“I’ll rot in my grave”

In Miami was killed last night, possibly the most controversial rapper of the last time XXXTentacion: choosing a bike at a local motorcycle artist was shot as he sat in his sports car. Accessexception was only 20, and soon he could be behind bars. The sensational case about beating of ex-girlfriend, a scandal around which develops the first year, even after the death of the axe being discussed in the media and social networks more than his work. But in vain, no matter how sinful and unlucky nor was the short life of the deceased, over time that music will be its main result, and deservedly so.

However, now, at a distance in just a few hours after the murder, it would be unfair — including in relation to Accessexception (real name Dwayne Casey Onfroy) which with obvious pleasure, and pronounced by touching Instagram posts and General craziness at concerts, felt like a genuine hero generation — not to notice how much the vicissitudes of the career of the Florida rapper (but not his talent as such) was formed, even identified the historical, social and cultural background — and the frequent of this landscape in turmoil. For example, once it became clear what the effect on American Twitter death XXXTentacion, the artist whose two dimensional album — “17” (October 2017) and? (March 2018) — debuted at the 2nd and 1st places of the Billboard 200. In fact, the flow of condolences, memories and good-byes still ongoing — loyal, mainly consisting of his peers, an audience of millions around the world, the artist has collected literally for half a year (Ex began to publish tracks on Soundcloud in 2014, but until the fall of 2016 were known only in Miami and a couple neighboring districts of Florida).

Late, quickly written to the leaders of rather conventional phenomenon Soundcloud-rap, have made a name for himself in the Internet, and now its a kind of a virtual funeral was noted and the dozens, if not hundreds, of colleagues in the genre — from the legends underground (like Lil B), and southern REP (juicy J. of Three 6 Mafia) to the main celebrities from hip-hop (up to Kanye West and J. Cole). Almost everyone said at the same time a rare talent who was killed and even his influence on his work — thereby confirming its status in modern pop culture, which because of the nature of the problems of the axe with the law continues to be the subject of extensive debate. But I think the most phantasmagoric detail — thread on Twitter, the author is making based on social networking accounts, if not straightforward then at least a clear idea of the identity of the killers. The police announced that the actor attacked two black men in hoods, and on the face of the shooter was a red mask. Well, shortly after the assassination and shortly before his little-known local rappers, Soulja Kidd and Soulja Joe posted several photos where appears not only a red mask, but different variations on a theme XXX abbreviations in signatures and ten minutes before the attack, one of them published a short video from a nearby ill-fated motorcycle shop. In the shot of a gun. Interestingly, on may 2, Soulja Kidd has released a new mixtape with the name XXX.

if two Soldi to the murder of one of the most popular rappers of the moment or not, but views them in the near future will be added — by the way, unlike the star countryman with his emo lyrics and experimentation, these two characters write like a gangster smooth post-trap, quickly issuing yourself a pale carbon copy of the songs of the artist YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

If Accessexception really was the victim of a merciless war of novamov for HYIP, that his tragic death will be difficult not to see a very cruel, almost inhuman — but also in the spirit of the time — the irony. Strictly speaking, the first wave of the Haight in its own address based on the same charges — freshmen from Florida, in the spring of 2016 worked at the call center, they say, would do anything for attention. Present, of course, at the same time with other people with platforms like Soundcloud already too late Lil Peep Lil or Xan for recovety appearance — often colored and showy dreadlocks or braids on the head, face tattoos, concert uniform of some short shorts (who wrote two weeks ago is very critical material about Onfree and the details of his case on domestic violence, the journalist, The Miami New Times could not resist, despite the nature of the text from the observation of the “stunningly beautiful” to the character).

Repeatedly fired Hayter habit rapper to get stuck in trouble in completely peaceful situations, to fight at every opportunity, he began in school where I didn’t fit in any company. The ex, whose well-known Florida rappers like Denzel curry, or Twelve Lena really openly call a little crazy (explaining: young even at their background age, difficult childhood and its consequence, mental instability), regularly get involved in fights with the concert goers and their protection, flew in a knockout on stage from the hands of the offended rapper was provoked after the abolition of couples show genuine riots in the crowds of the thousand or two fans (disbanded riot police). When XXXTentacion no accidents on stage, he managed to get in the news, publicly declaring bipy others in the genre.

in March 2017 his tirade against the “stole my flow of Look At Me! bitches Drake” at odds all over the country — skirmishes with the canadian superstar on the Internet and the media will last almost a year. Here in November 2017 Onfree pressed to the wall stars ice trap Migos from Atlanta — he said that was under the gun, and will once again be in the media all over the world. The Ex is using the media to publicly destroy the relationship with their own associates like a drug Troubadour trippy red, and even with the closest friend — a charming retarded freak-voobrazila from rap Ski Musk Yes Slump Year (they met in 2013 in juvie, where he created the sprawling subsequently, the team Members Only and do joint tracks until last year). How to draw attention to themselves without concerts, competitors and problems with the law? Accessexception caught and this is in Instagram will appear with a noose around his neck, the clip Riot hang a decent white child (if the boy’s mother allowed).

All of the above quirks and antics are violent, despite the small height and slender addition, the rapper, however, you look like pranks compared to his most famous sin. In October 2016 XXXTentacion after a couple of weeks at liberty (July-September, he was awaiting trial on charges of armed burglary in the group of persons — pressed that summer with boys a friend’s iPad or iPhone) turns out to be again arrested and going to jail for six months. Formally, for the same theft (in the following March he was awarded six years of the probationary period) — but the reason will be a new case opened against the rapper.

he was charged under several articles: particularly serious assault of a pregnant woman, domestic violence, including strangulation, forced imprisonment and witness intimidation. In March, the artist will be released, the court will be transferred again and again, prosecutors — add a new article (mostly for the intimidation of witnesses), and in press — to appear the details of the incident. He Onfroy to the last denied any blame, blaming the victim, his former girlfriend Geneva Ayala (they were together in the summer of 2016, has not yet begun the quarrels and raids), a lie. Her story on the interrogation by the police and a terrible, shocking pictures of assault, together with the statements of the witnesses leave no doubt — beaten.

And the beat so that it seems lost in the process a human face. It is logical that the presence of such strong images as photos swollen from the bruising of a person affected by a jealous and psycho boyfriend of the girl, quickly made Accessexception the personification of domestic violence in pop culture — and one of the most hated people on this huge areas of the Internet.

Approaching the court is almost a guaranteed conclusion, 18 years of age at the time of the beating and defiantly good behaviour on bail, and now even an absurd, violent death — all this in a spontaneous campaign of hatred to the address of the artist had no impact: recently fell under the distribution service, Spotify, on this background, removed from their playlists tracks XXXTentacion and quickly played back after it started in response to the threat of a boycott from Kendrick Lamar and other star fans.

Today, one of the most frequently used words in the posts about the death of a rapper is “karma” — the Internet’s lack of rancour, and he’s even now as cruel to a poor small demon out of Miami like a year and a half ago was favorable to him. Important detail: before his arrest for beating a Former Ayala remained little known: the first leap of queries in the network by its impressive complex alias is October 2016. After a couple of months re-release of Look At Me! on Soundcloud (the year before the track has not attracted almost any attention) will make him a real star. Perhaps, given the boom in young original rappers on Soundcloud, the ability (or curse, how you look) for a long time to stay on the wave of media interest, provocative, antisocial and effective image, as well as belonging to the same generation, class and culture, and his listeners (a house and a car Ex bought in November, signing a contract with a major label), even a model star pop culture as of 2018. Mandatory as such — and not only life, but the posthumous Legion of haters.

