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Russia has planned a large-scale strike by Syrian militants

the Russian and the Syrian military is preparing a large-scale joint operation in the Northern province of Latakia in response to the attack of the Russian air base Hamim July 16. About it reports news Agency SANA.

the Aim of the strike is to protect the base from attacks of militants, and also clear from jihadist groups areas in the North of Latakia on the border with Turkey.

the Decision on the surgery followed attack Jamima unknown aircraft on 16 July. According to the Agency, jihadist groups are also attacking Russian troops with the help of drones in the provinces of HOMS and Idlib.

July 1 reported that the Syrian Latakia was destroyed by unknown drones tried to attack the base Hamim. The blow managed to reflect, as a result of bombardment nobody has suffered.

the Russian air defense system was repeatedly destroyed by the drones that tried to attack the airbase. In late April the military reflected the attack drones with grenades.

The Russian military in Syria hit militants launched drone

In the area of Hamim Russian airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia downed drone launched by militants. It is reported RIA Novosti on Saturday, July 21.

“From the territory occupied by militants, do not stop the launches of the unmanned aircraft in the direction of the air base Hamim”, — reports the words of the head of the Russian Center for conciliation of the parties Alexei Tsygankov. It is noted that the UAV was launched in the night of July 21 from the territory controlled by illegal armed groups.

According to Tsygankov, in the attack there were no injuries, the material damage also is caused. “The airbase is operating as planned,” he added.

In Turkey detained the daughter of a Chechen official

In Istanbul during anti-terrorist RAID detained five people, including the daughter of the former head of the Federal migration service of Chechnya Seda Dudurkaev. This writes the Daily Sabah.

it is Noted that among the detained were two sons, husband of Dudurkaev — commander of the banned terrorist organization Abu Umar Shishani (real name Tarkan Batirashvili).

In November 2013, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov said suggested the head of the Republican Department of the Federal migration service ASU Dudurkaev to write a letter of resignation due to complaints about the agencies and due to the fact that his daughter went to Syria and “is there among the bandits who shed the blood of peaceful citizens”.

In Syria crashed military plane

the Wreckage of an unknown military aircraft found in the province of al-Hasaka in northeast Syria. It crashed about 15 kilometers from the city of al-Shaddad. The collapse was accompanied by a powerful explosion, reported Al-Masdar News.

it is Assumed that the plane belonged to a coalition headed by the USA, but certainly it is not yet known.

El-Haddad, said the publication is now under the control of U.S.-backed opposition Syrian democratic forces (SDF). Previously, the city was dominated by the militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, banned in Russia).

Israel explained a missile attack on Syria

the Israeli military attacked three posts of the Syrian army in response to the invasion of the drone shot down yesterday in the airspace of the Jewish state. It is reported RIA Novosti citing the Israel defense forces.

Initially, the Israeli military refused to comment about his involvement in the attack on Syria. “We do not comment on reports in the foreign press”, — stated in the message. Later, however, Israel explained to the rocket fire with retaliatory action.

Earlier it was reported that the unmanned aircraft of the Israeli air force struck a rocket attacks on the Syrian army in Quneitra province. “The hostile Israeli planes launched several missiles in the direction of a number of objects the army in the settlement of Hadera and tel-Krum of Jabba in Quneitra. Material damage”, — stated in the message. It was noted that the air defense system of Syria has managed to reflect blow.