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Savchenko was accused of fleeing to Russia

Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko can be in Russia. Comments about this publication said the Deputy head of the faction “people’s front” and a member of the Committee on national security and defense Andrew Teeruk.

“As a citizen, not a member of the party, claimed that Nadiya Savchenko is not in Strasbourg, and in the territory of the aggressor country. Volodymyr Ariev, Vice President, PACE confirmed that it is not the delegation of Ukraine”, — he said.

March 12 it became known that Savchenko left Ukraine after the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) summoned her for questioning. The investigation was planned to question her on the head of the Centre for the release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban, who is suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Kiev.

Then the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that Savchenko went to an international conference, not being an official member of the Ukrainian delegation. He explained that the MP has “full reasons” to attend the event. “I would now like to turn to Savchenko: if it is really so brave and honest, says about this on the infinite ethers, tomorrow it should be in the security Service of Ukraine”, — said the Prosecutor General.

25 Jul 2017 Savchenko on TV channel NewsOne for 20 seconds described the political situation in Ukraine with a dozen of obscene expressions. At the same time from decent words out of her mouth sounded only “just”, “many”, “people”, “can” and “politics”.

In March 2016, she was sentenced in Russia to 22 years of imprisonment on charges of involvement in the murder under the Lugansk Russian journalists. Two months later, she was pardoned, she returned home.

In the House of culture near Kiev unknown persons in masks beat the children

In the village of Stari bezradychi, Kyiv region unknown persons have beaten the children in the local House of culture. About it in the “Typical bezradichi” in Facebook announced the club Director Natalie Dancik.

the Incident occurred on 7 March following the events dedicated to the International women’s day. “Half an hour after the concert, when young artists were still in organizing the office and ate the Goodies, they stormed masked men started to beat all who came across under hands, — she says. — Bruises, hematomas, broken teeth, concussion, blood around and broken furniture — these ended with a festive mood.”

the Attackers fled.

Saakashvili has demanded to resume the criminal case against him

the Former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili has demanded from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to renew opened a criminal case against him. He told about it to TV channel NewsOne.

“Yes, indeed, today we received the decision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on suspension of the case. They say that if something is, only in cooperation with the Netherlands. Here the situation is very simple: they broke through the next bottom. Now it is proved that there was no conversation with Kurchenko was fitting … I demand to have the case reopened, I demand you let me back in Ukraine,” Saakashvili said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian investigators found when disgraced politician with a local businessman Kurchenko and the Russian special services “for destabilizacia situation in the country.” March 12, press Secretary of the PGO Andriy Lysenko wrote in his Facebook that the Agency has suspended criminal proceedings against Saakashvili “to receive international assistance, for which the GPU appealed to the Netherlands for execution of procedural and investigative actions with the participation of the suspect”.

Ukraine wanted to get from Russia $ 209 million for flights in the Crimea

Ukraine in 2015 accrued to Russian airlines fines in the amount of 209 million dollars for the flights in the Crimea. About it reports the UNIAN with reference to the Ministry of transport.

For the collection of fines Agency appeals in the Ukrainian courts, after which he plans to submit lawsuits in international. Among the companies, which the Ukrainian side considers the offenders, — “Aeroflot”, “Ural airlines”, “Saratov airlines”, “UTair”, “Russia” “Nordavia”, “Globus”, “Red wings”,”Vim Avia”, “Yamal” and others.

In 2016, the state aviation service of Ukraine has fined the Russian airline for the sum about $ 27 million. For each violation have been sanctioned by 5.2 thousand dollars.

In September 2017 Ukraine said that Russian airlines issued 20 thousand fines totaling about 103 million dollars. The Ministry of transport of Russia announced that the information on fines from the Ukrainian side has not received.

Poroshenko asked for weapons from the European Union

the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has urged member countries of the European Union to provide Kiev with defensive weapons, as well as to qualify Russia as “aggressor country” and the party to the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. On Monday, March 12, according to “Interfax”.

“the time has Come to facilitate the provision by member countries of the EU of defensive weapons to Ukraine in accordance with national and international legislation”, — said Poroshenko at a briefing with high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.

According to him, “four years later, with the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, it is time for the EU to call an aggressor an aggressor and a party to the conflict”.

“read this situation in the Donbass, and also in order to see with my own eyes how Russia performs its part of the Minsk agreements, I turned to Mrs. Mogherini to submit in the near future Donbass the second mission of the ambassadors Committee on security policy of the EU”, — said the Ukrainian leader reminded that the first mission visited the Donbass in September 2015.

“I Think what we need to do more significant role in European diplomacy in the liberation of hostages in the Donbas and Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia”, — said Poroshenko.

March 2, became known about the decision of the US state Department to approve the sale of Javelin to Ukraine in the amount of $ 47 million. The Pentagon said that the ATGM will help Ukraine to build long-term defense to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Notice of its decision, the state Department sent to Congress. Defense News said that we are talking about 210 missiles and 37 launchers. Request about their purchase Kiev had previously sent to Washington.