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Elon Musk called a pedophile save the children from the British cave diver

Billionaire Elon Musk bluntly said British diver, criticized his plan to rescue the children from the flooded caves in Thailand. About it reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Lifeguard Vern Unsworth, who participated in the rescue operation, said that the idea of the Mask about the mini-submarine is a PR move and advised to “put this sub somewhere deeper”. In response to Musk his Twitter called your opponent a pedophile, noting that he had not seen the Unsworth not the site of the incident, and wyzwolenie children Thai Marines “really cool.”

Later he deleted his tweet.

The fermentation of minds

These radical followers are not like regular supporters of healthy eating. They fundamentally do not buy bread. But not because I’m afraid to put on weight, but because of the fear of death. They believe in “thermophilic yeast”, supposedly created in Nazi Germany to destroy the Russians. “the” figured out where did this theory, and talked to believe in her conspiracy.

On the chair in front of the camera sits the writer Georgy Sidorov. Behind him men in the Cossack form.

“the word “cereal” what’s happening?” — Sidorov asks the audience. “Good!” — grins one of the listeners. “From the word “evil”,” the darkly minted speaker. — Our ancestors were the smartest people, they all where encountered, given the right name.”

Sidorov is known for his strange idea about the history and the world. The author of numerous books sure that the “cradle of mankind” is not in Africa, and in Siberia, where “among the aborigines lived a mysterious white race” and that Hyperborea to Atlantis existed, and the Russian gusli, zhaleyka, cymbals and horns are able to “enable generic memory of our ancestors”. Of course, no evidence to all this he has not. However, most conspiracy theories are so crazy, that to refute them is not required.

“I already wrote about thermophilic yeast on the face Sidorova stone seriousness. — The Germans created by the yeast, which live at temperatures of almost 400 degrees and in the body they do not die. Of course, when we eat these yeasts, they begin to work in our circulatory system. They cause cancer, they ferment our blood. The body spends a huge amount of energy in order to stop the process of destruction. The Germans calculated that even if we lose the war, the thermophilic yeast, which they gave to the Russian, they would be killed. Well, the Russians die, of course, in huge quantities, but they are still holding up, thanks to powerful immune system. It takes an enormous load to deal with these leaps and bounds.”

Drojjevoe — a phenomenon that appeared quite recently in the public field, when people wishing to join on the path of “proper nutrition”, started among other dubious texts actively perepisyvat social networks are different variations of text about the dangers of “thermophilic yeasts”.

their Content varies, but the idea remains the same: they were invented by enemies of the Russian people in order for him to destroy. Citing as an argument completely unrelated to each other facts and statements invented “authorities”, the authors of the agitation create a really terrible picture. Come across here and distorted the results of the research of real scientists who study fungi, and absolutely inexplicable personalities. “Modern microbiologists firmly believe that the fermentation processes taking place in the body thanks to the yeast, a decrease in immunity and cancer”, — categorically declares one of the authors antiproizvol agitation.

moreover, “during fermentation, which cause the thermophilic yeast, there are not only negative physiological changes, but even anatomy.” Supposedly the gases arising from “yeast fermentation”, putting pressure on the diaphragm which in turn compresses the lower lobes of the lungs, prevents breathing and ceases to provide “suction pressure in the chest that draws blood from the lower and upper extremities and head for cleansing the lungs”. It would seem that all this is enough to call the specialists of mental illness.

Initially, drojjevoe originated among Russian Orthodox nationalists.

according to his work “”Yeast-killer”: a gastronomic conspiracy theories and the culture of mistrust in modern Russia” anthropologist Jeanne Kormina, for the first time this phenomenon she encountered in 2008, while on pilgrimage to the island Filled Talab archipelago in lake Pskov. The pilgrims came to honor the memory of a priest Nikolay Guryanov, reputed a wonder-worker, and in the process spread in the environment leaflets about how the enemies are trying to destroy the Russian Orthodox people.

perhaps leaflets “Leaven Russian!” and “Let’s get the bread in the Russian oven” became the prototype of those conspiracy texts, which are now walking on the social networks. They traced exactly the same topics — even explains how “thermophilic yeast” got in our diet. All the fault of “our own thoughtless rulers”, which brought them into the diet of unsuspecting Soviet people.

This conspiracy theory is born already in the post-Soviet era the Orthodox nationalist environment, in periodicals which can be found allegations that the yeast was grown “on human bones” Nazis.

One of the irrefutable evidence of the dangers of yeast conspiracy theorists see GOST 171-81, which lists the chemical components necessary for its production. The unprepared reader they really can not fail to impress: sulfonol, cantin, detergent liquid detergent “Progress”, biomitsin, Biovit, potassium permanganate… it is Clear that it looks terrible, and despite the fact that it is not, read Everyman by far.

