Kevin spacey’s first show in the movies after sex scandal

the Company-distributor Vertical Entertainment has decided to release the film “Club of billionaires” with the participation of the accused of the harassment, the actor Kevin spacey. The film will be the first time the actor, who Hollywood film industry announced a boycott after a sex scandal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We don’t condone sexual harassment at any level and remain on the side of the victims. At the same time, we had not taken lightly the decision to release the film in Kinoteatr, but we believe that you will allow the audience to see the final product, over which had worked for the other actors and team members,” — said representatives of the Entertainment Vertical.

“Club of billionaires” will appear in limited release in August 2018. Representatives of the company explained that due to the disorderly conduct spacey should not suffer the other actors.

After a sex scandal Netflix announced the closure of the series “house of cards”, in which spacey played the main role of the President of the United States Frank underwood. Director Ridli Scott reshot all the scenes with the actor for his movie “All the money in the world”, replacing the accused artist Christopher Plummer cooperation with spacey refused his press Secretary Stacey Wolfe, U.S. Agency talent Creative Artists Agency, as well as Dutch Bank ING.