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Relatives of the President of Turkmenistan took all the passengers off the flight and flew instead

Dozens of passengers “Turkmenistan airlines” did not get on your flight because of a close relative of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which forced employees to remove all passengers from the flight and flew on this plane with his family. About it reports “Radio Azatlyk” (local service of “Radio Liberty”).

Sources told the publication that the incident happened about a month ago at the direction of the Turkmenabat — Ashgabat. “A close relative of the President with the whole family on a four day visit to called Koytendag (the city in the East of the country — ed. “the”). When they were going back, due to the fact that a plane did not arrive on time, passengers regular flight was not allowed to fly, instead they sent the entire family of the presidential relative. Passengers did not explain anything”, — the interlocutor told “Radio Azatlyk”.

According to him, because Rodney Berdimuhamedov about 160 people were expecting another aircraft, which was filed the next day.

Turkmenistan has banned the sale of alcohol

the government of Turkmenistan has banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in the country’s capital Ashgabat and the regional administrative centers. On Sunday, July 15, according to “Radio Azatlyk” (local service of “Radio Liberty”).

the Sources claim that the authorities are working on the withdrawal of spirits from the shelves of retail outlets.

the Struggle against the sale of alcohol began in the country after adoption July 5, “National programme for the prevention of the harmful effects of alcohol in Turkmenistan 2018-2024 years.”

“on Monday [July 9] some shop owners said that they will confiscate alcohol from private shops,” — said the source “Radio Azatlyk”.

According to him, the next day the shops of the Republic of raids began. “On Tuesday [July 10] I myself have witnessed, as one of the major Metropolitan markets, “the World” from private shops, without any documentation, began to confiscate all alcoholic beverages. They brought with them a special workers who loaded the goods into cars. Store owners ordered to appear on Wednesday in the police Department, which will feature the seizure of their goods”, — said the source.

the Correspondent of “Radio Azatlyk” in the Republic suggested that the intensification of the fight against alcohol sales in the country started after several cases of poisoning with counterfeit products. “In Turkmenistan in the past few months of increased cases of poisoning of people drinking, were even fatalities,” said he.

“Reported that the country had imported methyl alcohol. And maybe it was used instead of ethanol. The result was many cases of poisonings, even deaths. For this reason, checks are performed on the markets, in particular, was confiscated alcohol products of unknown origin”, — he added.

Tajik drove in infant son ten needles for the return of her husband

law Enforcement agencies of Tajikistan have arrested a woman viewshow needles into the body of his own son. On Saturday, July 7, reported on the website interior Ministry Republic.

As noted, police officers detained the 26-year-old resident of Rudaki district in the West of the country. The woman drove in his nine-month son 10 metal needles. According to the investigation, she made it to her 30 year old husband, who is working in Russia, returned home.

According to the forensic medical examination, the young child received serious injury. Concerning mother criminal case under article 110 part 1 of the Criminal code (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”). Arrested faces up to eight years in prison.

July 5, reported that the detainee went to the doctors themselves. X-ray examination allowed to find a needle in the skull of the baby’s head, bottom of the nose, neck and chest. Doctors indicated that if the child has swallowed a needle, that they would have damaged internal organs and lodged in the gastrointestinal tract.

In Tajikistan in the body of a baby found 10 needles

In Tajikistan, the doctors at capital medical center found the body of 9-month-old baby 10 needles. About it reports the Tajik Telegraph Agency.

doctors approached the child’s mother when she noticed and pulled the needle out of the gums son. X-ray examination allowed to find a needle in the cranial part of the head, the lower part of the nose, neck and chest. The doctors were able to remove only six needles, four are located deep under the skin. How could they get to the child is unknown.

According to experts, if the child has swallowed a needle, that they would have damaged internal organs and lodged in the gastrointestinal tract.