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Danish inventor has painted the details of the dismemberment of the journalist on the sub

the Danish inventor Peter Madsen pierced the body of the already deceased Swedish journalist Kim Vallee before you explode and throw the remains into the sea. This became known at the hearings in his case, running in Copenhagen from March 20, reports The Telegraph.

the Man claims that Valle died due to a fault on the submarine: the problem has led to the accumulation of poisonous exhaust gases. He himself under their influence fell into a psychotic state and decided to get rid of the body.

Madsen admitted that he used a sharpened screwdriver to a length of 50 centimeters to a few times to pierce the body. “I made several punctures in different parts, because I didn’t want to be there accumulated gases. Nothing sexual in the holes in the vagina was not. I understand why you think so, but from my side there was no sexual innuendo,” he explained.

the hearing also heard testimony Madsen of the police. Then he said that he remembered crime film “Seven” (Se7en), when cut off the head of journalist. According to the man, there is nothing unnatural, because in the film there is a scene with the severed limb.

the Inventor also confirmed that he wanted to get rid of traces of what happened on the submarine, reports the New York Post. He said that to dismember the corpse was horrible and he wants the incident is gone. Prosecutors described the man as a psychopath with aggressive sexual tendencies, as well as reported found on his computer video beheading women.

In January reported that Madsen mocked Valle before you kill her. According to investigators, the man tied her up, and then started beating, cutting and stabbing. Inventor was charged the prosecution in the murder of a woman and a crime of a sexual nature and indecent handling of a corpse.

Madsen has denied any involvement in the murder and any sexual violence, but it is recognized in the dismemberment of the corpse.

The Austrian lost the woman in the fight for the position and received 300 thousand euros

In Austria, the official accused the government of sexism in the selection of candidates to work in the Ministry of transport and now receive 300 thousand euros in compensation. About it reports The Local.

Peter Franzmeier (Peter Franzmayr) felt that he was unjustly left without a promotion, appointing to the post Zehner Ursula (Ursula Zechner), who previously worked as chief railway inspector. According to him, Zechner originally used the advantage of employers, “because she’s a woman.”

the Complaint Franzmeier satisfied and decided to pay him 317 368 euros. Part of the money covers moral damages and a part of the salary which he would have if he received the desired position.

the Man filed a lawsuit in 2011, but the decision the court made just now. What position in the Ministry he wanted, the publication does not specify.

Doris Bures (Bures Doris), who was at that time Minister of Finance, said that in choosing a candidate, there was no sex discrimination. “I hope this situation will not affect the advancement of women in the service in the future,” she said.

American serial bomber exploded

the Police found, but failed to capture alive a serial bomber that appeared in the American Austin (Texas) in March. About it reports on Wednesday, March 21, edition of KXAN.

According to him, the guards followed the man to the Parking lot of one of the hotels of the town of Round Rock. There about two in the morning local time, they opened fire on the suspect vehicle. The car bomb exploded.

to Track down the attacker helped the parcel as a result of March 20 in one of the sorting offices of the courier company FedEx. On the same day managed to find another suspicious package. In the end, they led the security forces to the sender.

American acting from 2 March. Then, on the threshold of his house when the explosion left at the door of the parcel killed 39-year-old African-American. Ten days later, under similar circumstances, killed 17-year-old black teenager, his mother suffered. On the same day, was seriously injured in the explosion of a 75-year-old latina. In the fourth case, March 18, affected young people were white, and an explosive device they found on the roadside in a residential area.

French couple suspected the nanny of witchcraft and burned it

a French couple living in the suburbs of London, is accused of killing 21-year-old nanny, Sophie, Lyon (Sophie Lionnet). About it reports The Telegraph.

the Charred remains of the young Frenchwoman was discovered in the garden under a layer of ash: the neighbors noticed the fire and the smell of burning flesh and called the police. According to the publication, Sabrina, Kouider and her boyfriend Kisses of Meduni suspected the nanny of her two children of witchcraft and of stealing a diamond necklace.

in Addition, the pair was sure that Lyon is in cahoots with her ex-husband, Quider.

Initially the young woman was held hostage, beaten, tortured and starved. The exact cause of Sophie’s death is difficult to determine.

She has fought off a rapist who broke his back and landed into custody

Russian model Ekaterina Stetsyuk arrested in Dubai after he jumped from the sixth floor, trying to escape from sexual harassment by men. It is reported by British newspaper the Sun.

According to the newspaper, 22-year-old Russian woman jumped from a hotel window. A young woman broke her spine and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, she filed a lawsuit against the assailant.

the Man was arrested at the airport, however, he filed a counterclaim. As a result, the citizen of Russia, undergoing treatment, was taken into custody directly to the hospital.

According to a friend of the victim, Stetsyuk can’t walk and generally move. However, doctors give optimistic forecasts, because the spinal cord of the victim is not damaged. The mother of the woman told that her daughter — known in Irkutsk model. In mid-February she went to Dubai for a month to work on the contract.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man was a wealthy foreigner. He started harassing the girl, but she refused him, then mad attacker tried to kill Stetsyuk.

currently, Catherine’s mother actively raises funds for her daughter’s treatment. As the Agency “Interfax” if the man’s fault will be proved, he faces up to 15 years in prison.