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Merkel told about the fish from Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel really brought the President of Russia Vladimir Putin German beer. She told about it at a briefing with the leaders of the German parties, which will be included in the future government of the country, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the politician, Putin sometimes pass each other the delicacies. “It is known that the Russian President is happy to drink German beer, sometimes have the opportunity to exchange. I once got a very nice smoked fish,” — said Merkel.

the beer from the Chancellor of the Russian leader told in the film, journalist Andrei Kondrashov “Putin”, which is posted on YouTube March 11. According to him, Merkel during a visit to Russia sometimes brings his favorite brand — “a few bottles Radeberger”.

The death of a journalist in Slovakia led to mass resignations in the government

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of internal Affairs of Slovakia Robert Kalinak announced his resignation due to pressure from society and the opposition after the murder of journalist Ian Kuziaka. On Monday, March 12, according to

the Minister said that it is extremely important that the murder was investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice. “Meanwhile, emotions reached an all-time high. I feel the views of our coalition partners, so I think that should do everything for the country was stable. That’s why I decided to resign,” — said Kalinyak.

According to him, it is a voluntary decision, it has notified the Prime Minister, party leaders and colleagues. Whether a politician to be a member of Parliament, is unknown. Previously, Meanwhile, refused to resign. He holds the position of interior Minister since 2012, and worked on it in 2006-2010.

according to Euronews, last weekend in Bratislava and 50 other cities in Slovakia were the largest in 30 years rallies. The protesters demanded the resignation of Turn, and Prime Minister Robert fico, as well as the announcement of early parliamentary elections.

Before the resignation of several officials and Minister of culture Marek Madaric.

“I bear not yet jumped”

the Current President of Russia has repeatedly criticized the fact that he leads his sluggish campaign. In order to count events in which he participated as a candidate, would be enough fingers of one hand. And so four days turned out three more films-the interview with Putin: “the world Order-2018” Vladimir Solovyov, the conversation with the leading American TV channel NBC Megyn Kelly and, finally, the film is simply titled “Putin,” which prepared the press-Secretary of his campaign staff Andrei Kondrashov. Wanting to save readers more than five hours of time “” chose the most interesting quotes from the movies.

the First work of the President and Russian politics was published by journalist Vladimir Solovyov. He was preparing this film for over a year and called honest direct conversation. In fact, out software presentation position of the Russian leader regarding the entire global agenda. Putin kept the frame nice and easy. He looks to the future with optimism. Your “World” nightingales posted in social media on March 7. Why not on national television? Earlier, at the request of the Central election Commission the First channel to terminate the re-screening of the film by Oliver stone, based on a series of interviews of Putin. VGTRK has decided not to repeat the mistakes of others. Solovyov himself noted that “the world Order” will be released on television, but after the election.

About the use of Russian nuclear weapons:

If someone decided to destroy a nuclear strike Russia, we have a legitimate right to respond. Yes, for mankind it will be global. But I still as a citizen of Russia and the Russian President want to ask the question: why do we need such a world, if there is not Russia?

of accession of the Crimea:

I think that someone deliberately brought us to a point once where we had to do (to join the Crimea — ed. “Of the”). Few expected that we act quickly and boldly. Our opponents have developed the right tactics, to a certain extent its objectives in the tactical plan to achieve. But I think in the long we will still win.

About the conversation with the wife of the President of the United States:

Told the summit in Hamburg Melani trump and wife of the Italian Prime Minister about Russia, Siberia, Kamchatka, fishing, fauna, tigers and bears that are found there. As usual in such cases, I FIB a little, but when you talk about fishing, how can you not FIB.

About the critics of Russia and Putin:

Those who dropped somewhere poison themselves and swallow it in the end, themselves this poison poison.

the Full version interview Putin American journalist the Kelly Magin the Kremlin website published on the morning of 10 March. The interlocutors were already familiar in June 2017 Kelly led the plenary session of the Petersburg economic forum (in some point totally forgetting about the presence on stage of other politicians, except for Putin), and then she got the opportunity to record a great interview with the Russian President tete-a-tete. Even then conspicuous signature style of the presenter: to get a clear answer, could she repeat the same question five times, often interrupted the conversation. And exasperated, the Russian President out of the usual balanced state. Their new meeting was held on 1 March after Putin announced the message to the Federal Assembly. The conversation continued the next day in Kaliningrad. Many of those who were acquainted with the full version of the interview, described the situation on screen a conversation with the deaf-blind. And led the conversation, as an example of what a normal dialogue between Russia and the US is now impossible.

About the new Russian weapons:

the United States withdrew in 2002 from the ABM Treaty, forced us to begin work on new weapons systems. We said so to our partners, they said, “Okay, do what you want”. So we did “please Come to shave”.

I think Russia, like, impossible to keep. You have to understand it. Look, you North Korea can’t keep. What are you talking about?

About the expected interference in U.S. elections:

I don’t care, I absolutely do not care because they do not represent the interests of the Russian state (commenting on “the list Muller,” in which 13 the Russians are accused of influence on the us election — ed. “Of the”).

Well, even if it was Russian, but it was not government officials. Well Russian, so what? Russian 146 million people, so what? (…) Does anyone believe that Russia, being somewhere thousands of miles away, with some two or three Russian, which I know you don’t know, intervened and influenced the elections? You yourself is not funny?

About the statements of his press Secretary

Do you think I of each control? Out [Dmitry] Peskov, sitting opposite, my press Secretary, he sometimes carries a “Blizzard”, I see on TV and think: what is he telling? Who put him on it?

