Lyubov Uspenskaya revealed the details of the brawl in the plane

the Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya told his version of what happened on Board the aircraft from which it was removed for brawl. Her words television channel REN TV on Friday, March 23.

“the flight Attendant blocked the road, said the dog should be put in a handbag. We had a handbag on hand, only had to open it, and she didn’t,” she complained.

the Artist said that the flight attendant complained to her pilot, stating that she was insulted and pushed.

“In the end, I asked another flight attendant, because she acted very insensitive and rude for a business class for artists that the flight attendant served us. And she too went to the commander and said that she was insulted, pushed, and a few minutes later she comes out and says that the commander refused, so we were on the plane,” — said the assumption.

According to the singer, she left the plane when the police arrived.