Named the most saddest scene in movie history

Critics of the newspaper The Guardian has compiled a list of the saddest scenes in cinema history that made them cry. The list, published on Thursday, may 17, included ten episodes of the iconic and famous movies and animated films.

One of the scenes in the list was the song Jessie from “toy Story 2” about how her owner forgot about her. “When I first saw this, I decided that it is about the child’s fear of being the forgotten parent — largely due to the difference in the size of the toy and its owner. But now I became a parent and saw the truth — quite the opposite. Song dedicated to the fear of a parent is to become unnecessary to the child,” wrote the journalist Peter Bradshaw.

Critic Gwilym Mumford made the list of episode from “the Adventures of Paddington 2”, in which the main character is, how was the tour of London for her aunt, who had never seen the big city. Author Benjamin Lee pointed out as the most sad scenes of the dance of the characters Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem the “Eat, pray, love”. “It’s a short scene, but in strength it is comparable as if I was run over by a bus; she still has this power”, — said the journalist.

the list also includes ending the dramatic Comedy “Click: With remote control for life,” the lawsuit between the former spouses from the movie “Kramer vs. Kramer” and the scene on the beach from the fantastic tape “Stay in my skin”, when the evil character Scarlett Johansson leaves the baby to certain death on a deserted beach. In addition, the list includes episodes of paintings “cheaper by the dozen 2, Manchester by the sea” and “Alien.”