“Party for your right to fight”

In Barcelona, a festival Primavera Sound 2018, and despite the fact that the name translates as spring, as summer in Europe starts only from June 23, the event has become one of the most exciting summer moments. That offered the guests the organizers at “the Tape.ru”.

Primavera — huge-scale festival, which takes place in the Park Forum on the Mediterranean sea. Twelve scenes three of them on the beach before sunset, you can swim in the sea and listen to the DJ set from one of the sites specifically exposed to the sand column. The line-up of more than 200 artists who cover a wide range of genres for any taste, from indie-pop to hip-hop and underground electronica. In addition to the Park, the festival has spread to the clubs in the city, which hosted the first performances on weekdays, and on the last day in the city center held a block party.

In terms of the organization of the creators is much to learn — for example, all platforms are equipped for ease of movement by wheelchair: in the center of the dance floor before every scene was a special zone on the dais, where only allowed people with disabilities; in the ranks of the Porta-potties were definitely enlarged, with ramps and grab bars, and between distant scenes regularly plied the Shuttle. Still this is one of the few festivals where water is free, which is very useful at events where you basically drink and dance — the Park has drinking fountains.

the Festival was held under the slogan “Fight for your right to party, party for your right to fight” — it was unclear whether the inspired writers rave protest in Georgia, but in one of the scenes was the label Giegling showcase with artists who played in Tbilisi on the night raids and stood at the console in front of Parliament the next day. And before opening, organizers announced a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment, and on the territory of the Park there stands where you can seek help in case of harassment.

Among the artists a lot of big names: Nick cave, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Bjork, Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and the schedule was structured in such a way that acts on two main stages do not interfere with each other. At the last moment, his performance at the festival was canceled late plane hip-hop trio Migos and their place called grime artist Skepta, which was to fly closer. Despite the fact that his flight was delayed and this time he did not, his show that the next day closed the festival, was one of the brightest. He brought with him from London, his brother Jme and rapper Suspect, and at some point came on stage A$AP Rocky, has just played the same scene under the fireworks, and sang with Skepti their joint track Praise The Lord (Da Shine).

He Skepta noted after on Twitter that he was sorry that he had not time to watch other performances — in particular, he singled out the show American John mouse, who within an hour was hitting himself on the head, shaking from side to side and waving hair. “I saw a picture of John mouse on the stage of the Primavera and can’t stop frowning. How the hell could I miss this?” — wrote Skepta. In addition to the mouse, freak-rock and lo-Fi was represented by his friend Ariel Pink, who made twice — both times accompanied by an old rocker don Bolls, who in the 1970s played in one of the first punk bands from Los Angeles and is now touring with a Kick — both times in the same t-shirt Call of Duty and both times causing the audience to howl under my band’s cover of Baby Donnie and Joe Emerson.

in General, the music at the festival was for every mood — sad to sit on the tarmac came under Cigarettes After Sex and Beach House, melancholy play under returning to the stage Slowdive, dance to techno on the beach under the resident cultic “Berghain” Marcel Dettmann, to shout lines from rap lyrics under Tyler, the Creator and Vince Staples to dance salsa under a set of Arches, which he generously gave Latin motifs, and Thundercat has provided the audience with funk. Fever Ray t-shirt with the inscription “I love Swedish girls” groped a woman’s chest in the costume of bodybuilders — a week later she brought this show to Moscow.

the Only Russian name — with the exception of Russian origin Oneohtrix Point Never, Daniel Lopatin born — became kedrina Yana, she’s a Cedar of Lebanon. She played one of the first days of the festival in the club and played to a full house — but this is not enough, and I hope that next festivals will be more musicians from Russia.

the Festival took place under the persistent smell of weed and laughter of thousands of drunk Englishmen with liter glasses of beer — one of them was in banana costumes or tutus. Girls wrapped head with garlands and covered with sequins, and a by morning, fell asleep on the ground. “So we went to Primavera Sound, and all we got was Skepta replacing Migos, Fever Ray, desirous of winning to the bodybuilder, and björk, quoting Gaudi. I ate a terrifying amount of ham, but the details of the relief state will not” — summed up the events of one of the wearer of the network.