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Crashed Nepal plane landed on the wrong side

the Plane that crashed at the international airport of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was landing on the wrong side. About this informed the head of the air Harbor, the Rajkumar Chhetri (Rajkumar Chhetri), reports The Kathmandu Post.

According to him, the controllers allowed the aircraft to land from the South, however, the plane headed for a landing from the North. The pilot stated that the crew is all right. Then instead of having to land on the North side, the plane made two circles and turned around for landing from the North-East.

In the new issue managers, the commander reiterated that he’s all right and that he is ready for boarding. The observation that the position of the aircraft is not suitable in order to do this, there was no answer, said Chhetri.

In the end the aircraft during landing flying right over the control tower. “He touched the ground next to a parked aircraft struck a fence on the East side of the airport and fell down to where it was a little lower,” — said the man and added that the aircraft miraculously caught standing on the tarmac the plane.

After the incident, the plane was on the football field and burst into flames. The fire was quickly extinguished.

On Board were 71 people — 67 passengers and four crew members. From the wreckage managed to get 22 survivors, they are in the hospital. Another 49 people were killed.

Dismissed the Serb fired colleagues and accidentally blew up the apartment

In the Serbian capital Belgrade, a dismissed employee of one of the firms fired former colleagues. About it reports on Monday, March 12, the newspaper “Evening news”.

According to her, the man came to his former place of work on Roosevelt street in the city centre around 11 am. In the office he opened fire and wounded two former colleagues. One of them died. Another employee got scared and jumped out of the window of the office, having fractures.

After that, the attacker went back home. There he found firefighters who arrived on a call. As it turned out, the house the man fired and the bullet hit the gas tank. The explosion occurred, the apartment caught fire.

Firefighters pulled the man received serious injuries from a burning building. Currently he is in hospital for his life fighting doctors. According to the newspaper, after the shooting in the office, the man wanted to commit suicide. Circumstances of incident are investigated.

Merkel told about the fish from Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel really brought the President of Russia Vladimir Putin German beer. She told about it at a briefing with the leaders of the German parties, which will be included in the future government of the country, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the politician, Putin sometimes pass each other the delicacies. “It is known that the Russian President is happy to drink German beer, sometimes have the opportunity to exchange. I once got a very nice smoked fish,” — said Merkel.

the beer from the Chancellor of the Russian leader told in the film, journalist Andrei Kondrashov “Putin”, which is posted on YouTube March 11. According to him, Merkel during a visit to Russia sometimes brings his favorite brand — “a few bottles Radeberger”.

In Britain found another “poisoned Russian” man

In the UK, found another supposedly “poisoned Russian” man. This former in-law of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky, a 46-year-old businessman Georgy Shuppe, reports The Sun.

the Tabloid has linked the incident with the man at the end of 2017 with poisoning the former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal. In December Shuppe lost consciousness in a private well-guarded house. Investigators at first thought that the former son-in-law Berezovsky tried to kill, but the case was soon closed. The authorities considered that Shuppe was in the hospital for normal health problems. After the termination of the investigation details were not disclosed.

However, his neighbors say that the incident did not disclose at the request of the authorities, and relatives of the victim confirmed that several months ago the man was poisoned. His guard pointed out that “after what happened in Salisbury [with Skripal] in early March, many Russians are very scared.”

the publication connects the “poisoning” Shuppe that the Russian side demanded his extradition for three months before entering the hospital. The man intended to be tried for complicity in the organization murder the founder of a chain of shops “Party” Alexander Mineeva. Lawyers challenged the request for the transfer of the businessman to the Russian authorities, stating that the case is politically motivated.

on the Evening of 4 March, the former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia discovered unconscious on a bench in the Park in Salisbury. They were poisoned by an unknown nerve substance and fell into a coma while in the hospital.

the Former commander of British chemical and biological counter-terrorism forces Hamish de Bretton-Gordonbelieves that they were victims of the strong chemical substances developed during the Soviet era. Officially, the reason and the method of poisoning was not reported, the authorities are exploring several options. It was reported that traces of the substance found the restaurant, from the house of spy was taken to check all parcels, and the graves of his wife, bouquet colors.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson told about possible sanctions against Russia if the authorities of the country involved in the poisoning Skripal.

The death of a journalist in Slovakia led to mass resignations in the government

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of internal Affairs of Slovakia Robert Kalinak announced his resignation due to pressure from society and the opposition after the murder of journalist Ian Kuziaka. On Monday, March 12, according to

the Minister said that it is extremely important that the murder was investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice. “Meanwhile, emotions reached an all-time high. I feel the views of our coalition partners, so I think that should do everything for the country was stable. That’s why I decided to resign,” — said Kalinyak.

According to him, it is a voluntary decision, it has notified the Prime Minister, party leaders and colleagues. Whether a politician to be a member of Parliament, is unknown. Previously, Meanwhile, refused to resign. He holds the position of interior Minister since 2012, and worked on it in 2006-2010.

according to Euronews, last weekend in Bratislava and 50 other cities in Slovakia were the largest in 30 years rallies. The protesters demanded the resignation of Turn, and Prime Minister Robert fico, as well as the announcement of early parliamentary elections.

Before the resignation of several officials and Minister of culture Marek Madaric.