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Kiev has intensified its offensive in the Donbass

Soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) have advanced two kilometers into the Luhansk region. This was reported in the press center of operations of the combined forces (OOS — replaced the anti-terrorist operation, ATO) in Facebook Wednesday, June 20.

the actions of the leadership of the operation was explained by the fact that fighters of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic “came too close to the fortifications OOS” near the village of Zholobok, after which a decision was made to move positions to create a “safety line”.

“was prepared and carried out a complex of measures with the creation of the strip ensuring a depth of two kilometers on the land defense of one of the brigades of the first echelon”, — stated in the message. The operation lasted two weeks in secrecy.

on 19 June, the Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission OSCE Alexander hug said that the situation in the zone of armed conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions has escalated and is most intense from the beginning of 2018. “The increase in the number of violations of the ceasefire we have seen since mid-may,” said hug.

In the United States revealed the scenario of Russia’s interference in Ukrainian elections

the American analytical center Atlantic Council has named the five most likely scenarios in which Russia could influence the Ukrainian elections. The relevant article published on website center research fellow, Center for transatlantic relations at Johns Hopkins University Nikolai Vorobyov.

In his opinion, the first method is the financial support of the Pro-Russian candidate in presidents of Ukraine. The article named as such Boyko (leader of the Opposition bloc) and Vadim Rabinovich (the leader of the party “For life”). Their ratings of 9.7 and 9.5 percent respectively. As the article States, if they failed to agree to nominate a single candidate for the presidential elections in 2019, this policy would have a serious chance to win.

the Second version of the intervention called informational influence. The Kremlin allegedly has a strong network of influential Ukrainian journalists and experts working in the Russian interest to support their candidate and discredit his opponents.

According to the author of the Atlantic Council, Russia can also act by increasing military tension in Donbas, the threat of occurrence of militias, carrying out terrorist attacks that would discredit the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the authorities. Because of such actions of the Ukrainian voters can lose faith in the electoral process and to refuse to participate in elections.

do Not rule in the American analytical center of Russian large-scale cyber attacks. Interference Ministry of defence, security services, other authorities, the banking system could precede the invasion of the Russian army in the Ukraine. The expert also does not exclude the e-mail hacking key presidential candidates by analogy with the American elections in 2016 (in the US believe that their results were influenced by Russia — ed. “the”) to manipulate and results.

the Most radical scenario, in the opinion of the author of the Atlantic Council, is to support Russia’s military coup in Kiev. It could make members of nationalist organizations and volunteer battalions have gained the experience of fighting in the Donbass. Russia could use the slogan “protect the rights of Russian in Ukraine” for introduction of the peacekeeping contingent and the occupation of Ukraine.

Azerbaijan boasted a successful attack on the Armenian possessions

the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan issued a video about the occupation of the Armed forces of the country village of Hunut in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic since 1992, controlled by the Armenian military. Video is available at YouTube.

the success of the Azeri soldiers and told the Minister of defense of the country Zakir Hasanov. “As a result of the successful operation of our army of 11 thousand hectares of land was freed from occupation. I want to say that our army is already in control of the road to Lachin (city under the control of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic approx. “the”). This is our next success,” Hasanov was quoted by the APA news Agency.

Information about the transition of control of the village of Hunut to the Armed forces of Azerbaijan appeared in late may. The press service of the separate combined-arms army in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic reported that Azerbaijani soldiers have occupied a number of hills and mountains in the area. It was also stated that due to the military actions, Baku will be able to “control” the road between Yerevan and the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Stepanakert.

In February, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev called the political and strategic goal of “return to Yerevan”, which, according to him, the “historical territory of Azerbaijanis”. Aliyev attributed to the historical Azerbaijani lands of the Erivan khanate (South-West and Central region) of Armenia, Zangezur and Gokca (lake Sevan in the East of Armenia).

The main threat from the Crimean bridge to Ukraine

the construction of the Russian bridge across the Kerch Strait has created a number of serious threats and methods of pressure on Ukraine. On Wednesday, June 20, Interfax said Secretary of Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

“Due to the bridge now you can quickly transfer a significant force of ground troops of the Russian Federation in the Crimea with the subsequent conduct of offensive operations in the South of Ukraine”, — he told.

According to Turchynov, the Peninsula was heavily militarized by Russia. “It created a powerful 22nd army corps, to increase the strength of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. Missile systems stationed in the Crimea, can strike on our positions in the rear. Anti-aircraft s-400 can hit any air target in the Central part of Ukraine,” he said.

he Also noted that a serious threat to Ukraine is the Russian fleet in the sea of Azov, where the border troops FSB was reinforced with additional ships. In addition, in the Azov sea were deployed ships of the Navy of the Caspian sea.

“Now, for the conduct of military operations in the sea of Azov they can use a considerable number of amphibious ships and the ships of class “Buyan-M”, which are armed with cruise missiles”, — he said. Increasing amphibious capabilities of the Russian Armed forces in the Azov sea would allow the transfer on the Ukrainian coast of the forces and means of the armies of the southern military district, which are now threatening Ukraine from the East, said the Turchynov.

“as a result we have a powerful military infrastructure along the Ukrainian-Russian border. And, in addition to the threat from the East, have significantly increased the threat from the South, with the North above us hang the two armies of the Western military district — 20-I 1-I tank, which can also be used at any moment”, — added the NSDC Secretary.

in addition, Moscow, building the Kerch bridge, had the opportunity to exercise unlawful control over vessels that cross the Kerch Strait, and also to block at any moment Ukrainian ports in the sea of Azov, he said.

“Ukraine has the ability to detain Russian ships whose actions violate our laws… But if we act appropriately in the framework of international law, Russia, as always, violates international law, conducting illegal searches of ships entering Ukrainian ports. This is actually an extension of the hybrid war in the economic sphere, demonstration of readiness to implement the blockade of our ports on the Azov sea,” — said the NSDC Secretary.

Nationalists staged a pogrom in the city of Kharkiv

the city Council of Kharkov there was a scuffle between the guards and the nationalists. It is reported “Interfax” citing the Director of the Department for information and public relations of the city Council Yury Sidorenko.

According to him, the conflict was started by supporters of the Dmitry Marinin, a former city Council member and opponent of the current mayor Gennady Kernes. “Marinin brought 50 people sporting appearance, which tried to hold the hall. They have a scuffle with municipal guards,” — said Sidorenko.

one of the activists, belonging, according to Sidorenko, the “National body,” sprayed tear gas and began to throw smoke bombs. But despite the smoke, the session continued.

in Addition, the radicals in the symbolism of the “National body” ransacked on the second floor of the building and staged a fight in the yard of the city Council. The conflict tried to solve the Deputy mayor of Kharkov Andrey Rudenko, but the thugs grabbed him, threw him in a dumpster and rolled into the street.