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Offered to bomb the Crimean bridge journalist called Russian provocation

American political journalist Tom Rogan, the author published in the American weekly magazine The Washington Examiner article with the title Ukraine should blow up Putin’s Crimea bridge (“Ukraine needs to blow up Putin’s Crimean bridge”), said he had received support from Kiev. About this he wrote in his Twitter.

According to Rogan, he talked with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. “[Pavlo] Klimkin said that the Ukrainian people support my work and that Ukraine would help me, if Russia will try to send me to [colony of special regime] “Black Dolphin”. Good banter,” said he. In the comments to the post Rogan’s Twitter users have suggested that communicated the journalist not Klimkin, and the Russian media Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) and Alexei Stolyarov (Lexus)

At the same time, the head of the Mead Ukraine said that it had not contacted Rohan. “It was funny. I’ve never not talked to him, and the article, frankly, not worth commenting on. Don’t know if he wants to present me as a hero or as a criminal. Actually, it doesn’t matter. All this is like another Russian provocation,” wrote Belarus on Twitter.

may 15, Rogan released the column, which urged Ukraine to put an airstrike on the Crimean bridge. He also added that the US “can and should” support the country in this matter.

Right after that the Investigative Committee of Russia opened against American criminal case. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called Rogan’s article “madness” and “a manifestation of the poor quality of journalism”. Rogan in turn, pointed out he didn’t regret his proposal, and added that the bombing of the bridge should avoid casualties. He complained he received threats and stressed that he respects the Russian people and their history, but not Vladimir Putin.

VGTRK journalists fired in the Donbass

the Crew all-Russian state television and radio broadcasting company (VGTRK) came under fire near the village of Kruta Balka in Donetsk region of Ukraine. About it reports the TV channel “Russia 1”.

war correspondent Alexander Sladkov reported that during the shelling by the Armed forces of Ukraine were wounded sound engineer Igor Uklein.

In Ukraine announced the arrest of Russian spies with a portrait of Putin

security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained in Zaporozhye six Russian spies. About it reported on the website of the regional administration.

“the Main task of the agents was gathering and information transfer about movement of military equipment of VS of Ukraine on the Donetsk direction, checking the existence and functioning of roadblocks, developing and testing safe routes of entry into the territory of Zaporozhye region from temporarily occupied territories”, — the report says.

“the special services of Russia were also interested in the location of critical infrastructure, military units, law enforcement and administrative buildings of the region”, — added in the security Service.

the curator of the Ukrainian security forces called representatives General staff. The head of the group, according to the SBU, was a resident of Zaporizhia, which was reported to be recruited during a visit to Crimea in 2015.

During searches of the detainees found and evidence links with the curators of the Russian power agencies. As the exhibits also featured cartridges of 5.45 caliber and 9 mm, grenade RGD-5, the ribbons and the portrait of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The DNR killed the commander of the battalion of militia

the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic killed the commander of the battalion “Tag” Oleg service with the call sign “mom”. About it announced the movement “Union of volunteers of Donbass” on his page “Vkontakte”.

service fought in the division “East”. Joining the brigade “Fifteen”, he soon became its commander. It is noted that the division had served on one of the most dangerous areas on the outskirts of Donetsk.

the service was awarded the highest award of the DNI.

In the cemetery in the Ukraine found things dead in Ilovaisk fighters ATO

the cemetery near the Ukrainian city of Dnepr (former Dnepropetrovsk) found things dead soldiers participating in the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the country. It is reported by TSN.

the Volunteers of the humanitarian mission “Black Tulip” found 38 bags with tags mortuary, in which there were personal things — bloody form, boots, crosses, medals, etc.

As noted, the volunteers of “the Black Tulip” asked the farmer renting the territory, where they found the belongings of the victims. He said that in 2014 the police asked drier evidence, but in the end they never came back. Things to bury, but the dogs from time to time tore open the bags and spread their contents.

According to the Deputy of city Council of Krivoy Rog Mykola Kolesnyk, belongings of the victims had to disassemble even in the morgues of the Dnipropetrovsk region. He suggested that the head of one of district departments of the police were horrified, seeing belonged to the victims. “He took a few homeless people and “Gazelle” these bags were brought to the farm territory, ostensibly to dry,” — said Kolesnik “Fast”.

“[the bags] were helmets, riddled with half-skulls in the tibia in some places the bones were. All that lay there, from the farm called the Department to come out and took. But no, nobody came. Appeared a putrid smell. These bags have started to pull apart by wild dogs, homeless people steal things, so at the farm made up the bags and covered with a layer of the earth,” — said the Deputy who gave a tip to the volunteers of “the Black Tulip”.

a spokesman for the police in Dnipropetrovsk region Anna starchevskaya said “Ukrainian truth” what things belonged to the 72 soldiers who died in the so-called Ilovaisk in the summer of 2014.