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Trump has decided to sue California

the Minister of justice and the U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has filed a lawsuit against California because of its laws on the cities of shelters for migrants. It is reported Associated Press.

According to the lawsuit, the authorities intend to block the three laws and force the state to cooperate on immigration issues. In particular, the contested provisions prohibiting the police from asking people about citizenship or to participate in actions of Federal agencies. In the administration of U.S. President Donald trump believe that local laws are unconstitutional and do not allow agents to do their work.

during the day on 7 March, the attorney General intends to meet with law enforcement officers in the state. “The Ministry of justice and administration trump the will to fight these unjust, unfair and unconstitutional measures, said in a prepared speech and Roman sessions. — I believe that we will win.”

California laws were enacted after the President’s promises to increase the number of deportations of people living in the U.S. illegally. According to one view, employers are not permitted to give immigration agents the access to employment of staff or to review their case without subpoena or warrant. This is done to prevent raids on the offices. The other prohibits local authorities to enter into contracts for the detention of illegal immigrants with commercial organisations and the Immigration and customs police.

the Agency notes that the claim — a new round of tensions in California and the administration. Previously, the state has argued against the imposition of taxes on marijuana and refused to help the feds to deport immigrants. Sessions is going to stop funding agencies that refuse to cooperate.

As noted, in 2010, the Supreme court has already ruled that the immigration policy of the Federal government more important than local. Then he blocked most of Arizona law.

College students fought off armed men with knives

In the Netherlands, one of the students of the College themselves had been chased away from his territory a man armed with a knife. It is reported portal Video is available at YouTube.

the Incident occurred in the city of alfen aan den Rijn in the West of the country. 44-year-old man, whose name was not called, broke into the College Rock during a break between classes, however, young people have fought back. The footage shows how they are under the screaming girls, the crowd closing in on the attacker, knocked him to the ground and throw him in a backpack. Then the man decided to flee the scene.

According to the portal, the suspect was arrested, he seized two large kitchen knife. The police said that the man they know. According to some, he lives nearby.

To prevent aviation accidents urged to use witchcraft

the Senator from IMO state in Nigeria, Sam Anyanwu said that if there is no way to ensure the safety of air transportation, it is necessary to draw magical power. This writes the Nigerian newspaper Daily Post.

“Shame that Nigeria has no national carrier safe. I think a responsible government should consider this issue. If the plane can not be secured in flight, let’s use magic and start flying,” said people’s representative.

In response, the Senator from the state of Anambra Stella Odua noticed that for the safety of air transportation is the responsibility of a pilot of the aircraft. It is therefore necessary to pay greater attention to the training of flight crews. “The problem is funding, we need money for training of pilots and maintenance of aircraft,” said Odua.

In late January, it was reported that in the Nigerian state of rivers the crowd brutally beat man. It was suspected that he had turned a man into a goat, which led the way.

France will forbid the rape of children

France is planning to regulate the legislation regarding the age of consent. On it informs BBC News.

under current law, the age of consent in France is 15 years. The sex with someone who has reached that age cannot be considered rape unless there was force, coercion or threats. The crime is classified as rape of a minor and is punishable by a maximum five years imprisonment and a fine of 75 thousand euros. For the reclassification of articles on the more serious investigators need to prove that the minor was under pressure.

Now, the authorities intend to establish that the sex of an adult and person under 15 is rape. This age limit is planned to approve in the coming weeks along with other laws aimed at combating sexual violence and stalking.

BBC News notes that in 2017 the wave of indignation was aroused by two trials involving sex with young men. In one case, a 30-year-old was acquitted on charges of raping 11-year-old girl. Then the court considered it proven that the victim was not forced, she was not subjected to threats or violence, and what is happening to her also not unexpected. In the second 28-year-old man was charged with abuse because the victim physically was not forced. But later the court changed its decision.

Determined price insults women in Belgium

Insulted by a policewoman, the Belgian became the first citizen of the country, who was fined for sexism. About it reports The Guardian.

According to the newspaper, the incident happened when the employee of law enforcement bodies stopped the car the men for a traffic violation. Belgian, whose name was not reported, will have to pay 3 thousand euros (209 thousand) for a public verbal insult to women. If he does not, he could face imprisonment for a month.

At the same time, the French newspaper Le Soir claims that the first case of punishment for sexism was in 2016. Then during the arrest of a man insulted a female police officer. He was convicted of “undermining the dignity of man because of his gender,” writes The Guardian.

a law providing for the punishment for a manifestation of sexism, was adopted in Belgium in 2014. According to him, sexism recognised disrespectful words or actions based on sex of the person. They are subject to prosecution if there has been “humiliation of human dignity”.