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Poisoned spy Sergei Skripal had requested British police protection

Poisoned in the UK a former GRU Colonel, the spy Sergei Skripal feared for his life. As writes The Telegraph, he addressed law enforcement bodies for protection.

the 66-year-old Skripal and his companion about 30 years was in the hospital in critical condition from a shopping centre in the British city of Salisbury. Shop and several objects in the city were surrounded by experts in chemical and biological protection. Clarifies that they discovered a certain substance, which successfully neutralized. Edition suspects that this substance is fentanyl — a powerful narcotic analgesic that can cause respiratory depression.

Discovered the injured female reporters that the couple was sitting on the bench as if in “frozen” — gray faces staring at one spot and swaying from side to side.

According to one version, one of the victims could have lunch at Zizzi restaurant, which is now also closed.

Police Wiltshire has still not confirmed the identity of the victims.

Sergei Skripal in 2006 was sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges of treason, in 2010, he and several spies exchanged for ten Russian agents of Russian secret services. Among returning to Moscow was Anna Chapman. Later stripped of the title and awards Skripal had received asylum in Britain.

Authorities in Florida have allowed armed volunteers to guard schools

the Senate of the state of Florida (USA) approved the document on security in schools to prevent mass murders. Document published the legislature.

Among other things, it includes a clause allowing the Sheriff to hire armed volunteers who will engage in the protection of schools. Voluntary guards will have to pass the 132-hour course for safety and training in the field of firearms, to obtain permission from a psychologist, and in the process to take a drug test.

While teachers of secondary schools will not be able to be volunteers, despite earlier offer U.S. President Donald trump to allow teachers to come to class with weapons.

In the United States the right to arms guaranteed by the Second amendment to the Constitution, however, the laws regarding carrying weapons vary from state to state. The Federal government has identified a number of sites, including schools, finding a weapon which is forbidden.

the Mass murder of pupils at a school in Florida was committed on 14 February. In the result, 17 people were killed and at least 14 were injured. Shooter Nicholas Cruz was detained. Later it turned out that he studied in this school.

Spying in favor of foreign intelligence of the Russian poisoned in Britain

In the British County of Wiltshire, two people were hospitalized after contact with an unknown substance. According to the BBC, one of the victims is spying in favor of British intelligence GRU Colonel, 66-year-old Russian Sergei Skripal.

They are in the hospital of the city of Salisbury in critical condition. In addition Skripal, an ambulance took the woman around the age of 30 years.

the Incident occurred in the afternoon at the Mall, he and a few objects to the city cordoned off for inspection by the specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Sergei Skripal in 2006 was sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges of treason, in 2010, he and several spies exchanged for ten Russian agents of Russian secret services.

Fired for the love of marijuana, the officer will be paid nine thousand euros

In Ireland the court ordered the local airport to pay the dismissed employee, who advocated the legalization of medical marijuana, compensation in the total amount of nine thousand euros. It is reported portal

according to the publication, the labour court recognized the dismissal of an employee of the airport security because of his political opinions is unlawful. Despite this, in the position it was not restored.

it is Known that before the incident the man, whose name was not reported, worked in service inspection for several years. Some time later, due to complaints of back pain he had to undergo a medical examination, including a drug test.

According to the test results men’s health was right, but in his blood were found traces of cannabis use. After he said that he supports the legalization of medical marijuana and is not going to stop using the drug for medical purposes, the administration suspended him from work. Employers argued his decision by the fact that the political views of an employee can not be combined with his duties. The authorities explained that despite the lack of complaints about the quality of the duties of men, the authorities “can no longer trust him.”

USA commented on the request Nasty Fish on political asylum

the American Embassy in Minsk commented on the request of the arrested in Thailand for the organization of the sex-training of the citizen of Belarus Anastasia Vashkevich (Nasty Fish) to grant her political asylum in the United States, reports RIA Novosti.

“Being outside of the United States, you can only ask for refugee status”, — said the representative of the Embassy. The Embassy explained that such petitions are considered by the service of citizenship and immigration of the Ministry of internal security.

a Source told the Agency that Vashukevich unless appealed to the Belarusian diplomats for consular assistance, however, Minsk is monitoring the situation.

February 28, Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie), one of the accused in organizing sex workshops in Thailand, wrote letter to the American Consulate with a request to give him and the Fish for political asylum. According to him, they have very important information, and they risk their lives.

the day before of this girl addressed to American journalists with a proposal to talk about the ties of the President of the United States Donald trump and his entourage with Russia, which allegedly “knows a lot”.