Here are just Casey Onfroy, man, mentally unstable and socially unreliable, problematic and jurisdiction, can be monstrous — but here is inconsistent, often treacherously charming, unabashedly dense (can, for example, in detail to tell you how in 15 years look beat up gay inmate), and in General, is amenable to projections of a variety of mass fears, already, in his 20s, is dead. His sins, crimes and escapades in his absence condemned to stay naked, empty rhetorical technique — and his turbulent way of life is unlikely to fit someone that for example, but to intimidate (frighten anyone dead yesterday of a teenager with colored hair and an interesting face?).

But music is something that with regard to the phenomenon discussed XXXTentacion least (many of the advanced edition basically did not even published reviews of his blockbuster on the charts albums) — still remain. And that creativity is paradoxical, diverse, chaotic and shameless, never boring — in reality and took him to the elite of the genre, praises Kendrick and Kanye, Gucci Maine and J. Cole. Yeah, damn question about whether or not to separate creativity mess with something criminal artist, does not disappear after death — another thing is that in the case of Accessexception this is not required. His inhuman treatment of their own girl not only does not contrast with his songs — on the contrary, the music explains proizoshedshie and Vice versa. And helps to understand the person who created this horror, and to see it is not a monster.

Here, for example, the same glorified Onfree track Look At Me! And without that thick bass brought to quite muddy, underground distortion — like means cheap a party on the verge of decency: contagious narcissism, capacity, and directness chants-punchy EXA this line is moving strongly not just cancelling the shame and embarrassment, and demanding adoration and submission. There is nothing surprising in the popularity of this song — like the fact that its author, alternately teetering between glory and area, these contrasts will lose the ground beneath your feet and the sense of reality in order to move the boundaries between desire and jealousy, lust and violence. So, of course, quickly — and inevitably — to discover what had happened to him, 18-year-old delinquent with a musical gift and a bunch of contradictory complexes, is not a temporary loss of self — catastrophic, critical point in the substitution process itself is designed, the idealized image. Hero Look At Me! craves and generates the release of dopamine — the author of Look At Me! you must learn to feel ourselves and the world not only in these short orgasmic eclipses.

All subsequent records XXXTentacion came after the rapper’s personal collapse and, more or less, to and from work with this horrible, turning into the only foothold of experience — but the fact that the prison last spring, he went famous for, this body of work from the two albums and two EPS, is not affected in any way. The ex is not trying to not repeat that success, but even the effect from her first hit, his attitude and form (unlike other heroes Soundcloud-rap like Lil Lil Xan and Pump). That’s short of the seven tracks release Revenge the Central number is the confession stumbled Slipknot voiced is not flashy, plastic agitation of Look At Me!, and so traditional in style a rap verse, what the Former almost tried to do since one of their first published track, a comforting confidence in his youthful odes sad, but a total insensibility Vice City. Here there is found formally Frank pop gum Looking for a Star — with fruit, as often happens with production from Diplo, a veil: a cascade of clatters a bit and shimmering keys implies something foolish, innocently playful. Logically, and Onfroy here is not read or recites and sings, and in such a tone of auto-tune that his voice here is frankly, stressed child. The ex idea could use this style to be cleansed from the dirty, the painful experiences of adolescence and his youth — to return to their times, children’s choir. But he enjoys using his newfound sound track innocence to most sincerely Express your feelings to Yale — and the main of them is longing for her. Revenge completes the strong points of the tracks, each different, using a bass Overdrive, then after Wraith and bubnezh, after a desperate tantrum screamo a the attitude of a confused rapper in the absence of such a benchmark as the girl, combining for him a several roles from mistress and consolation to the victims and obvinitel.

