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The details of the massacre of the Russian mob Georgian Russophobes

In the beating of the Russian pilot-paraglider Fedora Chelysheva in the Georgian village of Gudauri has a business background. About it Kommersant representative interior Ministry Georgia Anano, Barabadze.

She said that the reason attacks Chelysheva was the “confrontation of two business groups dealing with rental gliders for tourists”. “One group consists of local residents, and another — the Russians and Ukrainians”, — said Baramidze.

the Representative of the Georgian interior Ministry added that along with Chelysheva was his friend — a Ukrainian. Information about whether he got hurt, Barabadze not provided, but assured that “all the guilty will be punished”.

“Kommersant” also indicates that caused on the scene, the police did not intervene, the attackers shouted anti-Russian and xenophobic slogans.

Director of the company “Atlantis”, which deals with rental gliders, said that this is not the first time. According to him, shortly before beating Chelysheva, in Gudauri there was a conflict between the Georgian paragliders and a group of pilots from Russia and Ukraine.

“the Company “Atlantis” runs officially engaged in paragliding. We have leased the land where we fly. Close to the local population, looking at us, I decided to learn to fly and paragliding… They don’t want us to work on their land. They say: “This is just our land, and we only can work here”. They are not registered”, — said Anatoly mykhailuta “Sputnik Georgia”.

According to him, the conflict occurred because of envy, as the company has customers and the money they earn. “Yesterday [the Georgian paragliders] right when customers came to the start and began to interfere with our work gathered a lot of people started the conflict, and then 20 people attacked two pilots,” — said mykhailuta.

was Beaten up and the campsite that were trying to take the fight on video. “We called the police, the police came and the second time a fight broke out with the police, but the police are unable to separate them. Yesterday we together with the police went there and then all night writing statements,” said mykhailuta.

In Armenia demanded the resignation of attorney General

In Yerevan on the second day of rallies for the resignation of Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan. On Friday, may 18, according to TASS.

“We demand that the attorney General Davtyan came down to us and said why after all these years, his office had fabricated cases against many innocent people who fought with the former regime. He should resign,” said one of the initiators of the picket, human rights activist Vardges Gaspari.

As noted, may 17, rallied only 10-15 people, the next day the number of protesters amounted to about a hundred. The protesters dispersed only after talking with a representative of the court of appeals, which declared that no parole is not planned. The demonstrators promised to return to the building PGO Monday.

the protest involved supporters of the radical group “Sasna tsrer”, which in 2016 have seized police station in Yerevan. Also, the building of the Prosecutor General’s office were supporters of General Samvel Babayan, who was suspected of planning to assassinate former President Serzh Sargsyan.

New Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan promised to consider the resignation of attorney General, but added that he does not see it necessary.

In Yerevan found another reason to block the streets

In Yerevan, demonstrators blocked the Arshakunyats Avenue, pitched the tent and going to sleep. On it informs news Agency

Protesters are demanding the release of members of the armed group “Sasna tsrer”, seized in 2016, the building of a regiment of patrol-guard service in the Armenian capital.

Wednesday, may 16, the judge rejected the application for release 11 of the militants — the lawyers asked to change a measure of restraint on recognizance not to leave due to changing political situation in the country. Members of the group are accused of grave and especially grave crimes, including murder.

the Guards what was happening did not intervene.

may 16, Residents of Yerevan broke in the town hall and demanded the resignation of the head of Armenia’s capital Taron Margaryan. The demonstrators demanded that the mayor of explanation about cutting down of trees in the Park of 2,800 anniversary of Yerevan near the building of city hall. When the protesters realized that Taron Margaryan to them will not go down, they rushed into the building and passed through the turnstile, despite the opposition of security.

Armenian taxi drivers blocked the main Avenue of Yerevan and wanted justice

In Yerevan several groups hold a protest. On Wednesday, may 16, the correspondent of “the”.

To the residence of the Prime Minister on Baghramyan Avenue left the staff of military commissariats, dissatisfied future reform of the entire system of military conscription in the country. According to the developed Ministry of defence the reform, the territorial military registration and enlistment offices will be disbanded, and in each of the ten Marzes of Armenia will remain one Commissariat — this will result in reductions of employees and difficulties in the organization of military conscription.

adjacent to Baghramyan Avenue and Arshakunyats Avenue the campaign supporters group “Sasna tsrer”, the members of which in 2016 have seized a police station in Yerevan, demanding the resignation of the then President Serzh Sargsyan. The members of the group is court — released on Arshakunyats Avenue will require that you change the measure of restraint in respect of “Sasna tsrer”.

voenkomatom supporters of the “Sasna tsrer” was joined by a group of taxi drivers-private traders. They need to create equal conditions of competition between them and taxi services, most of all, they are dissatisfied with the service gg (Armenian Uber analog). Protesters unhappy with the cost of the license for the taxi driver-a private trader, as well as the fact that drivers gg such resolution are necessary. In addition, taxi drivers are asked to cancel the late fees nonpayment of license, “unreasonable Parking fines and traffic violations”. To achieve this, the protesters blocked Baghramyan Avenue, where in addition to the Prime Minister’s residence is also located the building of the Armenian Parliament, constitutional court and other state institutions.

The son of the richest Georgians demanded the legalization of marijuana in the country

the Son of Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili — rapper Bera — published on its YouTubechannel the track “Legalize”, which called for the liberalization of drug policy in the country.

In his song Bera demanded the legalization of marijuana and opposed the “policy of zero tolerance” towards drug users.

Also, the rapper pointed out that marijuana, which has natural origins, is not as harmful as synthetic drugs.

the Agency “news-Georgia” notes that in its track Ivanishvili, Jr. used such phrases as “I represent a generation no longer afraid of the government”, “the City in the flowers of cannabis”, “the drug Dealers kill so many people demand the legalization of”.

As his father is estimated at $ 4.6 billion, he is the richest man in the country. Made a fortune in the 1990-ies in Russia, Ivanishvili in 2012, founded the party “Georgian dream” and he is her head. In October of the same year the party won the parliamentary elections, after which Ivanishvili became Prime Minister. A year later he left the post, saying that his “main objective accomplished”, and promised not to return to power, however, on 11 may of this year he once again led the country’s ruling party.

last weekend in the largest cities of Georgia held protests. The reason for the discontent of the protesters were past on the night of may 12 raids in Tbilisi night clubs “Basiani” and “Gallery”, which resulted in the arrest of eight people, selling drugs. During the rally on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister of Georgia George Kvirikashvili and head interior Ministry George Gakharia, as well as the liberalization of drug policy in Georgia. Simultaneously with the contraction going “extremely aggressive” representatives of right-wing and nationalist organizations demanded a ban of all drugs and the detention of narkodilerov. The participants were separated by a cordon of police.