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Revealed the probable motive of the attack on the office YouTube

Nasim Najafi Aghdam opened fire in the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno (California), complained that the company underestimates of the statistics of videos that she posts. This is stated on her personal website.

So, the Agdam has posted screenshots where you can see that on 15 January 2016, her video was watched over 182 million users, while on 14 October the same year under the same video is a little more than 94 thousand views.

“For 366 thousand hits, my income is only 10 cents?” indignantly she asks.

the father of the woman told that recently, the daughter began to receive less income from posting videos on YouTube, which caused her indignation.

a few days before the Agdam attacked the office of the company, her family informed the police about her missing. Guards found Nasim sleeping in the car away from home — in the County of Santa Clara bordering San MATEO, where the YouTube headquarters.

the woman’s father told the law enforcement officials that his daughter can go to office YouTube. Police talked to Agdam, but not to search it. After that, they contacted the woman’s family and said that she was all right. After a few hours she made a fire in the office. Three people were injured, two of them in serious condition, she Nasim shot.

In Germany, the vandal defaced the Nazi bell

Unknown in Germany removed the swastika and part of the inscription with the national-socialist content with the Church bells in Sweringen in Lower Saxony. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

“We not only cleared our village, but cleared and the bell is from pigeon droppings and dirt of national socialism,” reads the note left at the scene of the incident. It also reported that “it’s time for spring cleaning”.

According to pastor Ian Axel Hellwege, the incident occurred at the “Holy week”. It is noted that the vandal entered the Church with the key. No sign of forced entry was found.

In 2017 in Germany discovered several so-called Hitler bells — Church bells with swastikas. In February this year, the Council of the commune in the German Herxheim am Berg (Rhineland-Palatinate) decided not to remove the bell times of national socialism and begin to use it.

a Bell with a swastika and the inscription “All for the good of the Motherland. Adolf Hitler” hangs in the tower of the local Protestant Church since 1934. Don’t use from September 2017.

American educator threw the sleeping children on the floor and paid

the Two educators from the U.S. state South Dakota was caught abusing young children. Reported by the New York Post.

According to him, the investigation began in late February after one of the pupils of the kindergarten in Sioux falls has complained to parents on violence. Police reviewed the video surveillance cameras.

As it turned out, the 31-year-old Teresa Gallagher (Teresa Gallagher) and 22-year-old Kennedy Wendt (Wendt Kenedi) attacked the sleeping children’s day. In particular, they raise them, and then abruptly dropped on the floor. Women are also constantly attacked the students and beat them over the head, and sometimes sharply pulled up for hands. All the victims had three or four years, how much the incident has affected their health, not reported.

Employees were arrested on 30 March. Gallagher and Wendt is accused of 25 cases of violence against minors. They can bail in 25 thousand dollars. What punishment they face is not specified. After the incident, workers were fired.

Japanese girl forced to apologize for pregnancy out of turn

Japan’s chief reprimanded and forced the employee to apologize for the fact that she got pregnant before the put queue. It is reported by the newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.

according to the newspaper, the teacher of one of private kindergartens in the North was accused of selfishness because of the fact that her pregnancy did not coincide with the schedule developed by the supervisor. According to the rules of the institution, women are able to become pregnant in accordance with their official position: first senior employee, then the younger.

About the incident in the newspaper was written by the husband of the girl, whose name is not called. He said that they together with the wife has officially apologized to the leadership of the kindergarten, but since his wife has pressured and accused that it neglects the interests of the institution.

“I respect how my wife refers to my work and support it. But how are those who care for children, shows the backwardness of the country,” he added.

Many of those who learned about the incident, condemned such an attitude to the teacher and called the incident a violation of human rights. In Japan, widespread gender discrimination in the workplace. According to the world economic forum the country is on the 114th place in the ranking of gender equality (144).

Dutch investigators said it was impossible to detect a missile “Buka”

the Missile, shot down in the skies over Donbass airliner of Malaysia Airlines, could be invisible to Russian radar. To such conclusion experts of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands, which is engaged in an international investigation into the incident, TASS.

Prosecutor reported that a Joint investigation group (CIG) has appointed two independent experts to examine the radar data, which represents the Russian side. “Their conclusions are that the missile could be fired from anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” from the place which was previously installed SSG, while being invisible on the images of radar,” — said in comments.

According to experts, the footage provided by the Russian side, near the Malaysian “Boeing” was not other aircraft. Experts believe that the lack of missiles on the radar images does not mean that she was not in the airspace.

the Liner “Boeing-777” Malaysia Airlines, EN route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17 crashed on 17 July 2014 in Donetsk region. All 298 people on Board were killed. The investigation deals with SSG, which includes the representatives of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

According to the international investigation team, the aircraft was destroyed in the shelling of the complex “Buk”, which was first brought to Ukraine from Russia, and then taken back; the guilt in the incident of the militia and Russia, and insists the official Kiev.