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Russian sapper has told about work in Syria and stealth fighters

Militants in Syria lay explosives not only for the different sights and roads, but also in unusual places, such as under the blankets in homes and table lamps. This TV channel “Zvezda” told the commander of the reconnaissance and clearance of the major Roman Potselujchik.

According to him, the explosives were even found in the stones: they are both masked her and served as a damaging element. Bombs were also found in the historic caves and under the stairs.

the Sapper pointed out that the locals helped the Russians to clear the area. The Syrians had shown where the bombs or ammunition, and asked to inspect their apartments and houses.

Potselujchik said that one of the most difficult situations were a survey of the yard, where the sappers had to stay for a meal. “I set the task to one of the engineers (…) by Calling me, he said he saw the tree bomb, but can not understand the principle of its action. Coming closer, we saw that the ammunition is on the clothespin the barrel and the right and left of the allotted stretch marks on the Breasts. Noticing this, the sapper has prevented consequences which could be disastrous if this yard came the whole group,” he explained.

the Soldier also showed reporters a perforated protective suit, saved from the death of sapper. Major said that detonated the charge laid in one of the plastic coils in the factory for the production of polymers.

a Russian soldier held in Syria, a total of six months. During this time, his group found and defused more than 20 thousand ammunition. Himself Potselujchik awarded the order of Courage.

Israel told about the bombed nuclear reactor in Syria

air force Fighters of the Israel defense forces (IDF) in 2007 bombed a nuclear reactor under construction in Syria. About it said in the declassified material on the website of the military establishment of the Jewish state.

“the Operation was carried out in the night from 5 to 6 September 2007 in the Syrian province of Deir ezzor, 280 miles North-East of Damascus. Four F-16 aircraft eliminate the nuclear threat not only to Israel but to the entire region”, — told the military. The proof is the video from aboard the fighter jet, which shows the destruction of the building.

“Intelligence is considered that object is destroyed can not be restored. Because the IDF was preparing for retaliatory action, it was decided to classify information about the RAID,” according to the IDF. — A few years later the province of Deir ez-Zor was captured by the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). We can only guess what harm they could cause, getting a nuclear facility in their hands.”

The Syrian military lost the first MiG-29

shot down March 18 in the Eastern region Kalamun aircraft the Syrian air force, which initially took over the su-24, actually was a MiG-29. This opinion was expressed by military experts, their words are quoted in “Bulletin of Mordovia”.

As the newspaper notes, the experts came to this conclusion, having carefully considered the militants published a video which had captured the crash. In particular, an expert on the Syrian war Yuri Lyamin said that he was on the footage machine “is not similar to the famous bomber”. “The car looks more like a MiG-29. They are based at the nearby airbase es-Sin,” — said the expert.

He added that the MiG-29 has previously been involved in combat missions in the area. “By all accounts, this is the first loss among fighters of this type for the whole war,” he said.

in Total, according to various reports, the fleet of Syrian air force has about three dozen such planes, said the “Herald of Mordovia”.

Turkey has threatened a sudden attack on Iraq

Turkey can at any moment to conduct a military operation in the town of Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan. This statement was made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Agency Anadolu.

According to the head of state, Ankara has discussed with Baghdad on the subject of anti-terrorist operation in Iraq. “The Turkish armed forces can also at any time to launch an operation against the terrorist PKK in the Iraqi district of Sinjar,” said Erdogan.

the President’s Statement has sounded next day after he announced the capture of the Syrian Afrin. The Turkish leader stressed that the steps in the fight against terrorists would continue in other parts of Syria, including in Munice, Ayn al-Arab (Kobani), tal Abyad, Realine and Qamishli.

the intention to destroy the Kurdish formation in Northern Iraq, which Ankara considers terrorists, Erdogan said in mid-March. “We monitor the emergence of the terrorist nests to the North of the country at every available opportunity. Soon we will inflict on them a hard blow,” assured it.

exemption from Afrin Kurdish militias, the Turks have announced March 18. “Now over the Afrin wave the Turkish flag and the flag of the Syrian liberation army,” — said Erdogan.

representatives of the Kurdish parties, in turn, said that the purpose of the attack on the city was to cleanse it from the Kurdish population. According to officials from Afrin Othman Sheikh Issa (Issa Sheikh Othman), then direct confrontation escalates into a guerrilla war, and promised that the Kurds “will become a nightmare” for the Turks.

The Kurds promised to be a nightmare for the Turks after the capture of Afrin

After Turkish troops entered Afrin, in the war in Syria will begin a new phase. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the representative of the Kurdish parties.

According to officials from Afrin Othman Sheikh Issa (Issa Sheikh Othman), an attack on the city aims to clear it from the Kurdish population. According to him, after the invasion, direct confrontation escalates into a guerrilla war. “Our troops will turn into a real nightmare for them,” he promised.

According to Kurdish officials and the military, in Afrin there are still a few pockets of resistance.

Earlier, on 18 March the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the city of Afrin in Syria fully liberated by Kurdish armed groups. “Now over the Afrin wave the Turkish flag and the flag of the Syrian liberation army,” the announced it.

the Siege of Afrin started in mid-March. Ankara believes the Kurdish people’s protection Units and representatives of the Kurdish party “Democratic Union” terrorists.