De Niro swore at trump live and applause

Actor Robert De Niro I swore at the President of the United States Donald trump at the ceremony of awarding the theatre award “Tony”, which was broadcast live. The phrase of the artist caused a storm of applause, writes The Telegraph on Monday, June 11.

De Niro was supposed to represent the audience of a musician Bruce Springsteen, which became the winner of the award “Tony” for theatrical achievement. The artist approached the microphone and said: “I will only say one thing — ***** [fuck] trump”.

it is Noted that sitting in the hall theater actors, Directors and producers began to vigorously applaud. After the applause De Niro called to the scene Springsteen, urging him to fight “for truth, openness and integrity of the state.”

CBS, broadcasting the event, had to “bleep” obscene phrase De Niro.

In February, the artist has performed at the World government summit in the United Arab Emirates, where said that the United States suffer temporary insanity.