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Disclosed a plan to kill Theresa may

the Man, a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, were going to enter the London residence of the British Premier in Downing street, 10 and behead policy. About it reports The Independent.

the 20-year-old Naimur Zakaria Rahman, support terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), was planning to undermine an explosive device at the gate of the residence of the Prime Minister, then using the pepper spray to neutralize armed guards to enter the building and kill Mei.

the Attacker was arrested in November last year, at a time when he got the fake explosive devise. It gave him the employee of intelligence service, posing as his accomplice.

it is Noted that the court hearings on the case about the attempt on Theresa may began on Monday, June 18, and will last five weeks.

Known for “cocaine case” the Russian Ambassador was transferred to another location

the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli, known in the case of the detection of cocaine in the back of the school at the Embassy in Buenos Aires, dismissed. The corresponding decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin published Wednesday, June 20, on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to another decree koronelli is appointed extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Mexico. In this post he change Eduard “blitz” filling station. The new head of the diplomatic mission in Argentina became Dmitry Feoktistov.

koronelli held the position of Ambassador in Buenos Aires since July 2011. On the diplomatic service, he is since 1988, worked in the adviser-envoy of Embassy in Chile and in the Latin America Department foreign Ministry.

the Investigation into the “cocaine business” began in December of 2016 after school at the Russian Embassy found 12 suspicious suitcases. About them by the Argentinean authorities informed the head of the diplomatic mission koronelli. As a result, the suitcase security forces found 389 kilograms of cocaine. According to the FSB of Russia, the net weight of the drug was 362 kg.

China scolded the United States for violation of human rights

the US Decision to leave the Council UN on human rights (HRC) puts on the brink of collapse, the image of Americans as defenders of human rights. This is stated in the statement of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China for discipline inspection, reports portal Yifeng.

According to Beijing, the separation of children of migrant parents on the border with Mexico shows the hypocrisy of Washington’s human rights concerns. That is why the US have no right to criticize other countries for non-compliance.

“China is disappointed with the U.S. withdrawal from the Council,” — said the representative of the Mead China Geng Shuang. “Despite this, we will continue to cooperate and to contribute to the work of human rights defenders”, — quotes its words Xinhua.

the United States announced on leaving the Council for human rights of the UN on 20 June. It was noted that the country is ready to return to the body if it is reformed.

The state Department said an agreement with Russia

the agreement on the ceasefire in the South-West of Syria, which were reached by the presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump and Vladimir Putin, to help Syrians. This was announced by the representative of the US state Department Heather Nauert, reports TASS.

“the cease-fire in Syria, which has been observed for almost a year, has proved successful not only in providing humanitarian assistance to the needy, but, of course, in saving many lives of the Syrians. It is important for the government of the United States, and I want to remind that the zone of de-escalation was created by the US government, but also Jordan and Russia”, — said Nauert.

According to her, the USA in favour of maintaining the zone of de-escalation in the South-West of Syria and calling for Moscow and Damascus to respect the agreement and not to take unilateral action in this area.

USA is opposed to the protection of children’s rights

human rights activists said that they do not allow tents on the border of USA and Mexico, where children are of Mexican migrants. This is with reference to the Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights Fernando Garcia reports RIA Novosti.

“We are trying to access, but the administration’s position remains unclear, there is no transparency,” — reports the Agency.

As stated by Garcia, the children are in the camp of “the unthinkable” but to test them, as the government will not allow the children to any journalists or human rights defenders. At the same time, it is noted that the temperature at the boundary reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

In early June United Nations accused Washington is that the American authorities separated migrant children with their mothers at the border. The criticism was joined by many international human rights organizations, large companies and us lawmakers.

the United States said exit Council on human rights UN. However, it was noted that the country is ready to return to the Council if he will be reformed. The President of the United States Donald trump he repeatedly wrote in his Twitter he believes the separation of children and parents is terrible, but in the ineffectiveness of anti-immigrant legislation he blames Democrats.

According to the American immigration laws, charged with illegal entry into the United States grown-UPS fall into the hands of Federal marshals (members in the unit justice), and then sent to the court. When parents are imprisoned, their children taken away and placed under the supervision of the office for refugee resettlement. It then may send them to American relatives in the US or in shelters.