“Amy got naked on camera to literally and figuratively”

the Director of “Big little lies” Jean-Marc vallée released on HBO, and “Mediateca” the first episode of a new project, the psychological Thriller “Sharp objects” with Amy Adams in the lead role. The filmmaker told “the Tape.ru” about the depiction of female pain, Actresses, sinking into the dark and creepy fantasy writers, and about how it has affected his health working on two series in a row.

“Ribbon.ru”: You took “Big little lies” and engaged in “Sharp objects”. You do come off?

Valle: I Have a big break in July, when we’re finished “Sharp objects”. Even now, while I’m talking to you about the show, I’m sitting in the editing room, finishing eighth and reviewing the remaining episodes. Recently I’ve made changes in the first series, but this change is barely noticeable and nothing does change. But Yes, I have been working for a long time, I was tired, turned grey and was balding.

what did you think when you were offered to film the book, Gillian Flynn?

What is Tennessee Williams on acid, on steroids. And that the world that Flynn has created, her character Camilla, who in the series plays Amy Adams — I’ve never read, not seen, not heard and not seen. So I was even afraid to shoot Amy in this series. She asked me — we had worked on the project on Janis Joplin, but it never saw the light. Amy was offered the role, she sent the book to me and said, “I Want to play with me in this sandbox?” I’ve never shot a TV show — she offered it before “Big little lies”. When I signed the contract for “Sharp objects”, he was to be my first series. But then I came Reese Witherspoon with a proposal to remove the “Big lie” — and what could I do? Then I just finished “Destruction”, “Items” was supposed to start next year. And she said, “next year? Well, I have something for you there.” I told Reese that I can do the first two episodes, but not the entire season. She said, “No, come and do it!”

When I began work on “Big little lies”, I couldn’t stop at the first two episodes. It’s like the film you don’t want to leave the actors, characters, to give continuation in the hands of another Director. “Big little lies” became something else. I decided that since it’s just for a year, seven episodes, then deal with it. Well, another project eight episodes, okay. But to do two series at once? It’s crazy. It’s like running two marathons at once. That’s why I’m simply exhausted. “Sharp objects” also came an eight-hour feature film, which we divided into eight parts. The series comes once a week, but if you watch it without interruption, I understand that this is a solid film.

you have got to look “Sharp objects” without a break? I think I could not — so it is busy.

I did this a few days ago. Work is coming to an end, and I watched from the first to the eighth episode with the team of editors. And now we add the finishing touches. This is something special for a continuous view, I agree. I don’t watch the show from the perspective of the viewer, I’m still in the creative process and think about what you can change and improve. “Oh, let’s add music from the second episode in the seventh because of this thing.”

How would you describe the series? It has elements of Gothic horror, Thriller…

we Have to investigate the mysterious murder — who the hell is doing this to young girls. And there’s another secret — that woman Camilla, the main character. What happened to you? Why are you acting like this? I like the way you think and speak. The way you use the words benefit and harm. And those two mysteries in one story make the project special. It is something.

Amy said you were unique in describing women’s pain. She believes that you know how to portray these experiences is extremely convincing. If you walk around it, but still pass the whole of their essence. In “Big little lies” is obvious, and apparently you do the same thing in the “Objects”.

I didn’t write the scripts of both series. “Big little lies” was a novel that was adapted David Kelley. “Sharp objects” were owned by Gillian Flynn, then they do Marti Noxon and other writers. I understand that Amy has in mind, but when I use it, the scripts are already written, novels already written. But I’m not afraid to work with these strong and smart women. It’s not easy, sometimes we have fierce arguments. But we learn to work together, to respect each other. In “Sharp objects” we had the hardest — much harder than in “Big little lies”.


due to the material with which it had to work. I was afraid this project and wanted to be well prepared, but all were ready and were eager to get to work. So I said, okay, let’s do this, though I’m not ready yet, I’ll do it on the fly. We have great actors, great stuff. And when we started, we began to learn to cooperate, searched for his speed. But the material was still intimidating. And Amy came to him with such courage and selflessness, has agreed to be naked on camera literally and figuratively. It was her call, and I’m sure she was scared as much as I do. I’ve never met in my life her character and couldn’t find him something in common, so afraid that I won’t be able to help Amy during the filming.

You do nothing in common with Camille? Amy believes that many people will find a lot in common.

She’s right. When I read the book, I wanted to love this character. I understood its purpose, sympathized with her. Because her inner voice was the main thing for me in the book. The way she talks about herself, her frankness, boldness in thinking about sex and its problems. What she says about his mother, his family, his drunkenness. I discovered the beauty of this darkness. And Camille liked me so much that I wanted to help her. When she was about to do something wrong, I shouted: “No, don’t do this!” And she did, and then applied to the bottle.

