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Thai women were asked to look unsexy

Thai Authorities have told women how to avoid sexual assault and violence during the celebration of the Thai new year — Songkran. Reported by Bangkok Post on Thursday, March 21.

According to officials, the girls should not wear revealing outfits, they need to try to look too sexy in order not to provoke men.

in Addition, local authorities will create the so-called dry zones where you cannot drink alcoholic beverages. In the administration believe that such action is necessary to protect tourists and other celebrants.

In turn, head of the progressive movement of the men and women of Thailand Covili jade (Jade Chaowilai) sent to the authorities of the requirement to better ensure women’s safety during the holidays. Her appeal was supported by 30 women survivors of sexual violence or harassment during the Christmas festivities.

At the end of last year, Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Vakhsh called rape is a “national duty” of the Egyptians. He was troubled by the appearance of modern young girls. In his opinion, “to harass these girls Patriotic duty to rape them — the national debt”.

Police said about running in the house of a friend of Berezovsky’s killer

Russian businessman, friend and business partner of tycoon Boris Berezovsky, Nikolai Glushkov was able to put in his house the killer. To such conclusion came the detectives, according to the newspaper The Independent.

According to the publication, the perpetrators of this crime are still at large.

March 20 appeared the information that the businessman could have died in a sex game which “went terribly wrong”. According to a friend Glushkov, on the day of death to him was a young lover named Denise. The Russians, who little more than 20 years, often stayed overnight in the house of an older friend.

it is Noted that Denis together with the daughter of a businessman Natalia, which that night was also in the house, found the body Glushkov.

a family Friend told me that Nicholas was originally maintained a heterosexual, he had a wife who bore him children. Subsequently, however, he admitted that he loves men.

On the death of 68-year-old entrepreneur began known on March 13. He was found in his house. Glushkov lived in the UK, where he was in 2010 granted political asylum.

In the US a black man took the phone about grandma’s house was full of bullets

In Sacramento, California, police shot and killed an unarmed black man, mistaking the cell phone in his hand with the gun. It is reported

the Wearable camera police captured one of them asks the man to show that he had in his hands and then yells: “he’s Got a gun!” Then shots rang out. The publication notes that on the record not to see who was shooting the police, and whether the suspect is armed.

the Victim was 22-year-old Stephon Clark (Stephon Clark). He was in the backyard of his grandmother and was holding the phone. Firearms he had with him was not. According to the publication, Clarke was shot 20 times.

the police arrived at one of the residential areas of Sacramento after someone reported a man smashing car Windows. At the scene also flew the helicopter that was in him, the police saw a man fitting the description of a suspect broke the glass door of one of the houses, and then jumped over the fence and tried to escape.

“Based on data from the videos, I can’t make a conclusion just a moment about the decisions police officers, said mayor Darrell Steinberg (Darrell Steinberg) — First they should finish the investigation.” He added that in order to come to any conclusions, you need to get more information.

the authorities have not confirmed the victim’s identity. His relatives told the newspaper that Clark had a fiancee and two children, one of whom was three years old, the other year. He also frequently visited his elderly grandmother.

Sarkozy called his life a living hell

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the members of the French prosecution that the charges against him clouded his life. On it informs BBC News.

“This slander has turned my life into a real hell,” he explained, adding that he is accused, without presenting any evidence of guilt.

March 20 Sarkozy arrested at the police station in Nanterre. There the former policy called for questioning on charges of illegal funding by Libya of his election campaign in 2007.

for the First time since the start of the trial in 2013, he personally testified. Sarkozy himself all the allegations against him are denied.

it is Noted that the day after the detention policy was released, but was removed from his suspicions or not, is not specified.

France had previously flared up several scandals linked to Sarkozy. In August 2017 reported that the prosecution suspected him of receiving a bribe from the Qatari authorities for assistance in the promotion of the application of the Emirate on the world championship on football.

in the Fall of 2016 Libyan businessman Ziad Cachedin said that in 2006-2007, was personally involved in the transfer of several suitcases with five million euros in cash to Sarkozy, who was interior Minister of France, and his closest collaborator Claude Geana. Funds were allocated to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on the needs of the presidential election campaign Sarkozy. After that Gean was sentenced to two years imprisonment, of which one must spend in prison.

Trump wanted a meeting with Putin and was surprised by his administration

the Administration of US President Donald trump was surprised when during a telephone conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he said he expected an emergency meeting with him. About this newspaper The Washington Post, citing sources.

According to the publication, to White house staff it was an unexpected statement, as to call to Moscow about a possible meeting between the two leaders and of the question.

the interlocutors of the newspaper said that the graphics of the presidents in the near future do not intersect up to the summit of “Big twenty”, which will be held in November in Argentina.

March 20, trump called Putin. During the meeting, the two leaders called for the development of cooperation, including in combating international terrorism. Trump and Putin also discussed the Syrian crisis and domestic crisis, and agreed to develop further bilateral contacts, including taking into account changes in the management of the U.S. Department of state. Special attention Putin and trump was paid to the study of the question of holding a possible meeting at the highest level.

In this case, call the American leader has aroused great interest, both in the US and beyond. Thus, the administration trump put a note on the Desk with a large inscription “to congratulate”, but he didn’t, and still congratulated Putin’s victory in the elections.

This has outraged many American politicians. So, Republican Senator John McCain said that “the American President doesn’t lead the free world, congratulating dictators who won fake elections”.