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Destroyed Israel’s “Armor” was unarmed

In Syria, published a photograph of anti-aircraft missile and gun complex (zrpk) “Pantsir-S1”, destroyed by the Israeli military. The Telegram in my channel published war correspondent Alexander Kots.

“it says that all the missiles fired (seen on burnt tubes), radar — not in firing position, the place of impact of the missile, hydraulic strut raised,” he writes.

Kots noted that the condition of “Shell”, in which he was travelling before impact, may indicate that the complex was preparing to go to recharge. “I don’t know why silent 30-millimeter cannon. Maybe for the same reason. If all this is true, then Israel destroyed just unarmed the car”, — the journalist summed up.

Judging by the comments on the photos, and antiaircraft was destroyed by a reconnaissance-strike UAV IAI Harop that when a target turns into a homing flying bomb. It was also assumed that the Israeli military could attack the “Shell” Delilah cruise missile or rocket Spike NLOS.

The place of crash of Ka-52 in Syria caught on video

the “Islamic state” (ISIS, banned in Russia as a terrorist group) Amaq news Agency released a video of the burnt remains of a Russian helicopter. It is reported by Telegram-channel 4 Directorate responsible for monitoring activities of terrorists.

the footage can be seen the charred wreckage, which is almost impossible to determine the model of the combat vehicle in the video is not shown any surviving parts of the helicopter.

According to experts of the channel, from the title of the video it is clear that we are talking about the Ka-52, a wrecked may 6, in Eastern Syria. It also indicates that the accident occurred near the town of Mayadin in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

Directorate 4 emphasizes that the question of the defeat of the helicopter from the ground is not.

may 7 Ministry of defence announced about the crash of a military helicopter, adding that both pilots were killed, their bodies were found and taken to base. According to Russian military agencies, the cause of the crash could be a technical failure.

may 8 Kommersant wrote that, according to unofficial information, the fighting vehicle was destroyed from the ground by the calculation MANPADS. Experts Directorate 4 questioned in this assumption, explaining that the propaganda resources of the IG did not report about such attacks, even though the jihadists quick enough to report the facts of the use of MANPADS against enemy aircraft, especially if the goal was successfully struck.

There was video of consequences of attack on Syria

In the Internet appeared the frames of the consequences of the Israeli air force strike on Syria. Video published in the Telegram channel 4 Directorate charged with monitoring the situation in the middle East.

Previously, reported that the Syrian district Kisva suffered rocket attacks. Local media say the strike was the Israeli air force. In a press-service of Army of defence refused to comment on these messages.

Earlier, Israel announced the decision to bring the troops in high alert to attack from Syria, deploy air defense and to open bomb shelters on the Golan heights.

Israel struck at Syria

the Israeli air force fired missiles at areas South of Damascus. It is reported RIA Novosti referring to Syrian TV.

According to media reports, the attack had been district Kisva. “Interfax” reports that the blow was inflicted on military targets near the Syrian capital. The press service of the Israel defense forces refused to comment on reports about the strike.

Reuters citing a source reported that Syrian air defenses managed to repel a missile attack.

The Egyptian military decided to burn the Soviet flamethrowers bushes with the militants

the Egyptian military used flamethrowers to combat the militants the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) on the Sinai Peninsula. The video was published on Tuesday, may 8, Telegramchannel 4 Directorate charged with monitoring the situation in the middle East.

According to him, the footage of the Soviet military used a flamethrower backpack. They burn the bushes where they can hide terrorists.