Russian students erected a memorial XXXTentacion and collided with fans

Students in Togliatti organized a mourning farewell ceremony in honor of slain rapper XXXTentacion in Victory Park. The event was the football fans, who trashed the memorial and beat several people reported on the public “Togliatti” in Vkontakte.

“People were standing to honor the memory of recently deceased rapper xxxtetanciona. Were candles, photos. We stood aside and just watched. After a couple of minutes from around the corner came a crowd of people in hoods and masks on the face. And began to smash everything and scream. People started to disperse. Fans of the departed, and a minute later came back and started beating those who are gone. Got two guys. Beat for anything my brother and kicked the guy who got caught. He was taken away in an ambulance. After that, the fans fled. Police were not in the Park”, — stated in the post (spelling and punctuation of the author saved).