of the world just 100 years ago, the territorial claims to Armenia. These statements, together with the repeated declarations that all Armenians are Azerbaijan’s enemies number one, once again demonstrates the racist nature of the ruling regime in Baku”, — said the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Armenia Tigran Balayan.