Robbie Williams has explained the “facts” in the world Cup

the British singer Robbie Williams explained why they were showing the middle finger at the opening ceremony of the world Cup. The actor was on the program This Morning, the video of his interview appeared in YouTube on Tuesday, June 19.

“At such events is important not to cause an international incident. And, you know, I did it. I am very worried, I had only one minute, I didn’t have time to finish singing. So I showed that one minute left,” said Williams.

the Contractor admitted that sometimes it becomes hard to restrain myself, “I can’t trust myself. Me finds something, I do it, and five minutes later was like, “did I really do that?””

Robbie Williams showed “fuck” on camera live during a performance of the song Rock DJ, sung “I did it for free.” He spoke at the opening ceremony of the world Cup in Moscow before the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia.