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The war between Muslims and Buddhists has scared the authorities of Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka Buddhist extremists continue to attack mosques and Muslim-owned establishments, despite the authorities introduced a state of emergency. It is reported Reuters on Wednesday, March 7.

“Police have arrested seven people. As a result of the incident injured three law enforcement officers,” — said the representative of police of Rowan Gunasekara (Ruwan Gunasekara). He added that information about civilian victims yet.

on March 6, President Maithripala Sirisena imposed a state of emergency in the country for a period of ten days. This decision is connected with the unrest that started in Kandy on Sunday. Then, in response to the murder of a Buddhist, committed, presumably, Muslim, unknown persons set fire to a shop owned by another follower of Islam.

it is Reported that the conflict between the two concessions had increased in the past year. Buddhist fundamentalists accuse the Muslims forced people to convert to Islam and the destruction of their religious monuments. Some nationalists also opposed the appointment of Sri Lanka’s refugees of Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar.

a state of Emergency was introduced in the country for the first time since 2011, after in 2009 ended the civil war with Muslims-Tamils. “The liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam” led an armed struggle for an independent state since 1983. Data on the number of victims of the conflict differ. According to some reports, during the war killed a hundred thousand people, and the entire population of Sri Lanka has about twenty million.

Reveals the plans of ISIS on a major offensive in Syria

the Terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) is amassing forces for a large-scale offensive on the positions of Syrian forces in the East of the country, near the border with Iraq. On Wednesday, March 7, writes Al-Masdar News.

According to sources, most likely, terrorists will try to regain control of key areas along the rivers of the Euphrates and the khabur. There are several fairly large cities, as well as a number of oil fields.

if this information is true, the target of thousands of Syrian militants should be the formation of a US-backed and based in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and al-Hasaka. The publication notes that their position is fairly weak, when compared with the Syrian government and Iraqi forces.

in addition, it is reported that the IG was given time to regroup because a part of him opposing armed groups left position, heading to the district of Afrin, where Turkey carries out the operation “Olive branch” against the Kurds. Also decreased the number of American airstrikes against terrorists in the provinces. Al-Masdar News adds that the group still has thousands of fighters in the desert areas on the East Bank of the Euphrates.

Syrian rebels shot down a Russian drone

Syrian rebels said that the downed Russian drone in the Northern province of Hama. This was announced Telegramchannel 4 Directorate responsible for monitoring activities of terrorists. He also posted a photo of the device.

According to the information channel to capture the UAV managed members of the terrorist group “Jaish al-Issa” (“Army of Glory”). This happened in the village of Kafr Zeyta.

As noted, the downed vehicle — part of a set of remote monitoring “Eleron-3SV”. It is designed for round-the-clock aerial reconnaissance, can also conduct aerial photography of the area.

In December 2017 militants “Jaish al-IZZI” boasted equipment seized from Syrian government troops during the fighting for the locality Zilin in the Northern province. It was reported that their booty was the T-62M and the car UAZ-469, delivered the Syrian army from Russia, as well as MT-LB.

In September, the “Jaish al-Issa” published a video of the unsuccessful attack on the aircraft of the Russian HQs in the Northern province of Hama.

US thinking about the new strike on Syria

the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is considering the beginning of a new military action against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, reports The Washington Post.

a Discussion of this possibility is due to the fact that, according to the Washington, Damascus continues to use chemical weapons against civilians. According to the newspaper, the chlorine and other chemicals have been used at least seven times this year.

trump discussed the possible actions of the American side with the President’s chief of staff John Kelly, a national security Advisor to Herbert McMaster and defence Minister James Mattis. The newspaper’s sources in the government said that the President had not yet approved any military action, and the government agreed to continue to monitor the situation.

In turn, the representative of the Pentagon Dana white has denied reports that Mattis participated in the discussion. Sources also said that the Minister opposes military intervention in Syria, while McMaster supports this.

February 25, the Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties warned about the impending illegal armed groups provocations with the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Eastern ghouta. On the same day received information about its application in the region, an attack attributed to the Syrian authorities, but the information has not been confirmed.

In October 2017, the US State Department for the first time acknowledged the use of chemical weapons in Syria, various terrorist groups.

In April 2017, the US already struck strike on the military airfield in Syria. Two warships in the Mediterranean sea fired at least 50 rockets “the Tomahawk”.

The Taliban decided to renounce war and to work

a Detachment of 70 soldiers of the Afghan movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) has declared its readiness to join the peace process on condition of obtaining work in the pipeline that will run from Turkmenistan to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan (TAPI). The Taliban have already held talks on this issue with the authorities in Herat province, reports TOLO News.

“an Armed group fighting with government forces, expressed its willingness to make peace with the authorities if they will allow to ensure the security of the TAPI pipeline”, — said Chairman of the provincial Council Kamran Alizai (Kamran Alizai). The authorities expressed their willingness to accept the conditions of the militants and provide them with jobs if they join the peace process. However, what kind of work will offer to perform the militants is not specified.

the Publication reports that the previous squad of 10 fighters will lay down their arms in exchange for work on the TAPI project.

edition of the Diplomat cited the words of experts about the likely concerns of the Afghan authorities that the Taliban will not sit idly by, while, as a government security service will be in controlled areas, which will host the laying of the pipeline.

TAPI — the gas pipeline length of about two thousand kilometers. In February 2017 edition of the Diplomat also wrote that despite reports about the beginning of construction of the Afghan segment of the pipeline, evidence that it already is, no.

the Taliban appeared in 1994 in the midst of the Afghan war. In 1996-2001 the Taliban were in power in the country, and after the overthrow in 2001, began to conduct a guerrilla war against government troops and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.