Inner voice of Camilla in the book plays a huge role. How difficult was it to move it on the screen?

the Writers decided not to use the VoiceOver speech. I was very surprised by that. When I read the book, seen the show otherwise. And when I got the script, was indignant: where’s the narration? Look, I that’s why loved the book. I wanted to hear this girl speak. The way she communicates with herself and with the world. Where is all this? They, of course, left her thoughts, put them in dialogue and in her actions, but I thought it was a real suicide. But then we found a way to make the narration visual. Let’s get in her head. Let’s see how she thinks. What she was thinking. What is the dream. What scared. What are her nightmares. We filled a series of silent flashbacks.

This is very similar to flashback with the character Nicole Kidman in “Big little lies”.

Exactly. But here there are ten times more than in “Big little lies” because it plays an important role in the plot as a whole and for Camilla in particular, we need these scenes to get in her head and to remove the VoiceOver. And now we have a mystery: Camille appears at the Motel in the first episode, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, getting water. And she looks at the toilet. This is followed by a frame with a toilet bowl close up. Why she looks at the toilet? Then flashed flashback with detergent Draino. A man carries a cart with Draino. Camille turns and sees a drop of blood. The viewer thinks, “What ****** [is happening]?” And the character looks in the mirror and it looks like someone else. What we just saw? Was it someone else? We don’t know yet. But understand that we need to look carefully. Everything happens too fast. She takes the needle and puts it between the finger and the nail. And you think: Oh no, don’t do this, why!

in Addition to the regular flashbacks, Camille is obsessed with words. Gillian is well passed this obsession with words, for example: “I felt the skirt, the skirt is pulsed on my leg.” We passed it through her perception — every time the word throbbing in it, we see this word in the frame. When she closes the trunk of the car, it says “dirty”. We are looking at the car from a different angle — and the word disappears. 40 minutes later, she paints her lips, going for the first time in many years to meet the mother, to return home. Drinks vodka. Looks at himself, thinks… and again — the word “dirty”. The audience understands that she thought about it, however fleetingly. First you think: I correctly spotted? That was the word? No, it was a feeling.

You would put this episode in the category of show you want to watch without blinking? To check the tape in Instagram time view it doesn’t work?

Should blink, or if you have a series — many will miss.

Music played a big role in “Big little lies”, “Things” — the same story. What is it called when the audience hears the music hears.

This is dieticheskaya music when the characters themselves can hear it. Otherwise, it’s voice. This is one of my favorites if not the favorite: look for characters that will pick up scenes for their music. With Camilla it was not so simple. She listens to music, through which he meets another character closer and closer. And learns to appreciate the music. Husband Adore also a music lover, loves the classics, piano, Kramerov, Engelbert Humperdinck and music from old Hollywood movies. In each project I try to implement music in the history of the characters, so they included it themselves and thus I don’t feel like imposing it to the audience. It becomes more easy.

Another noticeable feature in the series — pronounced geographical features of the events. This story could happen somewhere else?

No, this occurs between the Middle West and southern United States, closer to the second, and the climate and culture. Gillian, too, grew up there, she described a place that knows, so in the book it’s so real. Gillian still and two children produces and writes all of these stories — “the Disappeared”, “Sharp objects” — and write more! I really would like to know more about her. I wonder what she tells us how she takes inspiration for his stories? I would like to believe that it was her imagination, because it’s too dark and distorted to be real. But she is able to explore this darkness, immersed in it. She isn’t afraid as a writer. And Amy took this fine material. All of them — Amy, Actresses Patricia Clarkson and Eliza Scanlan — there is some attraction to darkness and to play characters that does not seem romantic to the audience. Their characters are never perfect.

Considering the plot and themes of your series, do you think they’re the most correct time?

understand that the time in which the series came out, crazy. So it was with a “Big little lies”. The success of the series is partially explained by this. And here is another project with strong women who are not afraid to talk about their features even after experiences of violence. That’s the most pathetic part of the whole project — a history of violence that repeats from generation to generation. And, quite possibly, movement #MeToo contributed to the success of “Big little lies”. Maybe on the contrary — the game is Nicole Kidman, portraying a victim of violence, helped #MeToo.

it Turns out that the series and the movement to feed each other and contribute to the emergence of dialogue about it in real life.

Interestingly, in this case, the violence is born not men. This women against women.

Episode “Sharp objects” available in “Mediateca” July 9