Tattoo in honor Akinfeev face PrepareSchema rapper turned out to be false

a Tattoo with the words “Russia” and “Igor”, which the rapper T-killah (Alexander Tarasov) was tattooed on the face after the victory of our national team in the match of 1/8 final of the world Cup, was fake. In this hip-hop artist admitted in the video for the track “Tattoo Russia”, posted on YouTube on Friday, July 6.

the Movie begins with Tarasov tear the sticker off the face, accusing him of lies. “The whole Internet thinks you’re ******** [liar]”, — stated he.

“I’m not a moron. But not ******** [liar],” says the rapper, and then shows the tattoo “Russia” on the inside of the lip.

July 2, T-killah published video of the tattoo parlor. The record shows that on his cheek stuffed with a tattoo with the words “Russia” and “Igor”. Previously, the rapper made a bet with a friend that in case of a victory of Russian national team over Spain will stuff the tattoo on his face.