Hairy chested star of the TV series “Poldark” has caused a national dispute

a Violent reaction of the journalists and viewers of the TV series “Poldark” on the hairy chest of the actor Aidan Turner has provoked in the UK debate about sexual objectification of men. On Wednesday, June 13, writes BBC News.

the Radio Times Journalist Mariella Frostrup dubbed the phenomenon of “double standards”. According to her, if critics-men also discussed the actress, they would have faced fierce criticism. Frostrup stressed that it was normal to Express sexual desire towards other people and that should not hang on any alleged manifestation of sexism label the movement against harassment #MeToo.

the 34-year-old Turner said that he is perplexed why everyone started to discuss his chest: “I did not understand why the subject of discussion was precisely our show and why is everybody so interested in it in those shots, when there are a lot of other shows and shots of the actors with half-naked torso”. The actor added that I never considered myself a victim of sexual objectification.