Ukrainian writer decided to jump off the bridge in the event of Russia’s victory over Croatia

Ukrainian writer and artist Adolfik Gary has promised to jump off the Kiev bridge in the sky, if the Russian team defeat the national team of Croatia in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup. He stated that the publication “”.

“I’m thinking of what would promise to do if you win Russia, Croatia. I think that will be something very strong. Most likely, Kiev I will jump off of the bridge Paton in the Dnieper,” — he said.

Previously, Gary has promised to run naked through the Khreshchatyk, if Russia beat Spain in the 1/8 finals of the championship. “I’ll run naked on Khreshchatyk if sbornaya Russia vyigret today in Spain…because I believe the Russian team suck with incredible, as they have taken pride won two of the Treaty of the match with the outsiders…” — he wrote in Facebook ahead of the game (author’s spelling is approx. “the”).

After Russia’s victory over Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the writer was also going to nail your scrotum nailed to the pavement on the main street of Kiev, if Russia “will win at least one match.” It is noted that none of his promises he has not fulfilled.