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Modernized the Russian “Kornet” terrified of terrorists

Militants from various terrorist groups operating in Northern Syria, began to spread rumors of anti-tank missile complexes Russian-made “Kornet-e”, which was adopted by Syrian government forces. It is reported by Telegram-channel Directorate 4, which monitors the activities of terrorists.

As the channel, as evidence of the use of a modernized version of the ATRA jihadists publish a photo of one of the destroyed pickup trucks that belonged to the group “Jaish al-Issa”. The result of this attack, were eliminated four members of the group. Thus, according to some, a blow to the car was inflicted from a distance of more than seven kilometers.

in addition, the militants have reported other cases of attacks from a great distance that they had previously taken for airstrikes, writes Directorate 4.

In Syria began to recover liberated the city from insurgents

the city of tel-Bissau in the province of HOMS in Syria started reconstruction works. This was told by a local resident Allie Taraf, reports RIA Novosti.

a Few days ago, the city was liberated from the militants of illegal armed groups. Now in tel-Bisu returned to local residents.

the Heavy machinery clearing the rubble and roads, experts restore utilities. On the streets patrols are on duty military police.

“Thank God that now in our city safely. But of course, it would be difficult at first. You see, everything is destroyed, nothing. First of all, not enough bread, no money to buy it. We hope to help Russia, I know well that in other localities your military brought food,” said Taraf.

The US blamed the Palestinians for the death of Palestinians in the Gaza strip

Washington has accused Hamas that the Israeli military killed more than fifty Palestinians on the border with the Gaza strip. It is reported Time.

“Hamas is responsible for the death of Palestinians as protests were planned for them,” — said at a press briefing, White house spokesman Raj Shah. He added that Israel has the full right to self-defense.

may 15th reported about 59 killed by the Israeli military during protests at the border of the Jewish state from the Gaza strip to the Palestinians. Suffered according to various sources from 1.6 to 2.2 thousand people.

according to the magazine, the 35 thousand inhabitants of the Gaza strip gathered at the border to protest in connection with the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

riots on the border began in late March as a result of protesters clashes with Israeli troops. The demonstration was timed to coincide with Nakba day, which is celebrated on may 15. For Palestinians, this day is associated with the Exodus from the territory, where in 1948 was created the state of Israel.

Increased the number of those killed in the massacre in Gaza

the Number of dead in clashes with Israeli troops on Palestinians has increased to 59 people. Among them, eight-month-old child who died after inhaling gas, according to RIA Novosti citing the Palestinian Ministry of health.

Previously, reported in the collision suffered more than 1.6 thousand people. The media called it “the bloodiest day since the conflict began on the border of Israel and Gaza in 2014.”

In late March, a peaceful protest on the Gaza border, timed to the day of Nakba — Exodus from the territory, where in 1948 created the state of Israel escalated into riots and clashes of protesters with Israeli troops.

the Protests have hardened in connection with the may 14 opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The decision to move the Embassy from tel Aviv to White house passed in December of last year.

Stripped from the militants the main road to Syria open for the first time in five years

In Syria for the first time in five years, will open to the public main road of the country. The highway Damascus — HOMS was destroyed in clashes with militants. Now it is restored, it will be available for travel from may 15, according to Al-Masdar News. Video with part of the reconstructed line has already appeared in Facebook.

the Highway connects the Syrian capital with the Central and Northern provinces and is considered one of the most important in Syria. M5 highway was completely closed after the militants captured most of the surrounding areas. From there they fired on passing cars and passers-by, and also attacked along the road checkpoint of the Syrian army, the newspaper notes. Her recovery began after cleaning the area from terrorists.

may 10 Agency Reuters reported that the suburbs of Damascus left the last of the militants, and now control of terrorists remains the only enclave near HOMS and the border areas of Syria.