Ned stark from “Game of thrones” revealed another secret of the series

Sean Bean told that pronounces his character Ned stark in the TV series “Game of thrones” before his death. His words are quoted by the Huffington Post.

In the first season of the fantasy television show stark beheaded. During the execution, he whispers something, but his last words impossible to make out.

Fans of “Game of thrones” have expressed different assumptions about what that might say a hero Bina — someone thought that he uttered the phrase “Valar morghulis” meaning “all men are mortal” or “all men must die.” It is used by a secret society of murderers as a password and personal message. Other fans said that in this moment of stark communicated with his son bran, possessing magical powers, and could tell him a secret.

Bin admitted that the time with mumble was his improvisation. “It was just prayer. So it happens, isn’t it? I can’t dive into the details, because I am not sure if it was the right religion. I just thought “what would I do if this really happened?” I probably just would pray,” explained the actor.

In February, fans of “Game of thrones” called the most likely plot twists of the series finale. One of them States that king’s landing, a port city and the capital of the Seven Kingdoms will be destroyed.