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Turkish bride with girlfriends went for a bachelorette party and crashed in the Iranian mountains

a Turkish private plane that crashed March 11 in the West of Iran, there were 11 young women, eight of them passengers and three crew members. It is reported by the Hürriyet Daily News. All of them died.

Among the victims were 28-year-old Mina Basaran — the daughter of an influential Turkish businessman Hussein Basaran. Together with her friends she flew in from Dubai where they celebrated the bachelorette party.

the wedding was scheduled for the end of March. According to the publication, in the path of the aircraft, EN route from Sharjah to Istanbul, caught in a snow storm, eventually engine failure.

the wreckage of the plane and the bodies found in 360 kilometers from Tehran.

The priest revealed the secret of the Holy fire and had an argument with a colleague

the Priest Samuel Agoan representing the Armenian Patriarchate, quarreled with a representative of the Coptic Church on the question of the Holy fire. The incident occurred during filming a report for channel “Hadashot 2,” reports Israel Info.

While in the Edicule (chapel where the Sacred box of the Savior — “approx.”), Egoyan said that the three watched as the patriarchs of the light bundles of wax candles oil lamps, and nothing mystical in Holy fire no. “God works miracles, but not for the amusement of the people,” — said the priest.

This statement angered those present when shooting Copts. “Excuse me, but he’s lying. Stop the camera, demanded the priest. — The fire descends from heaven, and the Patriarch makes it and shares it with others”. In response to this Agoan screwed up that the Copts are not present at the Holy fire.

Diabetics and the visually impaired were forbidden to live permanently in Kuwait

Coming to Kuwait to work foreigners, suffering from cancer, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases will no longer be able to obtain a residence permit. About it reports Al Arabiya.

In General, the Kuwaiti health Ministry has identified 22 diseases which now do not give the right to permanent residence in the country. Among them including kidney failure, vision problems, high blood pressure, diarrhea. Already have a residence permit in the identification of these diseases will not be deported.

As noted, the new measures are aimed at reducing health costs and ensuring arrival in the country working immigrants, writes Stepfeed. The health Ministry explained that it is also ostensibly in keeping with the decision in 2001 to the decision of the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC).

Earlier, Kuwait had banned the entry or exit of people from the country in accordance with international laws. It is treated with AIDS, herpes, hepatitis B and G, malaria, leprosy, syphilis, tuberculosis and gonorrhea. However, this is the first case where a country prohibits the arrival of people with non-communicable diseases.

Traces of poisoned spy Skripal substances found in the restaurant

Traces of nerve agents, which have been poisoned former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, found at Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury, where they had lunch. On Sunday, March 11, BBC News reports.

None of the other visitors were not injured.

Now the restaurant is surrounded by a protective screen, experts continue to work in.

Zizzi — one of the five places in Salisbury that are the focus of criminologists investigating the incident with the Skripal. We study also a bench, which found the victims, the house of a former intelligence officer, pub the Bishop’s Mill, where he was also a cemetery, where are buried the wife and the son of a spy.

currently, about 180 soldiers were drawn to isolate vehicles and other objects at the scene of the incident — they may be contaminated with toxic substances.

The girl tried a mortar shell instead of a sex toy and died

Resident of Peru Ruben Valera Cornejo (Cornejo Ruben Valera) were arrested on suspicion of killing his wife. The couple decided to use a mortar projectile as a sex toy, which the woman died, reports the Daily Mirror.

Ammunition served as the home decoration. How told the police, Cornejo, he drank alcohol with his wife, after which she asked him to use any object as a sex toy.

the Man picked the shell, the length of which is 16 inches, width — 2,4 (40 6 centimeters). Further, the Peruvian could not remember because he fell asleep. He found the husband unconscious, when I woke up.