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Engaged in sex with a student, the teacher complained problem

In the U.S. state of Ohio teacher sentenced to prison for sex with students. Reported by the New York Post.

Tiffany Eichler (Tiffany Eichler), a former physical education teacher, will spend in prison for 30 days. In addition, the court ordered her 300 hours of community service and a thousand dollar fine. It is also required to register in the national public register of persons who committed a sex crime.

According to the investigation, Eichler had a relationship with three teenagers: two were 18, one 17. Their names are not disclosed. One of the episodes happened right in the classroom after school.

the woman’s Lawyer, seeking leniency, argued that the condemned was subjected to harassment after charges and was forced to leave the place of work.

A Pakistani girl was killed for refusing to marry him

In Pakistan, a man shot and killed a girl for refusing to marry him. The crime was caught on surveillance cameras, reports The News.

According to police, a man named Abrar worked as a security guard at a bus company. He proposed worked at this firm to a colleague — 18-year-old by the name Mehwish, but she rejected him. Because of this, the man followed her after work and then shot in the head. She died on the spot. Judging by the shots from the camera before the shot Abrar grabbed her hand and managed to say something.

according to the newspaper, the guard tried to flee the scene, but other employees detained him and handed over to the police. It is reported that she was the only breadwinner in the family after the death of her father.

In late may in the UK for three and a half years in prison sentenced a woman who tricked daughter to go to Pakistan. There the girl was forcibly married off to a man twice your age. When she said she didn’t want to marry, the woman beat her and threatened to burn the passport.

Unknown opened fire on football fans in Sweden

the shooting occurred in the Swedish city of Malmo. Injuring five people, was hospitalized with injuries. Their condition was not known, reports the press service of the local police.

the scene was cordoned off. law Enforcement find out the circumstances of the incident. Interview witnesses.

Information about the arrest of the attacker has not yet been reported. The cause of the shooting have also not been able to find out.

according to The Sun, suffered by football fans who watched in the cafe one of the matches taking place in Russia of the world Cup.

The leader of “al-Qaeda” captured

the Armed forces of Libya have captured one of the leaders the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) Abu Safyan Ben Kama. It is reported by Al-Arabiya, citing military sources.

the Extremist was captured during an operation in the city of Derna. It is noted that the group, which he led, out of ammunition, which allowed them to attack.

the 59-year-old Ben Godfather is one of the most authoritative leaders of “al-Qaeda”. He left Libya in 1980-ies, was the personal driver of Osama bin Laden in the Sudan. He was captured, the U.S. military and placed in Guantanamo, and in 2007 extradited back to Libya, where he too was imprisoned.

Visitors to the exhibition were shot in the US

Art All Night in the American city Trenton of the state of new-Jersey, unknown persons opened fire. It is reported by the Trentonian newspaper, citing the police.

the Incident occurred during a 24-hour annual exhibition Sunday, June 17, around 3:00 local time (10:00 Moscow). According to police, one person was killed, the exact number of casualties is not yet established. “Maybe six or seven people received gunshot wounds. Now several people are in the operating room,” said Lieutenant Darren Sapply (Darren Zappley).

One of the visitors of the exhibition said that usually at this point “a lot of noise and a lot of music, but it wasn’t.” “Someone told us that the building is closed. Then we turned around and saw people fighting,” he said.

the causes of the incident and the instigators of the shooting is still unknown, there are several suspects. It turns out, who was responsible for the death of man: the suspects or police. It is also reported that a policeman, who was at that moment in the performance, began to shoot in response.