Ben Affleck made fun of for the huge ridiculous tattoos

Photograph of actor Ben Affleck with colorful tattoo of a Phoenix on his back was the subject of ridicule on Twitter. The tattoo artist compared, in particular, with the film Zack Snyder and a bottle of spiced rum with a terrible label.

“Tattoo Ben Affleck looks like it’s painted fragments randomly selected crayons,” wrote @TaraAriano.

“next time you sagrestia, just remember that you are not Ben Affleck, and you have, most likely, there is a huge and ugly tattoos, over which all laugh,” said @RafiDAngelo.

Internet users also discovered that one of the posts, which derided the appearance of the artist, like actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

“don’t make fun of Ben Affleck for his tattoo of a Phoenix. It’s a symbol of how he rose from the ashes in the form of a guy with a shitty tattoo,” said @pixelatedboat.

for the First time journalists learned about tattoo Affleck in 2015 — photographer filmed the actor when he lost his jacket rolled up, and he showed the tail of the Phoenix. Affleck then told the press that this is a temporary figure for the film.