Scarlett Johansson lost the main role transgender

Actress Scarlett Johansson refused the lead role in the film directed by Rupert Sanders — pimp, which, presumably, was a transgender person passes Out.

In a statement published in the publication, the actress communicates its decision with reasons of ethics. “I have great admiration and love for the TRANS community,” said Johansson and noted that he learned a lot from him after he told about the role of Dante Gill for the first time. The actress noted that she would like to play this character, because, according to GLAAD (media organisations, fighting for the rights of the LGBT community), last year in Hollywood films, was presented to 40 percent less of gays compared to 2016, and heroes of transgender people was never. According to Johansson, this role needs to play a transgender. She also wished all the actors of equality and justice.

Previously Johansson underwent criticized for the message that will perform in the film Sanders of the Rub & Tug (“Massage parlor”) the role of the leader of the brothel under the guise of a massage parlour who was born a woman but identified itself as a man. Internet users have criticized the actress, Recalling her participation in the film “Ghost in the shell”: Johansson played on Android, which in the original was the appearance of Japanese girls.