Vitas confessed to shooting at crows and again went to the police

the Singer Vitas (real name-Vitaly Grachev) revealed the details of the shooting incident, which landed in the police Department. His words reports “the Fifth channel”.

the Actor admitted that people were shooting at crows from the starting gun (produces blank shots used in sports). He added that to him a second time came the police. “Say, you have to go in branch to sign something now,” said Vitas.

according to the TV station, according to unconfirmed reports, Grachev was again taken to the police station.

on the night of March 22 reported that the singer in a drunken state arranged on the street shooting. The neighbors called the police. Vitas did not want to reveal to law enforcement the door. It was opened, and the singer was brought to the police station where he refused the examination. Musician released, amounted to administrative Protocol.