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American journalist after the interview with Putin went to Russia

Leading the American Fox News channel Chris Wallace, who took an interview with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, spent a vacation in Russia. It is reported by The New York Times.

70-year-old journalist said that he had practically no doubt where to go. “I thought, why not?” he said. Wallace noted that, along with his wife visited Moscow and St. Petersburg and have not encountered any problems during the trip. At the same time he was repeatedly recognized on the street and asked, “isn’t he the man who interviewed Putin.”

According to the moderator, he tried for several months to get a meeting, and permission was given when it was announced the summit of the presidents of Russia and the USA. The journalist added that the only condition was to release the full interview.

Wallace spoke with Putin after a meeting with Russian President and his American counterpart Donald trump, which was held in Helsinki on 16 July. The interview lasted 34 minutes.

Giant chicken-trump sailed off the coast of San Francisco

Ten-meter figure depicting U.S. President Donald trump in the form of chicken-the prisoner was sent sailing along the coast of San Francisco. Video was published by channel ABC7.

it is Noted that the chicken will travel along the coast and return to the departure point. According to the company, Trump Chicken, the inflatable figure is a symbol of the protest movement against the presidency trump. The campaign runs under the slogan “Send the President a chicken in jail.”

Arrested in the United States a Russian citizen accused of contacts with officials of the Obama

Russian Maria Butina, arrested in the US on charges of conspiring to conduct activities in a foreign state, met with senior U.S. administration officials of former President Barack Obama. It is reported Reuters.

Butina arrived in the U.S. in April 2015, together with the Deputy Chairman of Central Bank Alexander Torshin, which in 2018 was included in the so-called “the Kremlin list” U.S. Treasury and is under sanctions.

They held two meetings with the Vice President Federal reserve system Stanley Fischer (Stanley Fischer) and Nathan Sitcom (Nathan Sheets), who was then Deputy Minister of Finance. They discussed Russian-American relations. Information about these meetings is contained in the report of the Washington analytical Center of national interests, which acted as the organizer of events and which, as underlined by the Agency, famous for supporting Pro-Russian views.

Fisher has confirmed to Reuters that the meeting with Torshin and translator. According to him, they talked about the state of the Russian economy and the appointment of the Chairman of the Central Bank on a post. An Agency source who attended the event, added that it took place on 7 April 2015, and Butina was on it. Sheets, currently working in the company PGIM, from comments he refused.

moreover, Torshin and Butina during his visit he participated in a closed discussion on the financial situation of Russia and its influence on Russian politics, which also took place in the Center for the national interest. This information was confirmed by the center’s Executive Director Paul J. Saunders (Paul Saunders).

In the United States is prepared to confront Russia in cyberspace

the ad hoc working group on counteraction of Russia established the U.S. cyber command. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to commander General Paul Nakasone.

According to him, the creation of a group fit that the US intelligence community does to 2016-2017. He noted that Russia has great potential in cyberspace who will need to confront. “If that happens, we will surely be able to do it,” the General added.

the Decision to strengthen protection in cyberspace was made on the background of accusations against Russia of meddling in the presidential election of 2016 and attempts to interfere in the upcoming congressional elections in 2018.

on 18 July during a speech in the White house, trump said that he fully trusts the American secret services. He acknowledged Russia’s intervention in the presidential election in 2016 and has promised rigidly to prevent any similar attempts in the future.

Trump has complained about the denigration of meeting with Putin

U.S. President Donald trump has complained that the media wrongly evaluated his meeting with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He stated in his Twitter.

“I had a great meeting with Putin, and false media is used every single bit of my energy to try to denigrate her. This is very bad for our country!”, he wrote.

the First full meeting of the leaders of the two countries took place on 16 July in Helsinki. The next day after the meeting, the two leaders of the New York Daily News put on the cover a caricature, alluding to the fact that for the sake of friendly relations with Putin trump is ready to sacrifice the interests of their own state. Later Time magazine his cover crossed portraits of the presidents.

July 19, trump hoped on good relations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, despite opposition media. He said that “vykonvalny edition so much want to see a serious confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war,” and called the criticism “unreasonable pressure”. He alsosaid that would like to meet with his Russian counterpart again to continue the work and asked his assistant for national security John Bolton invite Putin to Washington.