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Russian spy and his daughter fell into a coma after the poisoning in Britain

a Former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, which was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance in English of Salisbury, are in a coma. About it reports Sky News.

In the same as a police officer first arrived on the scene.

“We see this as a serious incident of attempted murder with the use of substances nervously-paralytic action,” — said the representative of Scotland Yard, mark Rowley. Which kind of tool was used by the attackers, is not specified.

Police are reviewing CCTV footage and interviewing residents of Salisbury who could become witnesses of the incident.

Skripal and Julia hit to the hospital on March 5 after contact with an unknown substance. This happened day at the Mall. The building of the shopping center and several facilities in the city was cordoned off for inspection, specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Disclosed details of the poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK

it Became known, than he was poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. It is reported by The Guardian, citing sources in the investigative agencies.

Investigators believe Skripal poisoned nervously-paralytic substance. The source did not elaborate exactly how, but the publication explains that of these substances are known VX (VX) and sarin.

In the British city of Salisbury, a former GRU officer Skripal and his daughter Julia on March 5, hit to the hospital after contact with an unknown substance. The incident occurred in the afternoon at the Mall. The building of the shopping center and several facilities in the city was cordoned off for inspection, specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Two migrants with machete and sword scalped visitor of the restaurant in Paris

Two gunmen stormed into one of Paris restaurants and scalped men. This is with reference to the radio station RTL pass RIA Novosti.

reportedly, the attack occurred in the tenth quarter of the French capital on the evening of 5 March. The attackers were armed with sword and machete. They took the victim’s scalp, cut off his hand and cut off the other hand. In a grave condition the victim was taken to the hospital.

the Maimed man was 35-year-old native of Sri Lanka. Who attacked him were his countrymen. As reported by RTL sources in law enforcement bodies, the cause of the attack could be personal accounts.

In February it was reported that pimps migrants in Europe invented new ways of forcing their compatriots into prostitution. Victims are usually women from Nigeria.

Robbers in minutes carried out of the plane five million dollars and disappeared

In Brazil, the gang of robbers in a few minutes brought out of the aircraft Lufthansa five million dollars in cash and fled the scene. It is reported by Yahoo News Tuesday, March 6.

the police reported that five of the alleged offenders arrived at the cargo terminal of Viracopos airport for pick-up. In order not to arouse suspicion, the car put emblems, similar to the markings of the security service of the airport. It is also known that the bandits threatened the guards with weapons.

As passed by the local media, the robbery took less than six minutes to arrest the attackers in hot pursuit failed. About the victims or wounded are not reported.

For the safety of the stolen goods said the company “Brinks” engaged in the transport of valuables. Her representatives have not yet given comments about the incident.

Male escorts were sent to the Vatican’s thousand-page dossier of priests-gays

In Italy working as an escort man made and addressed to the Vatican a dossier 1.2 thousand pages, which contains evidence of homosexuality 36 Italian priests and six seminarians. Reported by the Daily Mail.

the Document, which, among other things, includes the correspondence in WhatsApp messenger, was compiled by a man named Francesco Mangiacapra (Francesco Mangiacapra). He stated that he revealed the dirt on the priests, because they could not longer tolerate the hypocrisy on their part.

To the Vatican a dossier sent from the diocese of the Archbishop of Naples. According to the publication, on the website of the diocese says that none of the defendants in the document was not in the service of the city. At the same time, it is reported that the local Archbishop has decided to publish the document below “those paid for his mistakes.”