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LC imposed duties on beer from the DNR

the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic has imposed import duties on beer from the neighboring self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. About it said in the decision of the Council of Ministers of the LC.

“Until 31.12.2018 import customs duty for malt beer produced in the Donetsk people’s Republic will be charged at the rate of five per cent of the customs value of goods”, — stated in the document.

the Portal “news of Donbass” recalls that in April the head of the LC Leonid beekeeper he said the almost total removal of customs borders DNR districts unilaterally. According to him, the changes will not affect excisable goods. The head of the group also expressed hope for the adoption of similar measures by the DNR.

Ukrainian security officials decided to “tighten the noose” around Donetsk

the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) was given the task to “tighten the noose” around Donetsk — the capital of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. On this edition of “Stranja” I reported a source in the ranks of the APU.

the Evening of may 20, Ukrainian security forces attempted to attack the positions of DPR fighters in the outskirts of the settlement Gorlovka. In the press center of operations of the combined forces (OOS — replaced the anti-terrorist operation, ATO) in Facebook has information that the Ukrainian military took three fighters DND captured, one was killed.

In Donetsk, information about the capture of its soldiers confirmed, but stressed that in the battle killed several Ukrainian military. In the press center of OOS argue that losses among Ukrainian law enforcers no.

Senior staff officer at HSE said that Gorlovka is considered the command as the most profitable focus for “tightening the loop” around Donetsk. “Gorlovka is surrounded by the heights of the best, including in the village of South. The one who owns the reference positions at these heights, in fact, owns the town. They easily sweep the entire city. Therefore, if the heights around Gorlovka are under Mat, very Gorlovka separatists (as in Kiev called supporters of the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics approx. “the”) surrender without a fight,” he said.

“Meaning there’s no die — all at a glance. Accordingly, Gorlovka is a strategic bridgehead for the offensive on Debaltsevo and Enakievo. Thus, cinches the noose around Donetsk. Especially the APU is not formally violate the Minsk agreements — the heights around Gorlovka belong to the so-called grey area. And we have every right to occupy a “grey area”, such movement is offensive as if not considered (in 2016, the Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission OSCE Alexander hug pointed out, what is the concept of “gray zone” in the Minsk agreement is, and moving parties forward is a violation of the agreements — ed. “Of the”) “, — said the Ukrainian officer.

In the Donbass blew up the bridge

Saboteurs blew up Sterjovski road bridge in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic. This was stated by the head of the press service of the Ministry of state security of LPR Eugene lubenko, reports RIA Novosti.

the construction of the destroyed section of the route M21 “Krasnyi Luch — Lugansk”.

As noted, lubenko, the movement of cars and trains between stations Shterivka and petroven’ky broken.

According to preliminary data, the saboteurs laid the charge under the bridge supports at a height of about six meters. The MGB explained that the diversion was probably prepared by professionals.

Channel Poroshenko told about the danger of talking in the Ukrainian language in Poland

In Poland there are an increasing number of beatings arrived in the country of Ukrainians local residents. This is stated in the plot of “the 5th channel” (owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko).

journalists of the TV channel spoke Ukrainian, who went to a neighboring country for work. A man named Igor told me that he was beaten because he spoke Ukrainian language.

“I Went to Poland for construction. In the evening I returned with bags from the supermarket and was talking to the wife. Guys standing outside the supermarket, I heard the Ukrainian language, began to cry after. Well, you know, their word is kurwa, psiakrew…” — he said.

According to him, he wanted to avoid conflict and did not respond to insults in his address. “I turned around, looked at them. There were around four. But said nothing, only added the go. They went after me. After about ten seconds, I only heard me in the back pushed. Packages were scattered, and began to dance on the head”, — said the Ukrainian. The name of the settlement in which there was described a case that the material is not specified.

In Poland on a regular basis there are attacks on Ukrainians. May 10 reported the attack of a group of poles in three Ukrainians in the village Glascow, near Warsaw. Between arriving in the country by Ukrainians and a local resident there was a skirmish. To help the pole arrived, his friends, broke up with one of the Ukrainians, his friends managed to escape.

In March in wrocław two local residents made the attack on the Ukrainian nationality in one of the city trams. According to the Center for monitoring racism and xenophobia, two of the attackers shouted insults at the Ukrainian, and then beat it.

Poroshenko revealed his destiny

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko needs to lead the country out of “a deadly zone of gravitation of the Russian Empire”. He said this during the ceremony of memory of victims of political repressions, reports UNIAN.

According to the President, today Ukraine has consistently pursued a policy of restoration and preservation of the national memory, as well as adherence to the ideals of humanism and democracy. Poroshenko promised to continue to work in this direction as many time as you measure out the Ukrainian people.

the President believes that Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of influence.