Star of the TV series “Dynasty” tried to commit suicide

American actress Heather Locklear was taken to a psychiatric hospital after another suicide attempt. It is reported by TMZ.

Doctors called one of the family members, saying that the actress had threatened to commit suicide. According to calling the emergency services, Locklear was looking for the gun.

a Source close to the actress said that there were parents 56-year-old Locklear. The actress tried to strangle his mother and beat his father. The mother called police, who arrived on the scene. Charges the actress was not charged, she was hospitalized for examination.

Locklear has twice tried to commit suicide. In 2008, the actress spent four weeks in a psychiatric hospital. In 2012 she was hospitalized: my sister found her unconscious after taking drugs and alcohol.

Heather Locklear is known for his roles in the TV series “Dynasty” and “Melrose place”.