Kelly: once you hear that it (restaurateur Eugene Prigogine — ed. “Of the”) of the accused, you spoke with him? Putin: Even that was not enough! I have so many things to do. Kelly: He’s your friend, he just accused. Putin: did You not hear what I said? He’s not my friend. I know this person, but it is not listed in the list of my friends. Have I not said that?

About accusations of Syrian government use of chemical weapons:

We all well know, understand and even uninteresting. And I want to say: bored, girls.

As for crime, go back to raqqa, please, and buried at least the bodies that are still in shambles and ruins after the application of appropriate massive strikes on residential neighborhoods. And investigate, then.

About the Russian opposition:

they (including Alexei Navalny — ed. “Of the”) no programme of development of the country. They have that there is a positive and that I basically like? Is that they reveal problems and it’s good actually, it is correct, and it should be done. But for the positive development of the country, this is not enough, not nearly enough. Because only focus on the problems, it’s not just a little, and it is even dangerous because it may lead to certain destruction, we need creation.

About the future of Russia without Putin:

Why do you think that after me to the authorities in Russia must come to the people who will be ready to destroy all that I have done in recent years? Perhaps, on the contrary, it will be people who want to strengthen Russia, to create for her future is to create a development platform for the next generation.


I saw your photos when I’m riding on the bear. I bear not yet jumped, but the photos are there.

the Third was a film by Andrei Kondrashov. He was posted in Youtube on March 11. The author of several documentary films, including “Crimea. The way Home” about the events of the spring of 2014, is the spokesman for the election headquarters of presidential candidate Putin. In his new tape, President Putin spoke about the friends of childhood and youth, the great leader, the colleagues from the KGB and Stasi colleagues, says new details about the family and making the series nothing short of sensational confessions. Kondrashov did a great job and introduced a large-scale story about Putin as a person.

the decision to work in the security:

Always been attracted to that one or two people can affect the course of entire battles on the fate of thousands of people. That’s what serving the country is always exciting, I have always been captured.

learn how dangerous cornered:

Just walked down the stairs, down the rat saw, and began to chase her. Drove it in some corner. And she turned and ran after me. And not just ran, she is also a flight of stairs on a ladder, flight to flight. Tried to jump on my head.

About the situation in Russia after disintegration of the USSR:

Remember the famous film, very nice, “Gentlemen of fortune”? One of the episodes when the main character enters the camera, and the second, some kind of deal, said to him: “Your place at parashi”. In fact, as if it sounded rude, that is after the collapse of the Soviet Union way of behavior towards Russia.

how inflated the internal Russian conflicts:

the Director of the FSB was reading another intercept between the leader of one of the gangs with the curators from abroad. Now remember, imagine, still remember: “Russia is weak as never before. Now or we will strike and will do so-or never.” And they gave us plenty.

We would have definitely pushed by way of the Yugoslav disintegration. And in this case, the suffering of Russian and other peoples of the Russian Federation would be disproportionately greater than the losses we have suffered during the difficult events of the late 90’s, early 2000-ies in the fight against international terrorism in the Caucasus.

About the shelling of his helicopter in Chechnya:

I decided that it was in fact fireworks, because New year was. The pilots said, “What the Hey, we’re under attack!” (Putin flew to Chechnya on 31 December 1999, to congratulate servicemen of the United group of Federal troops and give them awards — ed. “Of the”.)

About the decision to shoot down a hijacked plane:

I said, “What do you suggest?” And the answer is expected: “In accordance with the plan laid down in the case of such development of the situation… Knock.” I told them: “Act in accordance with the plan.” To question those who rode the bus, everything was in order, I said, “Yes, everything’s fine.” (An hour before the opening of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014 he said about the capture of a Turkish aircraft, which required to send in the capital of winter Olympic games — ed. “Of the”.)


They [daughters] are trying, they work a lot. They are workaholics (…) Probably, maybe not always, but to be critical does not mean not to love.

He [grandfather Spiridon] chef worked. First Lenin, then Stalin, in one of the suburban villas, in the Hills.

About the past of Germany:

I’m not advocating to make all generations of Germans to sackcloth and ashes and flagellate ourselves for that terrible past, which has survived their country, all of Europe and the whole world. For the past associated with Nazism, fascism, in this case with German fascism.

the gift from the Chancellor:

I Angela [Merkel] from time to time brings a few bottles of beer rodenbergstr.

hockey games with his participation:

and so I try to take care of colleagues, we see it. They could have scored every 20 seconds, but they do not. They are given to play such “dummies” like me.

About the possibility of returning Crimea:


Schroeder was not able to please the Germans to abandon friendship with Putin

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said he would not reconsider his attitude towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the associated criticism. The former head of the German government told the film journalist Andrei Kondrashov “Putin”, which is posted on YouTube Sunday, March 11.

“This is based on personal friendship. It’s less to do with politics. Rather, it is the attitude of people towards each other. It’s not going to change,” said Schroeder.

According to him, friendship with the Russian leader, he is constantly criticized in Germany. “But it’s not a problem for me”, he added.

Gerhard Schroeder served as German Chancellor from 1998 to 2005. German media repeatedly wrote that Schroeder and Putin have enjoyed warm and friendly relations. As soon as the politician has left an armchair of the Chancellor to him, Russia offered a new job in the structure associated with “Gazprom”. For that at home he received the derisive nickname GAZ-Gerd. From September 2017, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC “NC “Rosneft”.