Cords suddenly talking about sobriety

the Leader of group “Leningrad” performer “Peter — to drink” and “Alcoholic” Sergey Shnurov linked the concerns of young people do not live to retirement with the use of alcohol and drugs. The musician announced in Twitter on Tuesday, July 11, that “booze is evil”.

“the tape periodically flashed someone fears not survive until retirement. Especially young people, who, as you know, just to dance here. So, there is a feeling that millions do to it will not survive — but not because ***** [a lot] of work, but because they will die from drugs and booze,” wrote Cord.

the Artist said that instead of “yelling about raising the retirement age” should take care of their health. “Must rely on themselves and not on the good uncle of the state Duma,” — said the author of the lines “I personally thump, and someone pricked” from the song “up in the air”.

In June, Cords devoted poem retirement age, which, according to the musician, “don’t reach, as the horizon”. In the same month, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced about raising the retirement age from 2019. For men this figure will be raised to 65 years and for women to 63 years.