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In Texas, the school found the explosives

the school in the American city of Santa Fe, Texas, where a shooting killed 10 people, found a homemade bomb. This is stated in the Twitter school district of the city.

an Explosive device was also discovered outside the school, their exact number is not specified. Area residents are urged to be vigilant and report all suspicious items.

Earlier, on may 18 the student made an armed attack in one of the secondary schools in the city. It was the 17-year-old Dimitrios, Pagaltzis (Pagourtzis Dimitrios), reported The Huffington Post. After he was taken into custody.

according to CNN, nine of the dead were students, one teacher. Of the twelve known victims, all of them taken to hospital.

U.S. President Donald trump turned to the victims ‘ families in your Twitter. “This tragedy we are with you and we will be with you always,” he said. The us leader added that he and his administration are doing everything possible to protect students and to prevent similar incidents.

In an American high school student killed eight people

In high school in Santa Fe the U.S. state of Texas student opened fire. Killed at least eight people and several more were injured. This TV channel ABC13 reported to the police.

the Suspect was taken into custody, his identity is not disclosed. Additional information from the police was received.

About 8 a.m. local time in the school building triggered the fire alarm, and students have had to leave classes, said one of the students. According to her, in a building shots were audible. Another witness said he saw the assailant opened fire on one of the Schoolgirls in the study of drawing.

the videos taken from the air, it is clear that the disciples are on the street, and the police searched their backpacks, reports Fox News. According to TV channel, at least three police helicopters landed on school grounds.

Fans whistle after women punished

France has adopted a law according to which those who display unwanted attentions of the opposite sex, shall be punished by a fine of up to 750 euros (about 55 thousand). About it reports France 24.

According to the President of Emmanuel Macron, the law aims to “women feel safe.” A fine of 90 to 750 Euro will punish members of either sex who will allow himself to whistle along, make comments with sexual overtones or sexual predators.

Critics of the new law felt that it would end the so-called French romance. “This measure is a witch hunt, but instead of witch — men,” said right-wing politician Emmanuel ménard. However, the Minister for gender equality of the country Chiappa Marlene noted that the law was not intended to deprive citizens of the ability to flirt and “kill the image of the French lover”, and to give women an opportunity to accept or reject the advances.

The vendor arms the CIA was accused of intent to sell to someone Napalm

the American arms company Thor Global Defense supplying weapons including Central intelligence administration, want to buy a Napalm — thickened fuel is a substance used as a flamethrower and incendiary mixtures. About it reports BuzzFeed.

the Newspaper published letter dated by December 2017. It States that the company is ready to become the buyer of Napalm. From potential sellers, she asked for details about the maximum monthly production of the substance. It was noted that to purchase it is scheduled once in two months.

sales Consultant company Gretchen Davis (Gretchen Davis), whose name is signed on the letter, confirmed its intent to acquire Thor Napalm. At the same time, she declined to specify who in the future will be supplied the substance, citing a confidentiality agreement. She also has not explained whether the client is in the US or another country, but stressed that the substance does not intend to use for military purposes.

As BuzzFeed notes, may 2 in the Thor office in Arkansas was searched by agents of the Ministry of internal security and the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. “Yes, indeed, under investigation”, — said the representative of the first agencies Brian Cox (Bryan Cox), refusing to reveal any details.

Davis gave a negative answer to the question whether the RAID in the office with the purchase of Napalm, but did not specify goals of agents. In a statement, the company stated that it has never violated the laws of the United States. The CIA to comment on the situation refused. BuzzFeed also reports that there is no evidence that the attempted purchase of Napalm was illegal.

Ignored the brothel in their apartments woman suffered the punishment

a Resident of Singapore beh Dian Dian (Beh Dien Dien) received 14 weeks in prison and a fine of eight thousand dollars for something that “didn’t notice” a brothel in the flats, which were rented out. About it reports Channel News Asia.

according to the newspaper, eight times received notice from the police that the room was arrested providing paid sex services of women, but chose to ignore the message. She was accused of the deliberate surrender property to rent for prostitution and in the use of the money received from rendering sex-services to its tenants.

According to information provided to the court, it is handed over 27 rooms in a residential complex. Clients she found through ads and recommendations. In addition, regular residents, she took charge of $ 500, and prostitutes from two to three thousand dollars.

Testimony against beh gave two prostitutes of Chinese origin. Both confirmed that she knew what was happening in the apartments. One of them told me that once in her room had broken air conditioning. The hostess said she’d come by to check, but she waited for the client, as reported by the woman. She promised to come back, afraid to meet with a visitor.

Very beh pleaded not guilty and said he will appeal.