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Became aware of the attempts arrested in Turkey for Chechen women to escape from ISIS

the Daughter of a Chechen official who was arrested in Turkey on suspicion of links with terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), has repeatedly tried to escape from Syria. This representative Council on human rights the head of Chechnya Kheda Saratova said RIA Novosti.

the Seda Dudurkaev, according to her, was recruited into ISIS tricked and lured in the controlled group territory. “The girl’s mother has repeatedly appealed to us with a request to help her daughter to return home,” — said Saratov. Did the defenders attempt to win a girl back, silent.

the Seda with two small children after her husband was forcibly held by his brother, the report said. “The girl has repeatedly tried escape, but it was returned back,” — said Saratov.

She noted that the list created by the authorities of the region working group has nearly two thousand Russian women and children who are in the territories of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

In Mexico, legalize marijuana for the sake of the fight against drug trafficking

Elected President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will consider the possibility of legalizing drugs in order to fight violence in the country. This was stated by Olga Sanchez Cordero, who will take the post of interior Minister in a future government, reports the electronic version of the newspaper Milenio.

“When we had a meeting about the restructuring interior Ministry, he [the elected President] knew about all my press conferences and, above all, about my published articles about the decriminalization of drugs. He told me literally: “carte Blanche, everything that may be necessary, all that may be necessary to achieve peace in the country, we will start the debate”,” — said in an interview with Cordero.

Sanchez Cordero added that lópez Obrador acknowledged that Mexico is immersed in violence, to which the government is currently powerless.

In 2017, in Mexico there were more than 29 thousand murders, most of which is responsible for the drug mafia. Lopez Obrador was elected President of Mexico on July 1 and will take office December 1, 2018.

Stolen in Mexico with radioactive iridium anonymously handed back

In the Mexican capital Mexico city discovered a dangerous radioactive substance is stolen a week ago. This reports the Business Standard.

a Container of iridium-192 was one of the cars parked in the city. As noted, he was found after an anonymous call: unknown called the company that stole the stuff, and reported on his whereabouts. As it turned out, the container was not opened, therefore not a danger to others presented. After this, the authorities canceled the alert, which operated from the time of the theft on July 8 in the city and neighboring States.

Iridium-192 belongs to the company responsible for the radiography. According to the Daily Express, the canister was stolen from the car of an employee. It is noted that the substance is dangerous for people in case of direct contact, especially within a few hours.

In Mexico in 2013, there were 12 cases of theft of radioactive materials. As noted by TASS no major incidents then occurred: most criminals just thought that the materials could be sold profitably.

Obama caught on unwillingness to combat Afghan heroin

the Administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2013 rejected a plan to prosecute American judiciary commanders Taliban (banned in Russia) and their allies-drug dealers. This writes the Politico.

a Plan called “Operation response” (Operation Reciprocity) provided for the suppression of the supply of the drug worldwide and resistance to the Taliban, provides income from the drug trade contributed to the growth of the insurgency in Afghanistan and killing American soldiers. However, Obama administration, citing “political considerations”, the document is rejected.

“It was the most effective of all developed strategies for curbing the supply of drugs from Afghanistan and their separation from the Taliban,” says one of the developers of the operation Michael Marsac (Marsac Michael).

the Authors of the plan — the Department for combating drugs and Ministry of justice criticized the decision of the former administration and we hope that the current occupant of the White house Donald trump adopt previously developed tactics to combat the supply of heroin from Central Asian countries.

the Taliban and related drug barons are responsible for supplying 90 percent of heroin in the world, the newspaper writes.

In Japan executed organized the terrorist attack in the subway of the leader of a religious sect

the Former head of the Japanese religious sect “AUM Shinrikyo” Shoko Asahara, who organized the terrorist attack with sarin in the Tokyo subway in 1995, was executed. About it reports local TV channel NHK.

the Death sentence was executed on Sunday, 1 July.

the Leader of the extremist organization were arrested soon after the attack in may 1995. To death by hanging, he was sentenced in 2004. Before the execution of Asahara was serving a sentence in prison.

the Attack in the Tokyo subway was made on 20 March 1995. Then the members of the “AUM Shinrikyo” sprayed on the subway, the toxic gas sarin. Killing 13 people, and about 5 thousand passengers affected. In General, for different attacks was sentenced almost 200 members of the sect.