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Turkey bombed Syrian center Afrin

the Turkish air force conducted the first bombing of the Central part of the Syrian Afrin. On Saturday, March 10, according to the ANF News.

according to TASS referring to Kurdish Agency “Firat”, the Turkish troops seized the nearest major suburbs Afrin — Rajo and Gingeras, where the first lines of defense of the Kurds and militias. At the moment there are fights for the locality Mariaman. Its capture would allow Turkey to close the encirclement of Afrin.

According to the Agency “Firat”, the last few days in Afrin and its surrounding area, killing more than 200 civilians, the Kurdish defense units lost 283 fighter.

according to the General staff of the Turkish armed forces, since the beginning of operations in Afrin, was destroyed 3195 terrorists, to which Ankara will include representatives of the Kurdish party Democratic Union (PYD) and its armed people’s protection units (YPG).

Militants in Syria have fired Russian journalists

the Militants fired at the checkpoint in the village of Mukhayam al-Wafidin in Syria anti-aircraft units. There gathered hundreds of people, including Russian and foreign journalists. It is reported “Interfax” with reference to information of the center for conciliation of the warring parties (TSPVS) in Syria.

the Victims managed to escape. Evaluation of the Syrian military, shots were fired from a rapid-fire anti-aircraft guns of large caliber.

on 27 February the Ministry of defence of Russia has declared Eastern ghouta a truce, a so — called “humanitarian pause” to give a chance to civilians to leave areas of the attacks.

on 24 February the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the establishment of a 30-day cease-fire in Syria and further relief operations in the country.

Militants in Syria have destroyed from “Faggot” a detachment of military and caught it on video

the Militants “free Syrian army” (FSA) fired on the positions of Syrian government forces from the Soviet anti-tank missile system (ATGM) “faggot”. Posted by Telegramchannel 4 Directorate, which deals with the review of the activities of the terrorists.

According to the information channel, struck members of the “First coastal division” of the SSA. The incident occurred in the Northern province of Latakia. The militants said that all soldiers were killed.

the”free Syrian army” — one of the largest associations of armed groups in Syria, who are fighting with the government.

The Indian military will learn Chinese killing Chinese

Indian border guards are sent on a one-year course of Chinese language study. Their goal is also called the preparation of India for a possible military confrontation with China, reports The Global Times.

All the courses will be sent 25 employees of the Indo-Tibetan border police. It is reported that this should help the Indians to establish communication with the Chinese border.

the Newspaper reports that some Chinese experts believe in the importance of studying Chinese Indian military. Other, at the same time, believe that for India it will be another effective weapon in the event of a military clash with China.

“Understanding Chinese language and culture can help India take control of the border area, so language learning is also a strategic training”, — said the military expert song Zhongping.

According to the Global Times, in the 2016-2017 academic year, four Indian soldiers graduated from a language course in Chinese language. Now they are serving in the border areas.

Concern over the Indian initiative in China causes a conflict of the authorities of the two States over the disputed territory of the plateau Declam that occurred in August of last year. Then the decision of Beijing to pave the road through the disputed territory of the plateau has led to the fact that India and China led the armed forces on the border in a state of full combat readiness. However, military clashes occurred in the end of the month, the parties agreed to the breeding effort.

The war between Muslims and Buddhists has scared the authorities of Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka Buddhist extremists continue to attack mosques and Muslim-owned establishments, despite the authorities introduced a state of emergency. It is reported Reuters on Wednesday, March 7.

“Police have arrested seven people. As a result of the incident injured three law enforcement officers,” — said the representative of police of Rowan Gunasekara (Ruwan Gunasekara). He added that information about civilian victims yet.

on March 6, President Maithripala Sirisena imposed a state of emergency in the country for a period of ten days. This decision is connected with the unrest that started in Kandy on Sunday. Then, in response to the murder of a Buddhist, committed, presumably, Muslim, unknown persons set fire to a shop owned by another follower of Islam.

it is Reported that the conflict between the two concessions had increased in the past year. Buddhist fundamentalists accuse the Muslims forced people to convert to Islam and the destruction of their religious monuments. Some nationalists also opposed the appointment of Sri Lanka’s refugees of Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar.

a state of Emergency was introduced in the country for the first time since 2011, after in 2009 ended the civil war with Muslims-Tamils. “The liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam” led an armed struggle for an independent state since 1983. Data on the number of victims of the conflict differ. According to some reports, during the war killed a hundred thousand people, and the entire population of Sri Lanka has about twenty million.