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The soldiers hunted the guerrillas and shot down police

Philippine soldiers accidentally killed in the jungle six policemen and wounded another. This writes the South China Morning Post.

the Incident occurred on Monday, June 25, during an operation against a guerrilla war leading members of the “New people’s army” (NPA) — the armed wing of the Maoist Communist party of the Philippines. A platoon of soldiers was surrounding one of the villages on Samar island. At some point the soldiers took the officers by the rebels and opened fire.

“When you are in an area with thick vegetation, difficult to distinguish with whom you collided,” explained major General Raul Farnacio. He added that the guards shot back in response, among the soldiers there were no casualties. According to him, it was an accident, and it now appears as two groups were in close proximity.

In July 2017 disguised as soldiers of the government army rebels-the Maoists nna attacked security guards of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in the province of Cotabato. The head of state himself was not there.

Earthquake in Japan claimed the lives of three people

the Japanese Authorities have confirmed the death of three people in the earthquake. On Monday, June 18, according to NHK television station.

According to them, killed 9-year-old girl crushed by a wall in the school pool in the city of Takatsuki, and two men in Osaka and in the heart of Higashiyodogawa.

According to NHK, more than 50 people were injured. Data on major destruction have been reported yet, the tsunami threat was not announced. However, the earthquake disrupted air and rail transport: movement speed and conventional trains in the South-West of Japan is almost completely stopped.

the Quake was recorded in Osaka Prefecture in the West of the country. Its magnitude, according to the weather service, has reached 6.1 on the Richter scale.

June 25, 2017 in Japan happened an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7. Messages on victims and destructions from the earthquake were reported. The year before, on 15 and 16 April 2016 a series of earthquakes occurred in southwest Japan, the maximum magnitude was 7.3. Then killed more than 40 people, almost two thousand were injured.

In Belgium, twenty cyclists crashed into a car

During the race in Belgium involving twenty participants in the championship with the car. About it reports radio company RTBF.

the accident suffered by twenty cyclists, some of whom are citizens of Belgium, Germany and Holland. The clash occurred three kilometers from the finish of the race, during the second of three competitions in a day program of the event.

the culprit of the accident was the woman who drove the car. It is reported that she made a u-turn in front of approaching riders. The leader of the race drove at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour in the unfolding car, followed him athletes also failed to avoid a collision.

Three cyclists got open fractures, the four members went to the hospital with a concussion. Other cyclists received minor injuries. On a scene there arrived nine ambulances and took victims to hospitals of the region.

The wife of a Prince of Cambodia died in the accident

the Wife of the Prince of Cambodia OUK Phalla died in the accident, c car taxi in the South of the country. On it informs Agency Xinhua, citing local police.

the Accident occurred at 9:00 local time (5:00 GMT) in the province of Kompong som. According to the Agency, in the car of the Prince and his wife crashed into a taxi, which was moving in the opposite lane. Oak Pallu was taken to the hospital, where she died after 3.5 hours. The accident also injured five passengers of a taxi.

Prince Norodom Ranariddh, the received minor injuries.