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The girl moved the bus took video

In Kazakhstan Alma ATA bus knocked down crossing the road girl. Video of the accident publishes Tengrinews.

the Incident occurred at about 8:00 local time (05:00 GMT) near the bus station “Sayran”. The bus driver approaching the intersection slowed down and continued driving at a red traffic signal. At the same time the road began to move the girl.

“the words of the driver, he was moving in an easterly direction along the street of Tole bi, drove on a green light, at that moment, the pedestrian ran into the roadway. As a result the driver no time to react and made arrival,” said the Director of Almaty branch of LLP Green Bus Company Baurdzhan Kulishev.

The official was caught on bribes horsemeat, beef and Lexus

Kazakhstan has started the trial of the former head of the Committee for Geology and subsoil use of the Ministry of investment of the country Bazarbai Nurabaev, who is accused of receiving bribes. About it reports Tengrinews.

Nurabayev had the patronage of the company “Zharyk Alem invest”, asking for his help in obtaining permission for exploration and mining on Irissska field. The original amount of bribes amounted to 250 thousand dollars (more than 15.5 million), the first part of it was the Lexus.

the Officer that was not enough, he demanded the company to provide him with horse meat. The representative of “Zharyk Alem invest” has acquired the animal at the market for 300 thousand tenge (more than 57 thousand rubles), after which the carcass of the horse was sent to Astana, in the house of his son Nurabaeva.

Nurabayev was not satisfied and demanded us to bring him the carcass of a cow. Employee “Zharyk Alem invest” again proceeded to the market where he bought a cow for 150 thousand tenge (28,5 thousand), and then sent the carcass of the animal at already familiar address.

a total of Nurabayev and his accomplices had received bribes of nearly 26 million tenge (around 5 million). It is noted that the representatives of the company, among other things, gave the official Audi.

Raped and killed a fourth-grade student out of jail

Kazakhstan exempted from criminal punishment of seventh graders who raped and killed a fourth-grade student. About it reports KTK TV channel.

residents of the city of Taraz in the South of the country, who at the time of the crime was not 14 years old, was sent to a special school for minors in East-Kazakhstan oblast. Punishment in school with a special regime of education he will serve in the course of the year, then return home.

in Addition to age, the court took into account that a youngster brought up in incomplete and dysfunctional family — his mother was hit by a train, and his father an alcoholic.

On the Irtysh blew up the ice and at the same time blew out Windows in homes

In the Kazakh city of Semey (formerly Semipalatinsk) in dozens of apartments were shattered due to work to undermine the ice on the river Irtysh. Video shot by eyewitnesses publishes his Telegram-NTV.

“On the river of steel to do something, flying a helicopter. And I went to the window to look. At this time, an explosion occurred on the river, and the shock wave blew out glass in the Windows. Glass shattered in different directions. I escaped with a scratch,” he said one of the witnesses.