Historical series “Versailles” failed due to the abundance of sex

the French TV channel Canal+ refused to work on the continuation of the historical series “Versailles” of the French king Louis XIV due to low ratings. One of the reasons for the failure of the show could be the abundance of sex scenes, boring the audience, writes The Sun citing a source on Wednesday, April 11.

it is Noted that the ratings of the show fell in the UK, where “Versailles” show channel BBC2. “Company “Bi-bi-si” made a bold move by buying Canal+ Versailles with all its detailed nudity. At first the audience did not oppose all pornographic scenes, but in “bi-Bi-si” has seen ratings drop to just million viewers, and in France there is a similar situation. They are convinced that the series is completely phased out after the third season,” — said the source publication.

“They decided that the fourth season will not” — said the source. This information was confirmed by one of the producers of the show Fabrice de La Batelier, who told reporters that the third part of “Versailles”, which is scheduled for release summer, will be the last.