Johnny Depp sued over beating

johnny Depp the lawsuit by a member of the crew of the film “City of lies”. Manager locations claims that the actor punched him twice in the ribs and verbally humiliated, according to The Independent.

Greg Brooks, nicknamed rocky, has said that Depp was attacking him when the Manager tried to impose restrictions on the stay of the group on the set. The incident occurred while working on a film about the murder of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B. I. G. (real name Christopher Wallace), where Depp plays a detective.

Filed in court California a 14-page document States that the fight took place on 13 April 2017, while filming near the Barclay hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Brooks, the production team had permission to play until 19:00 outside the hotel until 22:00 in the building. After the Manager reported to the Director brad Furman that shooting must end at the appointed time, he allegedly replied: “Why don’t you tell me about that johnny Depp?”.

Having been refused, the Manager immediately approached the police, but faced by Depp, who screamed: “Who the hell are you? You have no right to tell me what to do! I wanted to spit on your words!”. (In the English speech of the actor was accompanied by obscene language — approx. “the”). Then Depp twice hit Brooks in the ribs, after which Depp’s bodyguards took him away from the platform.

Brooks also claims that Depp “smelled of alcohol” and, most likely, the actor took drugs on the set. The lawsuit says that after a week, the Brooks returned to the site, but was dismissed for refusing to sign the Declaration that he will not sue the production company Good Film Productions.

This legal document includes the requirement about compensation of moral harm from Depp, directed by Furman and producer Miriam Segal. The movie star also accused in the attack, and the filmmakers in the wrongful termination of the contract.