Search authority in such matters is always important. “The truth is that I, as an Orthodox, I trust the authoritative opinion of the same Zhanna Bichevskaya, etc. the rest… Having eyes, other senses will understand and accept.. Change the value!!!” — writes the correspondent “” is one of anteroseptal named Alexander. Wait, what about Hitler and bones, which supposedly can grow yeast? In this Alexander also believes? “Enough hydrochloric acid! Watch out, Misha, these are wealthy powers!” — warns Alexander of the correspondent of”.ru”, in parting, wanting God’s help.

However, such agitation willingly being people who have health problems, looking for solutions and finding a convenient reason for his suffering.

“I tested the yeast on itself, — says Larisa. I was at a party and there I was treated to cakes, biscuits. Summary — for the week plus 5 pounds! Feel like dough. Inside, all puffed. Started to drink the silver, it displays a fungi, virus, Candida”.

Larissa believes that to promote “thermophilic yeast” benefits “to doctors and pharmacies”, pharmacological business. Everything is logical: after all the doctors, she said, never tell the patient that the thing that you just need to change the diet, and just cram them with expensive drugs.

as proof of his words, she cites the case of his girlfriend, who once stopped eating flour products yeast supposedly stopped hurting cancer.

Among the yeast of the conspiracy theorists is dominated by supporters of the theory of a world conspiracy against Russia.

the jury has to consider “the problem of the thermophilic yeast, GMO foods, and vaccinations” in the global scheme of events. In his view, is “only a small part of the war being waged against humanity in the framework of “Golden billion””. (Here he is referring to the conspiracy theory that the world government is going to reduce the world population to a billion people — the planet is not rubber).

“Now almost 8 billion people, how to get rid of almost 7 billion, preferably without war and destruction of material values? Sins, alcohol, drugs, food, medicine, poverty, harmful wireless technologies and so on — have ruined it. — The reason is simple! If everyone would live by the standards of the United States, the resources of the planet will only last for a few years! And the development of thermophilic GMO’s yeast as a biological weapon began under Hitler! It is known to all! Recommend unleavened bread! Unfortunately, the food industry and hypermarkets is also under control of forces that are interested in genocide.”

Sergey is a middle-aged man with a bushy gray beard. About “thermophilic yeast” learned in 2006 — he considers himself an expert in this matter, because working on the issue “very long time”. His story begins with the bread machine and let it tell it himself:

“At the time, the problem did not exist. I, like many, began to bake bread at home by purchasing a bread maker, and bread tightly communicated. About six months used the recommended enemies of thermophilic (rapid) yeast.

But one woman gave me a pack (0.5 kg.) of compressed yeast and on the go say a few words, how to count it. I do not understand and do not remember. Reaching home, I climbed, of course, in an Internet search for. There is link after link… and finished reading to the point that primary producers – the Germans, French, Swedes… I don’t remember what other country but their five or seven, it was decided to understand that they create (release). Chemists, physicists, biologists…

there are a Lot of things, but most importantly, last life in them dies at 600 degrees. Only at this temperature in this work of human thought killed everything alive and with no hope for recovery or survival. I was impressed and definitely refused to fast.

in the study absorbed the information about the starter cultures, their use for a very long time in different countries, but very very similar, regardless of which fundamental. When the gift ran out, I had grown starter. The first time it didn’t go well and a few times I had to do to have fun and know how to use it easily. Tests showed the uniqueness and difficulties of baking in a standard bread maker. But prilovchilis and peck.

To Russia is profitable to poison the inhabitants of this food? Who contains and is ruled by the media — means of mass destruction of its own opinion, and in the fierce form of imposing the necessary opinion about everything and everyone? Private discussion and they have, thank God, grow in numbers, but “people” trash — can’t hear or perceive. A slave, in their opinion, should not have their views and desires. This is only for “people.” Absolutely all the rights of enemies, starting with money. And not the government guilty, and steward them. Who has the money, and he rules you…”

Sergey is very concerned about the food industry in General, which makes food “chemistry”. Again telling stories about weight loss after the failure of the purchase of bread, which he so rarely used, and now stopped. But the sourdough bread uses no limitations — even the grain he grinds at the mill, and there is little there to purchase flour… thus the question about if he had felt an improvement in their health, and answers evasively. “To say that health has improved… I would Not say, as giving up only one kind of poison by eating other health do not improve, or did I not see this”, — with doubt he said.

Sergey is trying to wean from the purchase of bread relatives, but not a very good one. He blames the media, which “flashed them a brain so that the mind has ceased to meet him”. Curses “the thirst of consumption and laziness”, which refers to “higher value, more expensive life and health”.

a Man should give up all mass produced food products. “Only grown men food fit for eating, and preferably by, he says. — Food production does not have a human eating nothing. It’s dry and not alive, GMO.” It is clear that the terms “chemistry”, “GMO” and “living-nonliving” absolutely parallel, but he gives no attention. Such concepts look scary, scare, anxious Everyman, and, therefore, suitable in any case when you need to show unnatural and an abomination of a product. “To the glory of God.” he says at the end of the conversation.

nothing, however, in the discourse on “thermophilic yeast” actively involved some of the media, thus giving conspiracy theory a new “authoritative confirmation”.

