Disclosed details of the prequel to “Game of thrones”

American writer George Martin, Creator of the Saga “a Song of ice and fire”, based on which filmed the TV series “Game of thrones”, has revealed details of the upcoming prequel TV show in your blog. He said that the possible name of the new project — “Long night” that, in his words, “speaks volumes”.

Martin said that the action of the prequel takes place 10 thousand years before the events of “Game of thrones” and not a single character in a fantasy series it appears. The writer added that HBO is not yet ordered the showrunners for the whole season, by staying only in the pilot episode.

HBO was planning to remove five spin-offs of “Game of thrones”, however, noted Martin, one project decided to postpone indefinitely.

In Martin’s books “a Long night” — a lingering winter that occurred during the age of heroes, and marked the first appearance of the white walkers, the antagonist of “Game of thrones”.