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The DNR has a death sentence

the Supreme court of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic issued a death sentence. This was reported by “Donetsk news Agency”.

on 18 July took place the trial of members of an armed group which in 2014-2015 are engaged in on the territory of the DNI kidnapping, robbery, extortion and murder. For multiple offenses one person was sentenced to death, eight to life imprisonment, another member of the gang got 13 years in prison.

it is Noted that the convicts had acted under the cover of membership in the public organization “the Cossack Union “the don Cossacks””.

the First in the history of DND death sentence was made in February 2016. The criminal code, which provides for the death penalty, was passed the DNR in August 2014. Operate the execution of the sentence will be by firing squad. Humanization of the Criminal code, the government promised to do at the end of the armed conflict in the Donbass.

Ukraine wanted to mine the sea of Azov

to Prevent the loss of Ukraine from the Russian warships, and to protect the country from potential Russian landing troops will allow laid along the sea of Azov explosive and unbreakable fences. About this on “Hromadske radio”, said the former commander of the Navy Ukraine Vice-Admiral Sergei Haiduk.

According to him, the Ukrainian civil court has not blown up on such obstacles, they should be held in military-controlled lanes in the composition of the caravans. The Admiral also believes that the military should conduct exercises on the Azov sea coast of Ukraine, to learn to resist the landing of the Russian troops.

Earlier, a spokesman for the State border service of Ukraine Colonel Oleg Slobodyan announced that the Ukrainian border guards in the sea of Azov lacks the resources and technology to counter Russia. However, he noted, at the headquarters of the United forces of Ukraine is preparing a uniform response to all possible actions of Russia.

Ukrainian border guards are ready to regain control over the Donbas

a Key task of the State border service of Ukraine is currently preparing for the return of the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions under control of Kiev. On Thursday, July 19, said Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Troyan, reports press service of interior Ministry.

“Recently the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov presented the strategy of restoring the integrity of Ukraine and de-occupation of Donbass “the Mechanism of small steps”. We offer a full reintegration of Donbass in the economic, legal and humanitarian space of Ukraine. The state border service places a significant amount of work and responsibility for the restoration of the state border,” he said.

Also, the official said that the state border service will soon get helicopters Н125 and Н225 French Airbus. “By the end of this year, we already get the first four helicopters. The state border service should actively prepare to receive cars,” said Deputy interior Minister.

“the Main objectives of the aviation of the border guard division will be: round-the-clock air monitoring the border and prompt response to its violation; remote control over the local parts of the border in real time; maintain assault action to combat illegal activity on the border,” he added.

The mayor of the Ukrainian city announced ideological cleansing in schools

the mayor of the Ukrainian Dnipro (formerly Kiev) Boris Filatov promised to dismiss more than 30 percent of principals and head teachers of city schools because they did not support the political course of Kiev. About this he wrote on his page on Facebook.

“From the second day of his term I began to collect dossiers on Directors and head teachers of city schools, and this helped me to a limited circle of trusted people. And in the third year of his term I waited. At the moment the humanitarian Department conducts competitions for new appointment of school Directors”, — said the mayor of the Dnieper.

He noted that more than 30 percent of applicants in 2014, supported separatist sentiments in social networks or non-public “despised his own country and was very fond of a neighboring state”.

According to him, now all these people will be fired or will not accept to work according to the results of the competition. According to Filatov, such a position is legally flawless, and have lost work will not be able to recover through the courts.

Ukrainians attributed the creation of the gas industry of Russia

Former Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov called the Ukrainian founders of the gas industry of Russia. He declared it on air of TV channel NewsOne.

“If you look, who raised Russia’s gas industry? Ukrainians. Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of oil and gas. It’s all the graduates out there still working. Mind and work of Ukrainians had created all this wealth,” he said.

June 8 in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine were opened gas field. At the stage of geological exploration reserves are at least 200 million cubic meters.