“17” and “?”, the only two numbered albums Accessexception Ayala will be the Central figure almost from first to last song, but its function will be reduced to the only possible in this (not completely healthy) situation — the role of Muse. “17” stacks of 25 minutes is a full, clear poem with a broken heart — and Accessexception, actually quite a skilled rapper, or ultrashort reads like a telegram long ago changed address, close, verses, or resisting emotionally overloaded operating base, on the verge of cliche concepts from the speech of a lover (according to Roland Barthes) — to overcome intolerable, and threatening, if not suicide (Jocelyn Flores), the full-isolation (Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares) or penitential cry in public (Fuck Love trippy Red). The culmination is perhaps the most poignant and catchy song in the artist’s career — with the provocative title “Revenge” like promises the return of the XXXTentacion which is punched, with wire around the neck and scapula BBQ avenged the woman for threatening treason. But flickering for a second, the thought of revenge is cut off in this tavern room in mid-sentence, preferring to return to the dashing, heady even stating a logical paradox — the rapper reconciled with a vision to preserve the already dead love until his last days. But prefers to still zoom in: the final echo is heard the refrain of “I’ll rot in my grave.” A Wake for love to be EXA a funeral for your old self.

against the background of a minimalist, up to samorazoblachitelnym, a La children’s simulation of a DJ, of simplicity the Former bits more than me, resorting to timid singing and whispering — leaving tracks in the key space to the second party, the second party to the dialogue, which he longs for but cannot attain in the absence of obvious (to the novel with Yaleu send as song names, so many specific lines) of the addressee of his love the post-drama. These void spaces left by the lost lover, the rapper less creative would fill a guest female vocalists, the voices of people who are at the level of ideas and feelings one way or another would bring anguished Symphony album promises, the contours, the temptations and disappointments of a new love. XXXTentacion prefers to use Ghost. And it’s not a figure of speech: a few tracks from the outlet, an amendment to copyright the voice of the rapper and his tunnel syndrome the mood and themes are not even samples — but is entirely borrowed, built-in bit songs eksa ultra-short, 5 to 10 seconds, the micro-tracks of the rollers of the Vine user with the name Shiloh Dynasty. This, in essence, short-term, but looped and because of the monumental fragments of some mysterious romantic ballads to the guitar (not available in any other form). Moreover, Shiloh Dynasty not only gives them your face or even gender, but also by publishing a dozen of these otherworldly effect vignettes, ceased(a) to make itself felt in 2015 and remains unknown. Accessexception finds in the face of this mysterious anonymous or anonymous is a kind of salvation from himself and the possibility (given how tormenting it with “17” separation from Yaleu happened in reality) at the same time from itself, and not to escape, first trying to understand myself not according to the laws of the external world, but through lived experience. So, to heal the trauma of causing pain to another through the acceptance and discharge own emotional wounds.

As “17” was released in March the album “?” starts with the track entry the author: Onfray promises the listener a more interesting and varied experience than with the previous record — and even uses the word “encouraging”. The characteristic that “?” still finds her lyrical almost in the same positions, where he was thrown “17” and begins with a session of traditional singing about the trauma of parting “Alone Pt.3”. It, however, betrays more than before overexcitement, even the impossibility of the lack of progress in the relations with itself and the world. When he reached it, almost indecent, the rapper with a reputation as a ghetto of a psychopathic strain, XXXTentacion finally changes the case and even the genre — more precisely organizes detailed genre-viewing, searches through once, before the fame, to prison and to violence, favorite styles way to bring the same picture of the world at least some new constant — ranging from self-sufficiency to oral sex and, well, at least, peaceful sleep. This quest — at the level of sound and vocal outputs of the axe ranging from the liberation of the ghetto-punk, Latin pop on daytime and even postcards from the world of classic rap, with the participation of Joey Badessa and ultimately a sense of the whole album. And yet — a clear indication of the growth and development of its author, who is not posing as anyone else, and is willing to accept the uncertainty of the future for the opportunity to find it yourself, given your own specific and painful experience.

the Shots in the showroom of Miami yesterday evening, however, the search itself, and the man stumbled Jaseem Onfrom and popular musician XXXTentacion broke. Well, at least, peaceful sleep.