“Russian yeast can be considered almost a poison. — broadcasts from the television broadcaster. Foreign yeast is also can not save the situation — almost all of them contain GMOs!” Sounds scary music, and journalist Vyacheslav Volkov begins to broadcast about the Soviet “dissident-Professor Karavaeva”, which the phrase “the presence of fermentation processes in the body prevents spiritual growth” cost of compulsory treatment in a mental hospital.

Yeast conspiracy — trademark Volkov. His articles on this subject can be found in a popular Federal newspaper back in 2000-m to year. “Buying doughy bread (that in Russia are not uncommon), we, together with the bread we buy, and then eat a real mushroom-killer — scare readers, he. — During the life of the fungus accumulates in the body, conquering it: multiply, devouring the microflora, causing disease of the gastrointestinal tract and weakening the immune system. It is a kind of yeast AIDS!”

Here it becomes clear, where did yeast come from conspiracy theorists about “the fungus-killer, infused by the Nazis on the bones.” “During the First world war, German scientists worked hard on the project “Der Kleine murder” (little killer) on the creation of biological weapons based on yeast”, — confidently declares the reporter. Then Volkov argues that “modern microbiologists firmly believe that the fermentation processes taking place in the body thanks to the yeast, a decrease in immunity and cancer”. Well how not to believe this. After all, modern microbiologists firmly believe in this!

This conspiracy theory — not news, and are mostly not of Russian origin. No wonder they started appearing after the fall of the iron curtain when Russia’s rapid stream rushed information from the outside world. Popular American conspiracy Alex Jones tells his listeners about how the government is infecting the water with compounds that change the sexual orientation of people. Burgers from worms McDonald’s, “the chicken” from rats in KFC contaminated “Coca-Cola” — all this is not a product of the rich imagination of Russian conspiracy theories. In this narrative fit perfectly and “yeast-killer”.

“Perhaps the nearest parallel to the discussed texts is the so-called Viliuisky flyer that gets circulated in France in the spring of 1976, — says Zhanna Kormina in his work on the yeast of the conspiracy. Object food fears in this leaflet become invisible secret enemies — supplements — and large companies using them in the manufacture of its products. It was reported that the medical clinic in the suburbs of Paris Villejuif on the basis of the experiments came to the conclusion about the positive influence of food supplementation on the growth of cancer cells and made a list of the most dangerous of them (the so-called viliuiski list). The most dangerous carcinogen (i.e. a substance that causes cancer) was named’m harmless citric acid (E330)”.

However, passionate about the yeast not only homegrown antiprejudice and fans of the “traditional” bread. In America, for example, to bake bread on it — a quite fashionable occupation, such as the manufacture of craft beer. Moreover, enthusiasts are busy catching the “wild” starter cultures — colonies of different microorganisms found in nature. The older the starter the better bread, but to make it “lived”, it must be constantly fed with flour, add water… don’t worry — she dies. Will have to catch new ones. In 2015 in Sweden opened the first hotel where you could leave the leaven to overexposure like some Chihuahua going on the journey.

Surprisingly, all this doesn’t bother anteroseptal and zakusochnyh. The idea of some colonies of microorganisms that you want to cherish, and then add them to the dough, should be cause for not just suspicion, and awe. And if we worry that something may, as they say in some drojjepodobnykh treatises, to influence the human brain, it is leaven. But why can? May have long effect.

Paraglider flying over head trump got

Scottish police arrested a paraglider that flew over the entrance to the hotel resort Trump Turnberry, which at that time was the President of the United States Donald trump. It is reported by The Sun.

the Incident occurred on Friday, July 13, at the time of arrival of the trump hotel. Approximately at the height of the roof of the building flew a man on a paraglider with a propeller. With aircraft hung the banner of Greenpeace, on which was written: “Trump: Well Below Par (eng. Trump: much below the required level)”. He had almost touched the heads of people at the entrance of the hotel, among whom was the American President.

At the time of flight of the glider on the roof snipers were on duty. According to the newspaper, the pilot was lucky that they did not react to his invasion.

According to police, the detainee 55. The inspector of the police detective Stephen McCulloch explained that paraglider has committed a criminal offence, violating a temporary no-fly zone. The representative of Greenpeace said that the police was informed about the flight ten minutes before the start.

Aerobatic team at the Bottom of the Bastille mixed up the colors of the flag of France

Members of the French aerobatic team Patrouille de France, who participated in the aerial part of the parade on the occasion of the celebration of Bastille Day, confused the sequence of colors of the national flag. According to Le Dauphine Libere, in the sky over Paris, a red-blue-white-red flag.

Nine planes were to fly over the city and to produce colored smoke as the three stripes on the flag: blue, white and red. However, the location of the aircraft, which was supposed to release blue smoke, was the one that produced a red.

This was not the only incident at the parade. During the passage of motorcycles, two of them fell near the stands with the audience, where, in particular, was the President Emmanuel macron. Motorcyclists after the fall was not injured, they got up and soon returned to the front line.